Treatment of gynecomastia in Poland

Gynecomastia has been growing into being an increasingly serious problem

Gynecomastia, i.e. swelling of the breast tissue in boys or men, affects males of all ages. The condition may become troublesome, fortunately, there are methods to get rid of it....

More and more men suffer from the condition of gynecomastia

The number of men interested in plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments is steadily growing . According to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, in 2011 the number of plastic surgeries performed on men in the UK has increased by almost 6% compared to the previous year - now every tenth of such treatment on the British Isles is aimed to improve male beauty. The treatment which is most popular among men is the surgical correction of gynecomastia, i.e. reduction of men's breasts.

20% of patients of the British 111 Harley St.  Exclusive Cosmetic Surgery clinic are male, and the gynecomastia procedures make up for a considerable part of all the procedures performed there.  The BAAPS statistics had also confirmed the sharp growth in demand for male breast reduction surgery: the number of gynecomastia operations increased from 22 treatments in 2001 to 790 in 2011.

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This trend has also been present in Poland, Prof. Edward Towpik, MD, PhD, the chief of Plastic Surgery Department at Damian Medical Centre in Warsaw, claims that the clinic has been performing more and more procedures of this kind and Dr Maciej Charaziński from the UNI Klinik in Warsaw adds that gynecomastia treatments are the second - after rhinoplasty - most popular operations chosen by men.  This is due to the fact that gynecomastia is becoming more and more of a problem. Men's breasts have even adopted a jocular term used in the press since 2004: "moobs", which is a combination of "man" and "boobs".  Unfortunately, there's personal tragedy and hidden complexes of hundreds of men behind that taunting name.

What is gynecomastia and how to combat it

Gynecomastia has been growing into being an increasingly serious problem

Gynecomastia is excessive, one- or two-sided male breast glandular tissue hyperplasia, which affects approximately 30-40% of adult men. It can occur physiologically (as a normal change in newborns, boys in puberty and old age men) or pathologically - due to hormonal imbalance.  Pathological gynecomastia occurs as a result of male hormone deficiency, overproduction of oestrogen as well as substance abuse, such as anabolic steroids.  Pathological gynecomastia can also have its background in breast cancer, cirrhosis, hyper or hypothyroidism. More and more men are also suffering from pseudogynecomastia, also called lipomastia,  related to obesity.

The treatment of gynecomastia can take different forms depending on its origins.  When gynecomastia is caused by a systemic disease, it is usually enough to treat the principal illness to reverse the glandular hyperplasia. If the origins of the illness lie in hormonal imbalance, pharmacological treatment is implemented. Surgical treatment is also common, especially in the case of chronic gynecomastia in puberty, gynecomastia resistant to conservative treatment or when the cause of the condition is unknown.

The type of surgical procedures applied depends mainly on the kind of tissue (gland, fat or mixed), the size of breasts as well as the amount and laxity of skin.  If we are dealing with hard, glandualr tissue it is necessary to remove it surgically. For that purpose a surgeon makes a small (3 mm) incision around the aureola, which will leave a barely visible scar.  If the gland is considerably overgrown, it is also necessary to remove the excess skin.  However, if the case is pseudogynecomastia, the most common procedure applied is liposuction.

Treatment of gynecomastia in Poland

Gynecomastia - before and after

Polish clinics offer very diverse prices for the the plastic surgery treatment of gynecomastia. A lot depends on the size of breasts, type of gynecomastia as well as the type of procedure. A relatively low price is offered by the Warsaw Aesthetic Medicine AGklinik, where the procedures are performed by Dr Adam Gumkowski at a cost of PLN 4000.  Dr Maciej Charaziński from the UNI Klinik in Warsaw will perform the surgery at a cost between PLN 5000 and 7000, whereas Dr Tomasz Kasprzyk from the Krakow Art&Med Clinic will charge patients from PLN 5000 up to even PLN 9000 for the procedure.  In Bydgoszcz Bieńkowski Medical Centre the prices start at PLN 4600, while Dr Sylwia Daniluk in Krakow from the Sfera Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine Clinic in Krakow will charge between PLN 6000 and 6500 for the operation. In the Katowice Centrum Estetyki Ciała the cost of treatment depends on the type of anaesthesia. Local anaesthesia costs PLN 3800, while the procedure performed in general anaesthesia raises the price to PLN 4300.

