Zygomatic implants

Zygomatic implants are a true revolution in modern dentistry. We can use them in treatment to promptly reconstruct your beautiful smile, even for patients with edentulism. This type of system lets you abandon complicated surgeries, such as guided bone regeneration or sinus lift - after implants have been inserted they can immediately be loaded with a fixed composite bridge. Today, the treatments with the use of zygomatic implants are nearly 100% successful.

Dental implantology is a branch of medicine that is developing extremely fast. It was not a long time ago that people with full edentulism could only count on an uncomfortable denture, however these days the possibilities to reconstruct teeth are virtually unlimited.  They can not even be stopped by insufficient amount of bone tissue.  In the past, implantological procedures needed to be preceded by complex and time-consuming bone regenerating operations, but today the lacking teeth may be reconstructed with the use of innovative zygomatic implants.  Thanks to them, even people with significant bone recess can enjoy a beautiful smile.

These implants are longer than standard implantological systems - 30 to 52.5 mm long (the length of Zygoma Brånemark Nobel Biocare system). They are inserted on the side of maxilla in the area of the zygomatic crest as a fixture for permanent replacements. By using them we avoid time-consuming and expensive surgical procedures.

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Zygomatic implants

The zygomatic implants were developed by the "father of dental implantology" - Swedish professor, Per-Ingvar Brånemark. He completed a series of studies on the maxillofacial bone and its resistance to load.  He discovered that the cheekbone (zygomatic bone) features adequate volume and consistency dense enough for osteointegration, i.e. healing of a titanium implant inside.  In 1989 he carried out his first implantation - and that is how the new, revolutionary method was born.  Over the next ten years, 97 cases of zygomatic implants  were examined and the outcome proved that 96.8% of procedures were successful.  In contemporary times, the efficiency of this model implantation is much higher, which has been proved by a scientific work published in 2013 in "European Journal of Oral Implantology". The authors are: Dr. Rubén Davó, dr Chantal Malevez and dr Oliwia Pons, and the article is called: „Immediately loaded zygomatic implants: a 5-year prospective study”. The procedures performed on 42 patients, with the average age of 57.5 years, were examined. After the completion of examinations the results obtained were highly satisfying: 98.5% of procedures were successful - only 1 patient displayed instability of the zygomatic implant.

The course of the zygomatic implant procedure

Traditional implants and zygomatic implants

If the patient wishes to undergo the procedure with the use of zygomatic implants, the surgery must be preceded by a thorough radiological examination of sinuses and their area.  Special attention must be paid to places intended for implantation.  Maxilla sinuses must be thoroughly examined to exclude any changes or inflammations. During the consultation, the specialist must take into consideration at least two standard implants in the front part and the possibility to reach a proper occlusion (the way upper and lower teeth touch) in the ready-made prosthetic replacement.

An x-ray image with visible zygomatic implants

The procedure of zygomatic implantation is carried out under general anesthesia. They are inserted into the cheekbones during the surgery at a big enough angle, so that the prosthetic replacement of one dental arch can be entirely supported on two implants only.  If patients are suffering from edentulism, most of implantation cases for them will be carried out with the „All-on-4” technique, i.e. with the use of four screws on which prosthetic replacement is mounted.  During the entire course of the surgery patient's heart is monitored by the implantologist.  Right after the process of implantation, the implants can be loaded with prosthesis.  If the case requires some waiting time, the prosthetic replacement can be fitted after 12 weeks.

The cost of teeth reconstruction in Poland

Zygomatic implants can become an alternative to the reconstruction of the maxilla and mandible in lateral sections. They are a true revolution in the world of dentistry - surgeries with the use of zygomatic implants let patients have their smile reconstructed fast, without invasive procedures such as, for example, guided bone regeneration or maxillary sinus lift.  It is then easy to understand why they are so popular. The specialists of Centrum Implantologii Stomatologicznej in Gdańsk Żabianka were one of the first to use zygomatic implants in their work.  The team is headed by Dr Wiesław Frankowski, who has been cooperating with Nobel Biocare for 20 years,  He is a pioneer of such surgeries as sinus lift as well as dental reconstruction based on zygomatic implants. Prosthesis supported on four screws costs PLN 24 000 in his clinic.

Nobel - Zygoma Branemark are the most popular zygomatic implants in Poland

The implantation of the Zygoma Nobel Biocare implant system in the Warsaw Kordent clinic can incur costs higher by 8 thousand zlotys, and Branemark Implant Bridge costs 24 thousand zlotys. The zygomatic implants are also used by the VIP dentist team in Bielsko-Biała. The Mój-Dentysta Centre for Implantology and Pedodontics in Bytom offers their patients the implant reconstruction of the entire dental arch (fixed) for the price of PLN 22 000 and up.  By comparison, removable teeth reconstruction costs at least PLN 10 000 at this clinic. At the dental office of Katarzyna Gołkiewicz in Lublin, the prices of such systems start with PLN 11 000.

Studio Stomatologii Estetycznej SE+ is the clinic offering zygomatic implants procedures in Kraków, in Wrocław you can undergo the treatment performed by Dr Karol Borkowski from the Clinident centre. If you wish to be treated in Lublin, please take into consideration treatments offered by the Centrum Medyczne Stomatologia Implantologia. The implanting procedures are performed by Dr  Paweł Aleksandrowicz, MD, PhD, and the cost of inserting the Branemark Zygoma system implant is PLN 11 000 at this facility.

How much do zygomatic implants procedures cost outside Poland?

When we look closely at the prices for zygomatic implant procedures we can arrive at a conclusion that the cost of the treatment is astronomically high. This is true, however, outside Poland the treatments are even more expensive.  Just to realize the difference, simply browse the offer of the British Evodental clinic (Huyton, near Liverpool). To get the composite, 10 point bridge supported on zygomatic implants the patient needs to pay £12,000, which is roughly 60.4 thousand zlotys.  If they decide to get a 12 point bridge the cost raises to £17,000, i.e. circa 85.5 thousand zlotys.

  High costs of implantological treatment drive many patients to seek cheaper healthcare procedures outside of their country. The British, Germans, as well as Americans and other nationals migrate beyond the borders of their countries to get cheaper and faster treatment.  These customers are welcome in Thai clinics. In Bangkokprosthetic replacement based on zygomatic implants is offered by the Dental Clinic. Prices at the centre range between $15,000 and $17,000 which is roughly 46.9-52.3 thousand zlotys.

Zygomatic implants
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Zygomatic implants are an excellent solution for people who do not wish to invest a huge amount of money in a long and arduous dental treatment.  They give hope to patients suffering from edentulism, are highly effective and relatively quick procedures.  Polish implantological clinics have already noticed raising interest in these services among their clients - it is not difficult to see that more and more dental centres offer zygomatic implanting procedures. Offering this treatment is a great asset attracting patients from Poland and abroad.  Medical tourists from Germany, Sweden, Norway and The British Isles have been frequenting Polish clinics for years, attracted by the prices and excellent reputation of our implantologists - dental services offered by them were one of the first procedures to gain acclaim outside Poland The zygomatic implant operations will surely attract even more foreign patients.

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Zygomatic implants

Zygomatic implants

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