Medical tourism in Poland also includes spa and wellness hotels

Polish medical facilities, SPAs as well as health resorts offer an attractive financial alternative to foreign medical tourists. Please take your time and read about our patients from various countries who visit Poland and are treated in our beautiful country.

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In a short time Poland became a significant player on the market of international medical tourism. We can venture to say that it will soon be the leader in Central Europe - it is already placed within the top players in the field, just behind Hungary and the Czech Reepublic. The advantage of Poland is that it is a larger and more diverse country, having much better prospects for development. One of the reasons is the American interest in Polish implantologists. Americans appreciate the great potential of Polish dentists and facilitate their development in the area of implantological treatment at the New York University. 

Residents of other countries visit Poland for treatments in dentistry, plastic surgery as well as other popular areas: orthopeadics, eye surgery, cardiosurgery, aesthetic medicine and rehabilitation. 

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The main target of medical tourists is first of all visiting the amazing Polish destinations with airlines offering convenient connections. Hence the popularity of cities such as Krakow, Warsaw, Wroclaw and Szczecin. The foreign patients are attracted by a high quality of service in clinics, supremely trained staff in command of foreign languages as well as (or perhaps first of all) affordable prices of treatment. If you look up you will find that Poland is "the paradise of low prices". 

Plastic surgeries in Poland are on average 30-40% cheaper than in other countries

It cannot be denied that the differences in prices are quite stark. The average price of setting a dental implant (together with a crown and abutment) involves about €1600 - 2400 within the European Union, while in Poland the price is much more attractive and oscillates around €1200. According to Dental Tourism Guide the average cost of treatment (including x-ray, cleaning and polishing teeth, two fillings and five crowns) is around £2799 in Great Britain and around £1150 in Poland. Plastic surgery treatments such as liposuction are placed within the following price ranges: Germany - €3000 on average, Great Britain - €4800, and in Poland you can undergo the procedure for about €1000. The figures are similar in respect to rhinoplasty - in Germany a patient must spent €3500 on average, in Great Britain the amount is about €5000, while Poland offers the treatment for €1300 (IQ Medica data). It is then not surprising that Polish medical clinics host an increasing number of patients from Great Britain, Ireland as well as Scandinavian countries and Canada. There are also many patients arriving from Germany, Sweden and Italy. 

Polish doctors are the top international specialists.

We are definitely the leaders in dentistry. Polish clinics are so renowned that new terms, such as "dental holidays" or "denturism" were coined to describe dental medical tourism. i.e. holidays intended to treat teeth as well as going sightseeing. According to the Cosmetic Dentistry Guide in London approximately 100 thousand Britons go abroad to treat their teeth. The fact that this trend is significant and ever increasing is even confirmed by the British Dental Association. Many of these patients arrive in Poland. Our great potential is well illustrated by the fact that Poland is the second most prefererably visited country (right behind Hungary) in respect to dental tourism. It would not have seemed strange if we have not started promoting our services 15 years later. The satisfaction of our clients is the best proof for the quality of our services - 90% of them say they will use a foreign clinic and 84% want to be treated by the same doctor.

When the residents of the United Kingdom come to Poland, they choose treatments that are very expensive in their country - e.g. applying veneers and undergoing prosthetic treatment. Germans, on the other hand, come for implantological therapy. According to the dentist Dariusz Wilisowski (Luxdentica, Krakow) patients are willing to spend between 1 000 and 1 500 Polish zlotys during a single visit, which still is less than half of what they would have to pay in their own country. 

Polish doctors are specialists of the highest rank

 Belgium does not offer medical tourism services such as can be found in Great Britain, however another growing group of our patients are Belgians. What really matters though is that the average cost of treatments conducted at Belgian medical clinics is on average 30-40% more expensive than those performed in Poland. It does not only refer to dentistry - the cost of breast augmentation in Poland starts with PLN 8 000 while in Belgium it is a minimum of PLN 13 000. Similarly with rhinoplasty - in Poland the prices for treatments start with PLN 3 000 and in Belgium it is no less than PLN 7 200.

The popularity of Polish dentists is not only reflected in the statistics, but also in the characteristic features of clinics themselves. The staff is continuously developing their skills and learning new languages so that the visitors feel comfortable during their consultation with the doctor. There are multiple examples to confirm that: the Indexmedica clinic from Krakow is a dental clinic that treats Norwegians, Russians and Icelanders. Kor-Dent from Szczecin is very popular among the Danes. We cannot leave out the Gabinet stomatologiczno-implantologiczny Blue-Dental in Warsaw, which treats patients from countries as exotic as Serbia, Japan, China as well as United Arab Emirates.

