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Wygląd zewnętrzny Dr Piotr Szulc Urology Clinic
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Wygląd zewnętrzny Dr Piotr Szulc Urology Clinic
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Opis placówki

Dr Piotr Szulc Urology Clinic is a facility that offers patients professional treatment of urological diseases. In our centre, patients will find help for many diseases, from phimosis and urolithiasis to urologic oncology. Dr Szulc, who is the clinic's director, qualifies patients for surgeries, leads post-operative observation and care of patients, especially in cases of cancer. He does endoscopic procedures as well as minor open surgeries. He performs foreskin cosmetic surgery and circumcision in men with phimosis. He treats hydrocele, urolithiasis, and prostatic hyperplasia as well as benign prostatic hyperplasia. He recently expanded the scope of medical care to include treatment of male infertility. He treats patients suffering from erectile dysfunction; Dr Szulc has many years of experience treating sexual dysfunction.

We have fully equipped medical offices, where we conduct consultations, detailed diagnostics (including transrectal ultrasound and prostate biopsy), and treatments. We also have a modern operating theatre with all the necessary equipment and devices. We offer comprehensive treatment of urinary incontinence in men and women. In close cooperation with a qualified physical therapist, we conduct electrical stimulation therapy, and treatments combine behavioural therapy, physical exercises, and Biofeedback training. Thanks to modern methods of treating stress urinary incontinence, we have already helped many patients deal with this embarrassing problem.

We guarantee discretion, a friendly atmosphere, and professional assistance. Our patients can count on a comprehensive diagnosis preceded by a long and thorough clinical examination, as well as individually selected treatment for their disease.

Facilities and high-tech equipment

We are aware of the importance of high-tech equipment in the quick and effective treatment of urological diseases. Thanks to our equipment, we can offer our patients the latest, minimally invasive treatments that enable short recovery. The medical equipment we use includes:

  • Apparatus for electric stimulation – a modern medical device used for the treatment of urinary incontinence. We stimulate the pelvic floor muscles to contract while using alternating currents as a series of pulses. The apparatus is equipped with a special electrode (vaginal for women, rectal for men, and rectal or surface for children).
  • Endoscope – a device with its own light source, used to perform endoscopic procedures. With its use, our specialists can assess the condition of the inner walls of organs.

For the safety and comfort of our patients

We attach great importance to patients' comfort and safety; thus, we work hard to ensure that a visit to our clinic is a positive experience. Our patients' well-being is our top priority. To ensure the comfort of the patients visiting our facility, we have prepared several amenities.

  • Modern offices – all treatments and consultations are carried out in modern, well-equipped medical offices, where patients can feel that they are under the care of professionals.
  • Intimate atmosphere –bearing in mind that for the majority of patients a visit to a urologist may be embarrassing, we ensure an intimate, friendly atmosphere and provide full discretion.
  • For people with disabilities – people who have problems with independent mobility and patients in wheelchairs can easily access our clinic using the convenient, wide ramp in front of the building.
  • Parking – patients with cars can park their vehicle in the parking lot directly in front of the clinic.

Visits' and treatments' price list

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Plastic surgery

General and vascular surgery


Urinary incontinence treatment

Diagnostic procedures

The presented prices of services and procedures carried out by Dr Piotr Szulc Urology Clinic are complete, supplied by the provider and verified with the utmost care, but they may differ from the current price. The final price will be provided after consultation with your doctor.

We accept

We accept: cash,

Our clinic specializes in the treatment of urological diseases. We treat each patient individually; we conduct a long interview during the consultation. We investigate the cause of the disease and then the patient is directed to a number of appropriate diagnostic tests. We perform prostate biopsy, transrectal ultrasound (TRUS), and ultrasound.

We specialize in treating erectile dysfunction. Depending on the severity of the disease, we treat phimosis using two techniques; we carry out plastic surgery while maintaining the foreskin, or circumcision, which is complete removal of the foreskin. In the case of patients with incontinence, we use a combination of treatments with electrical stimulation, exercise, behavioural therapy, and Biofeedback training.

We treat benign prostatic hyperplasia, carefully selecting the appropriate treatment method for each patient. We perform transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP), implant stents, and expand the diseased section of the urethra using a balloon. We also use laser therapy, plasma vaporization of the prostate (TURis), and transurethral incision of the prostate (TUIP).

What we treat

In our clinic, we help patients with hydrocele and urolithiasis. We treat phimosis and prostatic hyperplasia. We carry out symptomatic and palliative treatment of men with inoperable prostate cancer. We also help people struggling with urinary incontinence – both women and men.

