Breast augmentation with anatomical implant in Poland

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular procedures in the field of plastic surgery. More and more often women decide to visit a plastic surgeon's office; and those who dream of full natural-looking breasts choose anatomical implants. This procedure is more expensive than round implants and is associated with the risk of implant rotation, but that doesn't discourage patients who want natural results. Especially that a procedure performed by an experienced surgeon is a guarantee of no complications and excellent aesthetic results.

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There is no denying that breasts are one of the most important female attributes. Statistics clearly confirm that breast augmentation is among the most popular procedures in plastic surgery. The number of women who want a larger, more round bust and undergo breast augmentation is gradually increasing. This is also confirmed by many Polish plastic surgeons, including one of the most well-known specialists, Dr Marek Szczyt, the owner of the Dr Szczyt Plastic Surgery Clinic in Warsaw. In an interview in 2012 with, he admitted that breast augmentation is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures

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Patients who decide to undergo such a procedure must choose the type of implant. It is not only a choice of filling (silicone gel or saline solution) and shell surface (textured or smooth), but also the shape which can be round or anatomic. Anatomical implants resemble a teardrop, and therefore they are more fitted to the shape of the breast. For this reason they are often chosen by women who want larger breasts but want to avoid an artificial "ball" appearance. It's easier to mask the upper edge of the implant - their shape enables avoiding excessive filling of the upper part of the breast. According to patients and many doctors, anatomical implants give more natural results. In addition, they are useful in some cases of deformed breast (e.g., breast cancer mastectomy) and for correction of sagging breasts. Anatomical implants are more expensive than round ones.

Anatomical breast implant

Understandably, this type of implant has drawbacks as well as advantages. As you can read on, the main advantage of breast augmentation with anatomical implants is the natural result. A disadvantage is the risk of implant rotation, which may cause distortion. Anatomical implants are filled with a gel of increased cohesiveness, which means that the augmented breasts will be more firm than with a round implant. The increased firmness of the implant is due to its shape, otherwise it would be too "runny" and would not give satisfactory aesthetic results.

The breast augmentation surgery

To undergo breast augmentation surgery, you must be in good general health. You should undergo a mammogram or breast ultrasound to check the condition of the mammary glands. Before the surgery, you should also do blood tests and undergo medical assessment. You cannot smoke cigarettes or use salicylic acid preparations. You cannot eat for 8 hours or drink for 6 prior to the procedure. You should be in the initial phase of the menstrual cycle (after menstruation). Contraindications to surgery include: diabetes, purulent lesions on the skin of the chest, clotting disorders and vascular diathesis.

Before and after photos of anatomical implant breast augmentation surgery

Breast augmentation surgery with anatomical implant lasts about two hours and is done under general anaesthesia. In most cases, before and after the procedure patients are administered antibiotics as a preventive measure. The surgeon begins the operation by making an incision through which the implant will be inserted. Depending on the individual patient's conditions (such as breast deformation), a transaxillary, inframammary or periareolar incision is made. The implant may be placed between the chest muscle and the chest wall or between the mammary gland and the greater pectoral muscle (under the gland). Anatomical implants are especially recommended for implantation under the skin, while for submuscular implantation the breast prosthesis shape does not matter. This is confirmed by Dr Tomasz Dydymski, a general and plastic surgeon at Solumed Clinic in Poznan. In an interview in 2013, he told readers the secrets of breast augmentation with round and anatomical implants.

The procedure ends with suturing the incision and applying drains, if necessary. After surgery, it is recommended you stay at home for several days. For several weeks, the breasts must be stiffened with a special bra. You should wear it day and night. For about a month, you should sleep on your back and limit physical activity. After 7-10 days the stitches are removed, and for about two weeks it is recommended to refrain from hot baths, saunas, and high temperatures.

Breast augmentation with anatomical implant

Breast augmentation using anatomical implants – before and after photos

The vast majority of plastic surgery clinics perform breast augmentation using implants. Anatomical implants are offered in clinics in large cities as well as smaller towns. At Body Aesthetics Centre (Centrum Estetyki Ciała) in Katowice prices start at PLN 12000. At Bienkowski Medical Centre in Bydgoszcz prices start at PLN 16000. Sfera Plastic Surgery Clinic in Warsaw offers breast augmentation with implants for PLN 11000-13500. ESTmedica Wiatroszak Clinic in Wroclaw performs breast augmentation for PLN 14000-16000. At Weiss Clinic in Chorzow the cost is PLN 14000, and at Mediklinika in Szczecin PLN 12900. At another clinic in Szczecin, Aesthetic Med, breast augmentation with anatomical implants costs PLN 14500. The most common method is to insert the implant through an incision at the bottom edge of the areola. The implants have a lifetime manufacturer's warranty.

ART & MED Private Plastic Surgery Clinic in Krakow offers breast augmentation with anatomical implant for PLN 14000-16000, and the procedure is done by qualified plastic surgeon Dr Tomasz Kasprzyk. The cost of the procedure is PLN 14500 at the Baltic Centre for Plastic Surgery in Kolobrzeg. While at the Mandala Beauty Clinic in Poznan the price is PLN 17000.

Prices of anatomical implant breast augmentation around the world

Breast augmentation is currently one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures

The cost of breast augmentation with anatomical implants seems high, but compared with prices in clinics abroad, Polish clinics offer very reasonable rates. The procedure is much more expensive in Great Britain despite that competition is fierce and surgeons are aware that many women undergo the procedure abroad. According to, prices of breast augmentation using implants start at £4000 (approx. PLN 19700). The most popular clinics in Great Britain include Dolan Park Hospital in Bromsgrove near Birmingham, and Sorensen Clinic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in London. Procedures at renowned centres are £5000 (approx. PLN 24600) on average. In the U.S., according to, prices of procedures range from $6000 to $8000 (approx. PLN 18500-24700).

Some surgeons are reluctant to give out rates justifying it with an individual approach to each patient, for example: Dr Philip Turton - a plastic surgeon at Aesthetic Breast Surgery Practice in Leeds Nuffield Hospital (West Yorkshire). Women who decide to undergo breast augmentation at his clinic will pay £1200 (PLN 5900). This is the price for McGhan anatomical implants; it doesn't include remuneration for the surgeon and anaesthesiologist or hospital fees. Dr Turton also has an office in Spire Hospital Leeds. There are also no prices listed on the website of Dr Ronald Pino of Pino's Plastic Surgery Clinic in San José (Costa Rica). The final cost of breast augmentation is calculated during the consultation. Before surgery, everyone is required to pay a deposit of $500, and the total amount must be paid the day before surgery.

Breast augmentation - teardrop breast implants
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Every year, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) publishes a report with statistics on the number of plastic surgeries performed in the United States. Data from the most recent report shows that in 2012 breast augmentation was the most popular procedure in the US. More than 330,000 women underwent the procedure, of whom 72% chose silicone implants and 28% saline. On the other hand, the cost of the procedure is still high enough that along with the growing popularity of breast augmentation the number of medical tourists undergoing procedures in other countries is steadily rising. American women go to clinics in Brazil, Colombia and other countries where prices are lower. They increasingly visit European countries, including Poland. Women from Germany, Great Britain and Scandinavian countries do the same. Polish plastic surgeons have long been famous outside the Polish borders. As interest in anatomical implant breast augmentation continues, it can be concluded that Polish clinics will host more and more medical tourists from abroad.

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