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Obesity carries the risk of many diseases (mainly pertaining to the circulatory and respiratory systems, and metabolism). It also worsens the course of already occurring diseases, therefore it is important to choose the appropriate prevention and treatment methods. There are three degrees of obesity, which are classified using BMI. Class I obesity applies to people with a BMI of 30 – 34.9 kg/m2, class II is 35 –... read article »
In the past, patients wishing to regain a beautiful smile had to spend long hours at the dentist's office. In the case of partial or total toothlessness, dental restoration involved considerable costs and time. A plaster model of the patient's teeth was sent to a dental prosthetics laboratory, where a filling was prepared by a technician (using a special firing technique). The prosthesis was then sent to the dental... read article »
Protruding ears are a beauty defect – which, however not hazardous to our health - can be a source of real torment. It is especially tough for children, who experience ridicule and mockery at their schools or playgrounds. Adults as well can feel great discomfort with their protruding ears and as a result can often lose their self-confidence and become isolated from the society. The problem of protruding ears is... read article »
According to the data of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons in the USA, breast augmentation procedures are placed in the lead position of the most popular beauty and plastic surgery treatments. In 2011, 307,000 women underwent the surgery - it was approximately 4% more than in the previous year. A year later 330,000 ladies decided to surgically enlarge their bust. The number of procedures performed has... read article »
There is no denying that breasts are one of the most important female attributes. Statistics clearly confirm that breast augmentation is among the most popular procedures in plastic surgery. The number of women who want a larger, more round bust and undergo breast augmentation is gradually increasing. This is also confirmed by many Polish plastic surgeons, including one of the most well-known specialists, Dr Marek... read article »
More and more people suffer from venous insufficiency caused by sedentary lifestyle or continual standing (required in many jobs). Venous insufficiency results in cumbersome and unsightly varicose veins, and excessively dilated veins can lead to serious ulcerations and dangerous embolisms. The most common types of varicose veins include: varicose veins of the lower limbs, haemorrhoids (piles) and oesophageal... read article »
We are constantly bombarded with images of perfect-looking models and handsome actors with regular facial features causing a significant decrease in our tolerance of imperfection. We all want to match the image idealised by the media, and we increasingly turn to the scalpel to correct nature's imperfections. The face - especially the nose, the central and most dominant feature - is most commonly subjected to plastic... read article »
A new economic sector called medical tourism has been developing in Poland for the past several years. We can hear more and more about foreign patients, opting for treatment in Poland. The number of facilities advertising their services abroad and on specialized websites is systematically growing. According to the Grail Research report: "The rise of medical tourism", medical tourism is a huge and dynamically... read article »
Those who want to entrust their health with a true professional look for information on the Internet and ask friends and forum users about a reliable doctor. Word of mouth is sometimes a much more efficient form of enticing patients than advertising. As Gemius analysis from January 2013 indicates 40.97% of Polish Internet users visit health-related portals. Data collected by the Whites Agency show that browsing for... read article »
The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health reports that 50-90% of people working with the computer suffer from the so-called "Computer Vision Syndrome". It is then not surprising that the interest in sight corrective surgery is growing. Ophthamology is developing rapidly and we no longer need to wear these thick and heavy lenses as they have been replaced by contact lenses. Nowadays we also correct... read article »

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