Additionally, for many years, we have treated erectile dysfunction, treating patients suffering from sexual dysfunction. We help patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) using minimally invasive methods of treatment.

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"Doktor Piotr Szulc prowadzi we Wrocławiu prywatną praktykę urologiczną, gdzie zajmuje się leczeniem zaburzeń erekcji, infekcji dróg moczowych i kamicy moczowej. Pomaga w leczeniu nietrzymania moczu, zakażeniach układu moczowego i zapaleniu prostaty. Zgodnie z tym co mówią jego pacjenci, to lekarz z dużym doświadczeniem, świetny fachowiec, w pełni profesjonalnie zajmujący się chorymi. Zleca odpowiednie badania i na ich podstawie stawia diagnozę. Nie leczy w ciemno. Wyrozumiały, wyjaśniający wątpliwości, spokojny, ale zdecydowany. Dużo czasu poświęca pacjentowi, nie zbywa Klienta po 2 minutach. Niezwykle pomocny." - Ewa A. (Doradca Pacjenta w Kliniki.pl)

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20 września 2017

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4,0 - Dobry
Nie mogłem zapłacić kartą, ale proszę to dopisać raczej do listy życzeń niż zażaleń :)
Nie miałem przy sobie gotówki, co nie przeszkodziło w przeprowadzeniu badania i przyniesieniu pieniędzy później. Lekarz doświadczony, fachowy, miły i nie wciska na sile płatnych zabiegów.
Urology consultation (wrzesień 2017)
MD Piotr Szulc
9 czerwca 2017
5,0 - Wojciech
bardzo dobra
Urology consultation (czerwiec 2017)
MD Piotr Szulc
12 maja 2017
5,0 - Jacek
ESTW for Peyronie's disease (maj 2017)
MD Piotr Szulc
23 października 2017

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4,0 - Daniel
Circumcision (wrzesień 2017)
MD Piotr Szulc

Our team

Our clinic is directed by Dr Piotr Szulc, who is a qualified general surgeon and urologist. He performs the procedures and treats hydrocele, prostatic hyperplasia, and phimosis. He helps patients with erectile dysfunction and other urological diseases. Additionally, he conducts examinations using Botox in the treatment detrusor sphincter dysynergia and overactive bladder.

Dr Szulc works with Katarzyna Bobras, an experienced physical therapist specializing in the treatment of incontinence using electrical stimulation.

Dr. Piotr Szulc is a graduate of the Wroclaw medical University, Faculty of Medicine. He completed his studies in 1989, obtaining his MD. In 1993 after successfully passing his specialty exam, he obtained a 1st degree of specialization in general surg... more »

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Our clinic's biggest advantage is the knowledge and experience of our director, Dr Piotr Szulc. He is a second degree specialist in general surgery as well as a European certified urologist; he passed the urology specialization exam receiving very good marks, thus obtaining the prestigious FEBU title (Fellow of the European Board of Urology). Since 1999, he has been diagnosing and treating erectile dysfunction. In that time, he has helped hundreds of men deal with this agonizing ailment. He has continuously broadened his medical knowledge, enabling him to expand the scope of the offered treatments and innovative techniques.

His experience and skills allow him to provide expert opinions in the media. He has repeatedly given interviews about urological diseases and the risks associated with them. Among others, in 2012, he told readers of the Internet portal medonet.pl about priapism and its treatments.

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Dr Piotr Szulc Urology Clinic
ul. Gwarna 6a
50-001 Wrocław

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Dr Piotr Szulc Urology Clinic on a map

The Urology Clinic is located in a quiet area of Wroclaw, surrounded by climatic apartment buildings. Our proximity to the city centre allows our patients to get acquainted with the major attractions of the city, including the historic houses surrounding the Market Square, with the Gothic Town Hall, as well as the Royal Palace and the famous Raclawice Panorama. A short distance from the clinic is the Old Town Promenade, where the inhabitants of Wroclaw like to stroll on the weekends along Wroclaw's old town moat.

One of our greatest strengths is our excellent location, which makes it easy to get to any point in the city. The nearest bus stop is located on the same street, several meters away, Patients from outside the city can reach Kopernik Airport in approx. half an hour. The PKP Railway Main Station in Wroclaw is 2 km from our clinic.

We also have an office in the private clinic Mediconcept at 94 Krzycka Street http://www.mediconcept.pl/.

We perform surgical procedures at Mediconcept Clinic and the Clinic on Rajska, located on Rajska Street, http://www.endoklinika.com.pl/.