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Alopecia is a common problem - according to the data provided by the service, approximately 1.7% of the population in the UK faces the problem of alopecia, which makes it circa one hundred and two thousand  of Britons. And the numbers of those affected are growing yearly. We can observe a similar tendency in Poland. Nearly 11% Of Polish men who suffer from this condition are ready to undergo hair... read article »
Glaucoma is one of the most serious eye diseases. Although it has been known to ophthalmologists for over 150 years, its cause is still unknown. As indicated by data from the World Health Organization (WHO), glaucoma affects over 67 million people worldwide, and in over 6 million people this disease caused total blindness. Prof. Jerzy Szaflik, MD, PhD, a national consultant for ophthalmology, draws attention to the... read article »
Obesity among men is an increasing problem. Lack of exercise, a sedentary lifestyle and high-calorie diet lead to more and more men being overweight or obese. The statistics are alarming: in Europe this problem affects 15% of men. Poles also have a serious weight problem. According to the latest Central Statistical Office of Poland data ("Public health and population policy" report from 2012), almost 21% of men are... read article »
Most men understand that penis size does matter and devote a lot of attention to their intimate parts. According to statistical data nearly 79.4% men would like their penises to be longer, slightly fewer, (77,8 %) would like them to be thicker. Moreover, nearly 80% of men believe that penis size is a very significant issue for women. "The Journal of Sexual Medicine" published a report that confirms these facts: 40%... read article »
In a short time Poland became a significant player on the market of international medical tourism. We can venture to say that it will soon be the leader in Central Europe - it is already placed within the top players in the field, just behind Hungary and the Czech Reepublic. The advantage of Poland is that it is a larger and more diverse country, having much better prospects for development. One of the reasons is the... read article »
Haemorrhoids (Latin: varices haemorrhoidales), also known as piles, are small anatomical structures located inside the anus. About one third of adults suffer from them. They occur most often in pregnant women, caused by pressure exerted by the foetus increasing blood pressure in the haemorrhoids. The disease also affects people leading a sedentary lifestyle (very common in professional drivers) and people who are... read article »
Every year in Poland over 100 thousand dental implants are installed, in Germany the number equals to 1 million. Still, the Polish implantological market is one of the fastest growing in the world. Dental implants have an 18 percent share in the global dental market - calculated by the agency Markets and Markets. The value of the world dental market is $3.3 billion, of which 42 percent is spent in Europe. It is... read article »
Today, only patients with diagnosed transsexualism or hermaphroditismm (intersexualism) can undergo a gender changing procedure in Poland. By the gender changing procedure we understand a series of operations leading to the "birth" of a new person - having different sex, looks and personal data.  Surgical intervention occurs at the last stage of this long process of changing a transsexual person' life. Upon the... read article »

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