There are also other clinics where the cost for surgical procedure to eliminate gynecomastia begins with PLN 7000. This is the cost of an operation at the Szczecin Plastic Surgery Clinic of Dr Maciej Pastuch, whereas in the Lublin Plastic Surgery Centre of Dr Maciej Kuczyński the prices of procedures start at PLN 8000. Another specialist, Dr Maciej Kulicki from Dr Szczyt's Plastic Surgery Clinic in Warsaw charges between PLN 7000 and 8000.

Fortunately, gentlemen suffering from the condition of enlarged breasts can deal with the problem in a more economic way.  At the Dermex Aesthetic Dermatology Centre in Kutno, the procedure prices start with PLN 3000, likewise at Dr. Piotr Bednarski's Sanivitas Non-public Health Care Centre in Bytom (PLN 3000 - 5000). In Kriocentrum - Aesthetic Medicine and General Surgery in Otwock, the patients will pay PLN 3500.

Gynecomastia - cost of treatments in the world

The treatment of gynecomastia in foreign clinics is much more expensive than in Poland. It is especially valid for Great Britain, Austria and Germany, where cost of such a procedure is close to over PLN 13 000.

In the USA the fee for breast reduction surgery is relatively high: claims the prices range between $3000 and $10 000. The average price is around $6000 and the costs of procedures in Edelstein Cosmetics and The Baywood Clinic w Toronto are similar, whereas Dr Modcai Balu from the  Mordcai Blau's Surgical Facility provides a price range between $5000 and $8000. Dr Carlos Cordoba from the Aesthetica MD Plastic And Esthetic Surgery Clinic performs reduction mammoplasties starting at $5000. American health insurance does not cover breast reduction surgery in case of gynecomastia, that's why the U.S. citizens prefer to get treatment at other countries, including Poland.

Treatment of gynecomastia often involves liposuction

In Europe prices vary quite considerably. Germany offers relatively cheap procedures, Prof. Marian Ticlea from the T-Klinik für Plastische und Ästhetische Chirurgie in Köln  performs gynecomastia treatments for €2500, while in PraxisKlinik in Kaiserslautern prices range between 1600 and 2000 Euros. Austria is more expensive: Dr Hans-Henning Spitalny from Ästhetisch-Plastische Chirurgie treats gynecomastia for the price of €4000 and up. The cost of male breast reduction procedures are rather high in Spain as well; Dr Christoph Jethon from Clinica Juaneda in Palma performs treatments for €3000-4300 and Dr. Jesús Benito Ruiz from the Antiaging Group Barcelona in Barcelona offers gynecomastia treatment for €4000.

Treatment of gynecomastia is particularly costly in Great Britain: says that the procedures can cost as much as ₤3000-4000, but in fact the prices can even be higher. Dr John Davison from the Spire Hospital in Chatham will charge ₤4700 and up for the treatment of gynecomastia, and the cost will be slightly smaller at the Aspire Medical Group in Reading - the prices there start at ₤4500. However, there are more expensive places: Dr Stefano Cotrufo from 111 Harley St. Exclusive Cosmetic Surgery in Springfield charges ₤5500 and up for the procedures. Fortunately, there are also clinics on the Isles that fit the price range declared by the website: at the Clinic BeauCare in London prices of treatments start with ₤2800, and at the McDiarmid-Hall Clinic in Derriford you can undergo the procedure for ₤3600 and up.

Come to Poland for gynecomastia treatment

Treating gynecomastia in Poland is cheaper than abroad

Just like other medical procedures, gynecomastia treatments are much cheaper in Poland than elsewhere. The clear differences in prices attract foreign patients, who, in the times of economic crisis, are searching for savings in every area of life, especially such a pricey one as medical treatment.  And they can really save a lot by going abroad, to Poland for their procedures: surveys conducted by a specialist professional portal Treatment Abroad clearly say that 71% of British respondents saved ₤2000 and more on treatments abroad, and for 12.7% the savings amounted to ₤10 000. Combining the above with the awareness of gynecomastia becoming more and more popular, it is not a surprise that more and more foreigners come to Poland, which tempts them with exceptionally low prices of plastic surgery procedures.

Gynecomastia treatment
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Plastic surgery market in Poland is estimated to be worth several hundred million zlotys, and the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency emphasizes that medical tourism is one of the most rapidly developing sectors of Polish economy with a high export potential.  Polish Association of Medical Tourism estimates that each of the foreign patients leaves PLN 4500 on average at Polish clinics and adds that profits will grow if our assets will be more effectively marketed abroad. Ministry of Economy in Poland has devoted 4 mln zlotys for this specific purpose of promoting medical tourism in Poland in 2012-2015. If we use this money properly, there is no doubt that the number of foreign patients coming to Poland for plastic surgery procedures - including gynecomastia - will systematically increase.

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