Hernia repair - price Sosnowiec

Synonyms: herniorrhaphy, ile kosztuje hernioplasty

Below you can find hernia repair prices in city od Sosnowiec, Poland. Price based on pricelists from 3 clinics and 1 doctors. Average price for hernia repair is 959 £, the lowest price is 415 £ (in city of Sosnowiec) and the highest price is 2 094 £. Please contact us via phone 22 417 40 93 or send us an enquiry. Our consultant will help you to book an appointment with a doctor in Sosnowiec, Poland.

Kliniki wykonujące zabieg hernia repair Sosnowiec

Inne kliniki w pobliżu Sosnowiec wykonujące hernia repair
Klinika Chirurgii Mazan
Katowice - 6 km from Sosnowiec
price 653 £
Marek Klar Medical Office
Łaziska Górne - 24 km from Sosnowiec
price from to 1 037 £
Centrum Medycyny Sportowej
Zabrze - 23 km from Sosnowiec
price 415 £
Inni lekarze w pobliżu Sosnowiec wykonujący hernia repair
MD Klar Marek
Surgeon, surgical oncologist
price from to 1 037 £

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