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Does larger equal better? There is no simple answer to this question, but for some men the size of the penis is important. According to Intymność.pl as many as 66% of men are not happy with the size of their penis, and nearly 80% would like it to be longer. A vast majority of men are convinced that the size of the penis is important for their partners, but there is no confirmation in research. A team of researchers... read article »
  Round breast prostheses are filled with either saline or silicone. The type of the filler determines the shape and performance of the endoprosthesis after it is implanted inside the body. In 1991 in USA the FDA prohibited the use of silicone implants due to the low quality of silicone and suspicions about the negative effects of the implants on patients’ health. At the time American surgeons were allowed to use... read article »
According to the definition offered by WHO infertility is the inability of a sexually active (3 - 4 intercourses a week), non-contracepting couple to achieve pregnancy over a period of one year. It is estimated that around 20% of couples at a reproductive age struggle with infertility, although we still lack exact data for Poland. According to statistical data, the percentage of infertile couples is 16.4% in France... read article »
The number of people suffering from eye conditions continues to grow.  WHO (World Health Organization) analysts say that if the growth persists at the same level, by 2020 even 75 million people can lose sight completely.  According to the statistics of WHO cataract takes the first place in the ranking of conditions that cause blindness.  It is confirmed by PBA (Prevent Blindness America) - their specialists claim... read article »
Obesity is becoming an increasing problem of today's world.  Formerly a sign of status, today obesity seriously threatens the well-being of developed countries. Paradoxically, there are more obese than undernourished people in the world today, according to data of the International Federation of Red Cross Associations for every 1.5 billion obese people there were around 925 million undernourished, and the number is... read article »
Lower extremities' varicose veins  are one of the most common diseases today. According to the website one in three Poles suffers from the condition, and the vast majority the patients are women. The condition can already be identified as an occupational disease - office workers' malady, as one of the main causes for its occurrence is prolonged seated position. Today there are several methods to remove... read article »
Women who want to do breast augmentation with implants are increasingly selecting anatomical implants, which enable obtaining a more natural effect than in the case of round implants. Such implants are primarily used in corrective breast procedures for sagging and asymmetric breasts. They are filled with a solid gel, and they are inserted through a cut of 4-5 cm in length. The cut can be located in the armpit, around... read article »
Dental implantology is a branch of medicine that is developing extremely fast. It was not a long time ago that people with full edentulism could only count on an uncomfortable denture, however these days the possibilities to reconstruct teeth are virtually unlimited.  They can not even be stopped by insufficient amount of bone tissue.  In the past, implantological procedures needed to be preceded by complex and... read article »
The number of men interested in plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments is steadily growing . According to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, in 2011 the number of plastic surgeries performed on men in the UK has increased by almost 6% compared to the previous year - now every tenth of such treatment on the British Isles is aimed to improve male beauty. The treatment which is most popular among... read article »
Looking at advertisements we see actors smiling with snow white teeth. White teeth make you look more attractive and at the same time younger, healthier and well-groomed, therefore the procedures of professional teeth bleaching are becoming more and more popular. According to Dr Tomasz Foik from Well Now Dental Clinic in Warsaw, nowadays, dentists are not only able to whiten yellowish teeth, but also bleach those... read article »