Laser teeth whitening

According to the research made by the Implantology and Orthodontics Centre in Katowice, nearly 40% of patients see their treatment as an investment in themselves and their career. They believe that snow white teeth can help them to create a good impression on a date or a job interview. It is also due to that reason that an increasing number of Poles is going to whiten their teeth...

Looking at advertisements we see actors smiling with snow white teeth. White teeth make you look more attractive and at the same time younger, healthier and well-groomed, therefore the procedures of professional teeth bleaching are becoming more and more popular. According to Dr Tomasz Foik from Well Now Dental Clinic in Warsaw, nowadays, dentists are not only able to whiten yellowish teeth, but also bleach those that are completely darkened and stained.  Modern laser systems ensure fast and effective effect of bleaching by at least a few shades. According to Dr Mervyn Druian from the London Tooth-Whitening Centre, laser treatment can whiten your enamel by up to 11 shades. The research conducted in 2010 by Harris Interactive, one of the world's leading market research firms in the United States, states that 89% of adults confirm that a white smile makes a good first impression. 

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More than half of respondents agreed that if they could improve anything, it would be their teeth, because a beautiful smile wins people over. We can easily assume that other countries would score similar results on the survey as the USA, where in the last 5 years the number of cosmetic dentistry procedures has tripled (according to EzineArticles). It is also verified by the opinion of dentists from the White Smile Clinic (Cork), who think that teeth whitening is the fastest growing cosmetic dentistry branch in the UK and Ireland. White teeth are a priority to many people, therefore they regularly undergo whitening procedures.

What is a teeth whitening laser treatment?

Laser teeth whitening

Prior to the procedure patients need to treat all teeth, otherwise there is a risk of pulp irritation by chemical agents contained in whitening products - they may enter the teeth by any leaking fillings or cavities. Teeth must also be cleaned from plaque and tartar.  As the procedure will not whiten fillings or crowns, patients who plan the prosthetic treatment should do them prior to whitening. The procedure is relatively short - it can last from 30 minutes to an hour.  To protect your gums, the dentist coats them with a special gel, which is then hardened with a UV lamp.  The next step is to coat your teeth with a whitening product and expose it to light for about 15 mins.  Dentists will use a diode laser or a special lamp, e.g. American Beyond system for this purpose.  When we use the lamp, the treatment lasts for about 45-60 mins and consists of three gel applications and three exposures to light. Beyond emits a high-intensity blue light (the so-called cold light, the technology is called LightBridge), filtered out through a 30 coated optical lens and over 12,000 optical fibres eliminating harmful ultraviolet and infrared light. As a result there is a beam of cold light which penetrates deep into the teeth, activating the gel formula containing 35% hydrogen peroxide, silicon dioxide and additional whitening ingredients.  Enamel brightening is obtained by hydrogen peroxide's breakdown into water and oxygen.

Treatment with a diode laser may be shorter (about half an hour).   It is widely used due its multifunctional character - for example, the Picasso laser can also be used for ablation, cuts and coagulation of soft tissue inside the mouth.  This laser is used for procedures carried out by Dr Klaudiusz Rojek from the Olsztyn Rojek Dental Clinic and Dr Waldemar Tracz from Nexus Dental in Puławy. Teeth will be brightened by 3 to 4 shades within 30 minutes. The result of the treatment will last for two years.

Getting your teeth ready for the laser whitening treatment

Another popular method, Brite Smile, is used by the Warsaw branch of the Villa Nova Dental Clinic. The treatment takes an hour, and is divided into three 20-minute sessions during each 15% hydrogen peroxide gel is applied on the teeth. As in the Beyond method the whitening agents are activated by a beam of blue light. As a result you can even have your teeth brightened by 8 shades. The method has been accepted by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and has been awarded the Conformité Européenne (CE) certificate.  < b>System Zoom! is another teeth whitening technique! This method has been released by Dr Bill Dorfman from the Century City Aesthetic Dentistry (Los Angeles), dentist whose teeth whitening services are used by Hollywood stars such as Eva Longoria or Jessica Simpson. It is used in Poland by a Warsaw based Well Now Dental Clinic, offering treatments with the Zoom! Advanced Power system and Liquid Smile gel, containing 12% hydrogen peroxide.

For the treatment to be effective it is important to retain the so-called white diet. Depending on doctor's recommendations it may last 48 hours, 3 days or longer following the procedure. As the teeth are dehydrated after the treatment, patients must avoid coffee, strong tea, wine and all the other food and drinks that may stain teeth and thus spoil the result of the treatment. The effects of whitening are to a large extent dependent on the patient - if they reduce the consumption of strongly staining foods, stop smoking and will get tartar treatments and touch-ups regularly, they will enjoy their beautiful smile longer.