Our dentistry is not only praised by the Europeans - the Russian portals also have also presented the highest opinion of our professionals. According to Poland is visited by tourists from Switzerland, France, USA, Canada and even Australia. They are attracted by the prices and excellent quality of service. The "Stomatologicieskoje zdorovje" journal also points out that Poland is the best country for dental treatments. This explains the increasing number of dental tourists from Russia. Similarly with patients from Ukraine, who also visit Poland for treatments, mainly implantological. In the KSE Karina and Maciej Drozd clinic in Toruń they will pay approximately PLN 3700 for an implant insertion. 

Unique Polish resorts and plastic surgery clinics

Medical tourism in Poland also includes spa and wellness hotels

Apart from denstistry, other services also attract foreign visitors. Poland places 7th in Europe in respect to the number of resorts. The above mentioned Russians readily visit Polish resorts to relax in our numerous spas and plastic surgery clinics. One of those places is the Aquarius Beauty Center in Kołobrzeg, where the staff is fluent in Russian to assist the abundant visits of the clients from the old Tsar's empire. The clinic's specialists also use Arabic as they have patients arriving from the Near East. They pay PLN 12 000 for a facelift, PLN 11 500 for abdominoplasty and approximately PLN 1500 to 4000 for laser treatments of leg varicose veins. They choose Poland because the quality of service as well as our climate and well-equipped resorts meet their expectations.

According to Kamila Kasprzak from the Zespół Uzdrowisk Kłodzkich, the Polish holiday and health centres became popular among the residents of Israel. In 2011 the centre hosted 117 guests from that country, twice as much as in the previous year. What attracts them here is the quality of our medical facilities - the Zespół Uzdrowisk Kłodzkich is the top medical service facility among the Polish and European medical tourist, wellness and spa centres, health recreational facilities and the top producer of natural mineral water (e.g. Staropolanka). Krzysztof Łopaciński, the vice chair od the Instytut Turystyki (The Institute of Tourism), confirms that the interest in the Polish resorts is growing among the Russians as well as Slovaks, Belarussians and Ukrainians. 

Plastic surgery in Poland

Polish plastic surgery clinics are also popular among the Swedes, specifically the Swedish women. According to Karolina Stockhaus, the employee of JB Kompetens AB, the Swedes are the most mobile European nation, which explains why the number of their medical tourist visits grows every year. In her article on she writes that Poland is popular among the Swedes due to the high quality of services, relative proximity of location as well as low flight prices. Swedish ladies come to Poland for breast augmentation surgeries (€8400 in Sweden and approx. €2800 in Poland - Akademikliniken and Estheticon data), liposuction (approx. €2900 in Sweden and €1100 in Poland) as well as rhinoplasty (circa €4900 in Sweden and €1800 in Poland).

Medical tourism statistics

  According to data included in the website, the average cost of a plastic surgery in Poland is about PLN 10 000, which is approx. 35-50% of the treatment cost in Great Britain. But not only the British prefer Poland for plastic surgery treatments - Americans appreciate us as well. In the USA, medical insurance is quite costly and there is often a long-waiting list for the surgery. The treatments are much more expensive as well - breast augmentation with silicone implants is approx. $6 000 to 8 000, whilst in Poland they only cost $2 500 (according to the Russian website Therefore many Americans prefer to take an overseas flight and undergo treatment at a Polish clinic spending much less money.

In 2012 the number of people medically treated outside their home country may exceed 780 million (acc. to The Ministry of Economics data states that only in Poland the foreign tourists spent about 800 million zlotys. It is not surprising then that the ministry became involved in promoting the Polish economy on the international markets - including the participation at the Moscow Fairs of Medical Tourism. Since 2008 our country is actively promoted by the Polskie Stowarzyszenie Turystyki Medycznej (The Polish Association of Medical Tourism), to which the previously mentioned Indexmedica has belonged from the very start. Poland abounds in places where you can combine medical tourism with standard holidays. Therefore we expect Polish medcial facilities to be increasingly visited by foreign guests.

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The Medical Tourism market

The present global market crisis fosters the development of medical tourism in Poland. Patients from abroad seek cheaper alternatives to their domestic medical treatment and the Polish private health care, also affected by the crisis, works intensely on diversifying their sales channels, including the ones outside Poland. When the interest of Poles in the private medical care drops, it is the foreigners who make the industry going. is the only specialized service in six languages serving the interest of gaining new clients from the country and abroad. Recently has been contacted by many clinics and offices interested in cooperation. 

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