Penis augmentation with hyaluronic acid

A holistic approach to health means that you take care of every aspect of your life. It is no secret that a good health means something more than being disease-free – it also requires effective psychosocial functioning, general wellbeing and healthy sexual function. This is why procedures that can improve the quality of sex life are becoming more and more popular among patients and physicians.

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Does larger equal better? There is no simple answer to this question, but for some men the size of the penis is important. According to Intymność.pl as many as 66% of men are not happy with the size of their penis, and nearly 80% would like it to be longer. A vast majority of men are convinced that the size of the penis is important for their partners, but there is no confirmation in research. A team of researchers led by Stuart Brody from the psychology department at the New Mexico University conducted a survey among women to find the answer to the question. According to the results 33.8% of women find greater satisfaction in intercourse with a man who has a longer penis, while 60% of the respondents claimed that the size of the penis is not significant. 6.3% of the respondents stated that it is easier for them to achieve orgasm with a man with a shorter penis. The length of the penis was found to be significant in case of vaginal orgasms.

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Today there are many ways to increase the size of penis. Men can choose from more and less invasive procedures, and such which produce a more or less lasting effect. There are many clinics that offer men hyaluronic acid injections. The procedure produces visible effects and has a reasonable price. There are a lot of preparations that produce different effects available on the market. The overview of preparations below will help you choose the right procedure for you.

What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in the human body. From the point of view of chemistry it is a glycosaminoglycan. It can be found as a sodium salt, i.e. sodium hyaluronate. It is an ingredient of extracellular matrix in dermis, synovial fluid and the vitreous body. It undergoes natural biodegradation, i.e. the decomposition to particles of carbon dioxide and water. The decomposition of hyaluronic acid stimulates regenerative processes in order to eliminate the deficits of the acid, collagen and elastin on an ongoing basis. Unfortunately as we age the regeneration process slows down.

Hyaluronic acid offers a number of benefits. First and foremost, it strengthens the skin and makes it firm and flexible. It moisturises the skin and thus makes it look young. One particle of the acid can bind as many as 250 water particles. The biocompatible nature of the substance makes it safe, and eliminates the risk of allergic reactions. Another property of hyaluronic acid is its gradual biodegradation. Our body is not capable of eliminating its deficits by itself.

The very promising properties of hyaluronic acid put it in the centre of attention in the cosmetic industry. Its widespread presence in the environment – it is also present in animals and bacteria, makes it easily accessible. At the beginning, hyaluronic acid was obtained from animal tissues (rooster comb, shark skin, cattle eyeballs). It turned out, however, that it is difficult to eliminate other organic substances, which cause allergic reactions and decrease the effectiveness of aesthetic medicine procedures, from the acid. The solution to the problem was offered by biotechnology. Currently hyaluronic acid is produced on the basis of various bacteria strains, just like a number of drugs and hormones (e.g. insulin). This is how a pure substance is produced which is later subject to further processing. Many producers work on the improvement of the structure and cross-linking of the acid to prolong the effects of the procedures, and on the combination with other substances that could bring maximum benefits to patients.

Neauvia Organic Intense hyaluronic acid

Neauvia Organic made a debut in Poland last year. The products are a breakthrough in the area of fillers based on hyaluronic acid. The exceptional purity of the substance is ensured at the stage of production based on the use of Bacillus subtilis nonpathogenic bacteria strain. In a water environment these microorganisms release hyaluronic acid directly in the substrate – there is no need to collect the acid from the cell walls of bacteria. Another innovation is the use of PEG for cross-linking of the structure of hyaluronic acid. It makes the product safer than other similar preparations. There are no extra side products of the decomposition.

For the purposes of penis augmentation procedures specialists use Neauvia Organic Intense that has the highest hyaluronic acid content - 28 mg/ml. This one-phase hydrogel whose structure is similar to the structure of human tissues is a perfect solution for such procedures. It offers greater plasticity and flexibility than other products with the content of hyaluronic acid. When administered under the skin it does not migrate or move which is the key to a successful penis augmentation, as the skin in this area is devoid of fat tissue that normally stabilises the filler. The patients appreciate the natural look.