Dental Clinics in Poland that offer laser teeth whitening

Laser teeth whitening - before and after

It is becoming more and more popular in Poland to whiten teeth with laser, therefore most of the clinics offer these type of treatments. Patients who want to receive the treatment in Warsaw can choose from a plethora of facilities. For example, laser teeth whitening at the Eurodental clinic costs between 150 and 2300 Polish zlotys. Another Warsaw clinic, Soldent, offers teeth whitening with the use of Beyond system for 1200 PLN as well as the Brite Smile - 2000 PLN per treatment (the centre is an approved Brite Smile partner). Q-Dent clinic (also located in the Polish capital city) uses Zoom! system with Zoom 2 bleaching gel with 25% hydrogen peroxide. The treatments cost 1200 PLN. Whereas, dr Krystyna Mancewicz from the Artodonto clinic performs teeth whitening laser treatments for 1300 Polish zlotys. Dr Piotr Puchała from Dentim Clinic in Katowice uses the Beyond Plus system charging 1400 PLN per each treatment.  The VIP Dental of Bielsko Biała offers teeth whitening procedures between 1500-1900 zlotys. The Biolase Lasersmile is used for these treatments.

Patients who want to save a little will not have a problem finding a clinic offering equally good services at lower prices.  Stomatologia na Księżym Młynie in Łódź offers teeth whitening with the use of Beyond system for 550 PLN, while the procedure with the GENTLEray Kavo diode laser costs 800 PLN. In the Wroclaw Vita-Dent clinic 2 whitening lamps are used: Beyond Whitening and Sema C-bright. For one appointment "Snow white teeth in one hour" you pay 900 PLN. Patients of High Dental Care in Warsaw will pay the same amount. Cichoń Clinic from Krakow offers Beyond system teeth whitening for 800 PLN.  The centre offers procedures with the traditional Beyond lamp as well as the latest Beyond Polus model. Another dental office, Trident, offers similar prices, where the dentist, Dominik Woźniak, carries out whitening treatments between 800 and 1000 PLN.  We will have our teeth whitened for 899 PLN at DENTestetica clinic. All the dental centres in Krakow are authorized Beyond Centres. At the Stomatologia bez bólu centre in Jelenia Góra laser diode treatments are carried out with the use of Biolase's Ezlase laser at the price of 800 PLN.

A comparison of teeth whitening prices in Poland and abroad

Over 10 00 British decide on a laser teeth whitening treatment yearly

According to the MailOnline service < b>more than 100k British undergo teeth whitening procedures each year,  and the average price for the treatment is around £600 (circa PLN 2860) The interest in the procedures is still growing. White Smile Clinic from Dublin has recorded a considerable increase of procedures carried out during one year - in February 2012, they performed 3420 treatments, however 12 months later, there were 3707 procedures noted.  Prices in Germany resemble those in Great Britain. For example, the White Lounge Clinic in Berlin offers Brite Smile procedures for €595 (circa PLN 2460).

Canadian Beyond Beautiful Smiles (Campbell River) Clinic offers Beyond whitening treatments for $650 (around PLN 2060). The Smile Clinic (Charlotte) is a bit less expensive, you need to pay $600 for the treatment (circa PLN 1900) However, the USA clinics have less friendly fees. According to the service, the average cost of laser teeth whitening is about $1000, i.e. around PLN 32000.  This data is also provided by the service from America.  The American citizens, discouraged by the high prices of their home clinics, prefer to undergo the procedure abroad.  This migration induces large interest in Mexican dental clinics, including the Los Algodones facilities, tempting the U.S. citizens with their competitive prices - $200 (circa PLN633).

Foreign medical clients are also attracted to Thai clinics' prices.  One of them, Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic, offers laser teeth whitening for BT 10000 (circa PLN1065). And for the innovative Zoom! method the patient will pay BT 12000 (around PLN 1278).

Laser teeth whitening - single visit
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Dentourism - a stable trend in dental treatment

Laser teeth whitening procedures are cheaper in Poland than in Great Britain or Germany

The service provides price range for laser teeth whitening on the British Isles to oscillate between £300 and £1000 (PLN 1432-4773.5). When looking at these rates, it is easily understood why British patients migrate to other countries for treatments. It also includes Germans, Irish and residents of many other countries.  They come to Poland more and more often, attracted by positive opinions on the quality of services and competitive prices. And as a bonus to making their smiles beautiful. patients plan the so-called dental holidays - a vacation combining treatment with sightseeing and relaxing. The opening of the borders for medical services in 2013 will most probably contribute to the considerable growth of dentourists in Poland.

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