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A new economic sector called medical tourism has been developing in Poland for the past several years. We can hear more and more about foreign patients, opting for treatment in Poland. The number of facilities advertising their services abroad and on specialized websites is systematically growing. According to the Grail Research report: "The rise of medical tourism", medical tourism is a huge and dynamically... read article »
Those who want to entrust their health with a true professional look for information on the Internet and ask friends and forum users about a reliable doctor. Word of mouth is sometimes a much more efficient form of enticing patients than advertising. As Gemius analysis from January 2013 indicates 40.97% of Polish Internet users visit health-related portals. Data collected by the Whites Agency show that browsing for... read article »
Every year in Poland over 100 thousand dental implants are installed, in Germany the number equals to 1 million. Still, the Polish implantological market is one of the fastest growing in the world. Dental implants have an 18 percent share in the global dental market - calculated by the agency Markets and Markets. The value of the world dental market is $3.3 billion, of which 42 percent is spent in Europe. It is... read article »