Anatomical implants in Polish clinics

More and more women travel to Poland to enlarge their breasts using anatomical implants. Doctors in Poland are some of the best specialists in this field. In addition, prices for anatomical implants in Poland are very attractive. Read on about procedures with anatomical implants.

Women who want to do breast augmentation with implants are increasingly selecting anatomical implants, which enable obtaining a more natural effect than in the case of round implants. Such implants are primarily used in corrective breast procedures for sagging and asymmetric breasts. They are filled with a solid gel, and they are inserted through a cut of 4-5 cm in length. The cut can be located in the armpit, around the nipple or under the breast fold. The breast augmentation procedure is done under general anaesthesia, and for some time after the implant procedure the patient must wear a custom tailored bra, which enables the correct positioning of the implants.

Good plastic surgeons use implants from renowned companies

Patients wishing to undergo breast augmentation with anatomic implants can choose from many excellent facilities, where the procedure is carried out by plastic surgeons with many years of professional experience. Such a doctor is Dr Andrzej Krajewski, a graduate of the Medical University of Gdansk, a second degree specialist in plastic surgery, who treats patients at the Aquarius Beauty Centre in Kolobrzeg. Dr Krajewski regularly improves his skills by participating in numerous courses and trainings (he has participated in a course on oncologic plastic surgery and aesthetic surgery, as well as the conference "The Pros and Cons of Aesthetic Surgery").

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Another excellent facility that offers breast augmentation with implants is the Plastic Surgery Clinic of Dr Andrzej Sankowski in Warsaw. The plastic surgery procedures in this clinic are done by a group of renowned experts in the field of plastic surgery: Dr Andrzej Sankowski, Dr Wojciech Witkowski, Dr Lubomir Lembas, and Dr Janusz Greese-Lyko. The quality of the services the clinic provides is confirmed by its ISO Quality Management Certificate and the fact that the facility regularly ranks high in prestigious rankings in "Wprost" and "Newsweek" weekly magazines.

Anatomical implants at Polish clinics

Women who want to enlarge their breasts using anatomical implants can take advantage of the offer at Kolasinski – Hair Clinic in Poznan. These types of procedures are performed by Dr Malgorzata Kolenda and Dr Jerzy Kolasinski. Both doctors are experienced plastic surgeons and members of many prestigious scientific societies (including the Polish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, and the Polish Society of Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging).

Bienkowski Medical Centre in Bydgoszcz also offers anatomical breast implants, where plastic surgery procedures are carried out by Dr Wieslaw Bienkowski – a specialist in general and plastic surgery with many years of professional experience. Bienkowski MC is a modern facility, located in a spacious building and equipped with the latest devices, including for vibrational liposuction and medical lasers.

Procedures using anatomical implants are also carried out at the Art&Med Private Clinic of Plastic Surgery in Krakow. Surgical procedures are performed using the latest equipment that meets the standards of the European Union, and the implants are selected on the basis of indications from the unique BioDynamic computer system, which enables achieving the best results. Dr Tomasz Kasprzyk performs the plastic surgery procedures in the clinic.

Breast augmentation using round implants is also done at MediClinic in Szczecin, where such procedures are carried out by Dr Beata Marszalek and Dr Jaroslaw Tribull-Potapczuk. Both Dr Marszalek and Dr Potapczuk are plastic surgeons with many years of professional experience, which they gained both in Poland and abroad. Dr Marszalek owns a plastic surgery clinic in Oslo, while Dr Tribull-Potapczuk also carries out procedures at his clinic in Germany.

Another recommendable facility is Artplastica Plastic Surgery Clinic in Szczecin. Breast augmentation using anatomical implants is done by Dr Tomasz Dydymski, Dr Andrzej Krajewski, and Dr Arkadiusz Kuna. All three doctors have a specialization in plastic surgery. They are also members of the Polish Society of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery.

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Prices of breast augmentation using implants - a comparison

Plastic surgery clinics in Poland are increasingly popular among foreign patients due to the significant differences in prices for procedures. It is no different in the case of anatomical implants: in the UK the cost of breast augmentation with anatomical implants oscillates between £ 4500-5500 (20,250 to 24,750 PLN); it is equally expensive in clinics in Germany, where breast augmentation with anatomical implants costs at least 22,500 PLN (at Park-Klinik in Birkenwerder prices start from € 5700, which is 23,300 PLN). Meanwhile in Poland, the procedure can be performed for just 12,900 PLN - this is the cost at MediClinic in Szczecin. It is hardly surprising that more and more women are choosing to visit clinics in Poland, treating their time in Poland as an opportunity for rest and sightseeing as well.

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Breast augmentation with anatomical implant in Poland

Breast augmentation with anatomical implant in Poland

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular procedures in the field of plastic surgery. More and more often women decide to visit a plastic surgeon's office; and those who dream of full natural-looking breasts choose anatomical implants. This... more »

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