Macrolane in penis augmentation procedures

Macrolane is a product of a Swedish company Q-med. It has been available on the market since 2007. It was originally intended for breast augmentation procedures, but it turned out that the preparation hinders the interpretation of mammography images, and it has not been used for this purpose since 2012, although it is still successfully applied in other procedures. Macrolane contains stabilised hyaluronic acid produced with the use of a patented NASHA technology. The acid is obtained with the use of a biotechnological method from Streptococcus bacteria. It has increased density which means that it can be injected in larger quantities. A team of physicians led by dr. Santorelli from the University of Naples Federico II in Naples, Italy, compared the effectiveness of Macrolane hyaluronic acid injections and lipofilling. The results confirmed that both methods are almost equally effective – the perimeter increased by 3.2 – 4.5 cm, and the length increased by 1.8 – 3.6 cm. However, procedures based on Macrolane proved to be safer and free from complications. Macrolane currently ranks among the most popular and thoroughly tested fillers used in penis augmentation procedures.

Desirial – third generation hyaluronic acid

Desirial was developed by a French laboratory Vivacy. An original, patented IPN-like technology is used for production. Desirial contains cross-linked third generation hyaluronic acid and mannitol, a natural antioxidant which prolongs the effect of the preparation. The homogenous gel has a slightly looser consistency than the other products. Desirial has been originally developed for women with intimate issues, however, practice has proven that it can be successfully used in men as well.

Penis augmentation procedure

Penis augmentation procedures based on hyaluronic acid are offered by many aesthetic medicine clinics. The procedure takes from 30 min. to one hour and it is performed in sterile environment in a special procedure room. The procedure is pain-free as the patient is under local anaesthesia. A hyaluronic acid preparation is placed inside a special syringe with a long cannula. The cannula is inserted under the skin through the incision made at the base of a penis. During the procedure the gel is evenly distributed throughout the entire length of the penis. The patient is free to go home after the procedure but he will have to follow doctor’s recommendations. It is necessary to perform a special massage that will prevent the preparation from displacement. The patient should abstain from sex, physical exertion and sports for around 2 weeks. After one week the patient presents for a follow-up visit. This is a chance to administer another dose of the preparation if the patient is not happy with the result of the procedure. Penis augmentation procedures do not leave scars or any other permanent marks.

Does hyaluronic acid produce a lasting effect?

Unfortunately the effect of penis augmentation is not permanent. Natural biodegradation leads to gradual disappearance of the hyaluronic acid. An advantage is the activation of regenerative processes, moisturisation and rejuvenation of the skin stimulated by the decomposition of hyaluronic acid. As a result, the effects of the procedure are visible even after all the active ingredients are absorbed. The results are determined by both the type of preparation administered and the natural predispositions of the patient. Zbigniew Plewa M.D., who makes use of Macrolane preparation, says that the effect of penis augmentation lasts on average one year, but in some cases can last even up to two years. The procedure can be repeated.

Timeless Chirurgia Plastyczna, Warsaw, ul. Gen. Romana Abrahama 18 lok. 322

Costs of penis augmentation procedures in Poland

A Cracow-based clinic offers penis augmentation procedure based on Macrolane – the first procedure costs PLN 5,000, the following ones are slightly cheaper. A Wrocław-based specialist performs Neauvia Organic Intense injections. The final price of the procedure oscillates between PLN 3,500 and 5,500 depending on the amount of administered preparation. The North Valley Plastic Surgery Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, offers procedures based on available hyaluronic acid preparations. The price of the procedure is conditioned by the number of used ampoules (minimum 3, maximum 20). In case of administration of four ampoules the price of one ampoule is USD 750. The price drops to USD 400 if several ampoules are administered.

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