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General Information - Dr W. Faferko, DDS

Dr Wojciech Faferko, DDS, is the owner and head doctor at Dentim Clinic. After graduating from the Medical University of Silesia, he took a postgraduate course at the Department of Surgery of the Medical University of Silesia. Then in 2008-2009, he trained in Frankfurt am Main, and thus joined the small group of Polish dentists with the European title of Dental Implantologist. In 2011, he completed another course, two-year post-graduate studies at the New York College of Dentistry. His constant desire to learn gave him a solid base to become knowledgeable on the latest technology and use the best quality equipment. For several years now his main field is implantology, which requires implementing the latest treatment methods.

In addition to knowledge and skills, he is driven by a desire to heighten public awareness on proper oral hygiene. He is the creator of the nationwide campaigns "Stop dental phobia" and "Stop oral cancer". He is an experienced dental implantologist (Member of OSIS EDI the European association of dental implantologists), an authority whose opinion is worth trusting. Especially since he takes advantage of every opportunity to expand his knowledge. A perfect example of this can be the 9th OSIS EDI Congress, organized in 2011 in Warsaw Jachranka. He not only took part in the Congress, but during he also participated in Michael S. Block's workshop on advanced technologies in everyday practice - "Instant, final or temporary restoration - practical techniques".


For his contribution to the development of implantology, he received the title Platinum Preferred in 2010, Platinum Elite in 2011, and a dental implantologist certificate from the Ministry of Health and the National Association of Dental Implantology. In 2012, the University of Siena in Italy awarded him the title of Master of Prosthodontics. As one of the first Polish dentists, he began to use Simplant software (standard computer 3D diagnostics). He is a specialist in CAD/CAM planning and prosthetics; he has also developed an innovative tooth restoration technique using implants that takes just one day. As one of a few in Poland, he uses autogenous blood (PRF) to accelerate postoperative healing, which enables treating patients from abroad.

Dr W. Faferko is continually developing. He broadens his knowledge and skills through participation in scientific conferences and courses. He learns and exchanges experiences with professionals from around the world. During the Days of Implantology 2012 organized in Warsaw, he participated in a workshop taught by Fernando Rojas Vizcaya, DDS, MS. In 2011, he participated in the IX Congress of the National Association of Dental Implantology (Warsaw Jachranka). That same year he was also in New York, where he attended a conference on the "Current Concepts in American Dentistry: Advances in Implantology and Periodontics". In 2009, he attended the course: "Surgical flap design, regenerative periodontal therapy and periodontal aesthetics and crown lengthening" taught by Markus Hürzeler, DMD, PhD, in Warsaw. In 2010 in Warsaw, he expanded his knowledge of implantology under the guidance of eminent specialists: Prof. Christian Stappert, DDS, MS, PhD, and Dr Cyril Evian, DMD.

Procedures in which Dr W. Faferko, DDS, specializes

Dr W. Faferko specializes in difficult bone regeneration procedures. He also uses modern tissue regeneration techniques. He uses the latest preoperative diagnostic methods (Simplant system). He does implant placement, advanced prosthetic reconstruction, cosmetic dentistry procedures,teeth whitening treatments using the Beyond system, and helps patients with total toothlessness, missing teeth and various types of periodontal disease. He also works using implants; he restores teeth (one or several) without the need to polish or damage adjacent teeth. In addition, he mounts ceramic crowns or ones on an underlying gold or metal structure, and puts on veneers.

Effects of the doctor's work - before and after photos

Patient satisfaction is important to us. We want every patient to have a complete picture of the doctor in whom they put their trust. Below are before and after photos of procedures performed by Dr Wojciech Faferko, DDS.

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Porcelain veneer
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Ultra-thin porcelain veneer (without sanding)
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Porcelain all-ceramic crown
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