Benefits for the foreign patients

Read about coming to Poland for treatment - it's worth it! Find an excellent clinic or medical office and save big!

Want medical treatment? Come to Poland - you will get the highest quality at no waiting time

According to Jaroslaw Fedorowski, the president of the Polish Hospital Federation, Polish medical tourism is growing vibrantly, and our country is becoming one of the most frequently visited countries in Europe. Medical tourists can expect 20 000 thousand dental clinics and offices, over 500 aesthetic medicine studios and nearly 1500 hospitals waiting for them.

Patients coming from abroad are attracted to low prices and high quality of medical treatment in Poland

Foreign patients are tempted by low prices of treatments (in comparison with the cost of treatment in Great Britain) and high-tech medical equipment. They also appreciate short waiting times and no queues. Patients recognize the professionalism of Polish specialists in plastic surgery, dentistry as well as oncology, cardiology or neurosurgery.  A big advantage of Polish medical facilities is the fluency of staff in foreign languages such as English, German or French.  Polish clinics also cooperate with translators of languages such as Arabic or Japanese, so communication with patients is never an obstacle.  Moreover, companies dealing with medical tourism also offer assistance of professional translators if the need arises.

Treatment in Poland - high quality and half the price

Foreign patients are encouraged to select Poland for medical treatment by the high quality of service and very reasonable prices.

Foreign patients are mainly attracted to Polish clinics by the prices of medical services - much lower than in their home countries. The most frequent medical travellers include patients who would have paid 50-80% more in their homelands - mainly Germans, British, Belgians and Irish. Scandinavians also visit Polish facilities. They come to Poland to treat teeth conditions and undergo plastic surgeries, as well as visit clinics treating infertility and obesity.  The difference in prices is easily seen by comparing costs of breast augmentation - according to the Clinic Compare website, the prices of breast enlargement treatments in Great Britain range between  £3,000-£5,000 (14.6-24.3 thousand Polish zlotys), while in Poland the surgery of inserting round implants costs 10 -12 thousand Polish zlotys. You need to pay a little more for the surgery with anatomical implants - the cost ranges from 13 to 15 thousand zlotys (data obtained from When we are planning dental treatment, an average cost of an implant embedding in Great Britain is approx. £1,200 (only the procedure of implanting without prior preparatory treatments), while in Polish clinics the patients will pay from 2 to 3 thousand zlotys.

However, the competitive prices are not the only reason foreign patients choose to come to Poland.  Foreigners are big on savings but still value their health the most. They readily undergo treatment in Polish centres, because they know that Polish plastic surgeons, implantologists, vein surgeons or physiotherapists have graduated from reputable medical universities, and very frequently polished their professional skills at foreign centres' internships.  They learned under the supervision of outstanding specialists and use state-of-the-art medical apparatus in their offices - the same that is used by their foreign colleagues.  Foreign patients readily undergo treatment at Polish specialists' because they know they will get the highest quality of care at a much lower cost.  In 2012, WINEG - the German Scientific Institute of TK for Benefit and Efficiency in Health issued a poll whose results said that 99% of patients being treated in Poland were very satisfied or rather satisfied with the quality of service.  97 percent of respondents were satisfied with the treatment and 96 percent with the qualifications of medical staff. Moreover, 87% of respondents had no problem communicating with the doctor in their native language.

It will soon be even easier - we welcome all patients from the European Union

Several hundred thousand patients yearly come to Poland for medical treatment

At present, according to the European Union Directive pertaining to the application of patients' rights in cross-border healthcare (Directive 2011/24/UE of the European Parliament and of the Council of 9 March 2011), medical tourists wishing to claim healthcare services in another member state have a right to unrestrained movement all over EU. The aim of the Directive is to establish rules in order to facilitate cross-border healthcare and promote cooperation within healthcare of member states.

Our clinics are not only visited by foreign tourists who wish to take part in a private treatment. Our specialists' services are also offered to foreigners who can claim reimbursement of treatment from their private insurance. Another option may be a contract between the Polish facility and public healthcare institution of the patient. When EU Directive allowing Polish private and public hospitals accept foreign patients and reimburse the cost of treatment by national health funds of their home countries will come into force, the procedure of treating foreign visitors will considerably be facilitated.  Foreign patients will be guaranteed that the cost of their treatment will be covered " at least at the level as would be provided for the same healthcare, had it been provided in the Member State of affiliation" (quoting after the Official Journal of European Union). The Directive will come into effect 5 October 2013.