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General information - Dr. Sebastian Orlikowski

Dr. Sebastian Orlikowski is a Medical University graduate. In 2005 he obtained his DDS qualification and since then has dedicated himself to his career while placing particular emphasis on fixed prosthodontics and cosmetic dentistry- veneers without the need for tooth preparation. He is a member of the Regional Medical Chamber in Warsaw. He continually works on developing his professional skills by attending a variety of training courses, seminars and workshops including prosthodontics, cosmetic dentistry and aesthetic medicine – BOTOX.

Doctors achievements

Dr. Sebastian Orlikowski is regarded as an excellent dental practitioner, he has successfully treated complex cases in over 600 patients. He has helped his patients regain a beautiful smile with the help of cosmetic dental restorations and has so far permanently fixed over 2250 ceramic units including those fused to palladium, metal alloy and gold based substructures. Additionally Dr. Sebastian Orlikowski has extensive experience with fitting zirconium oxide based bridges, as well as other full ceramic crown and bridge restorations. When treating patients visiting his dental office he follows the following three simple steps: 1. "Health 2. Prevention 3. Aesthetics".

Since 2005 he has been specializing in prosthodontics and continues to expand his knowledge through additional training sessions. The diplomas and certificates decorating his office walls demonstrate his dedication to expanding his professional skills. He has participated in over 40 professional training courses including those related to: "ceramic veneers – the nature of a beautiful smile by prof. Carlo Zappala", "The golden standard in noninvasive facial rejuvenation – combined techniques BOTOX JUVEDERM", and also "The latest materials and technologies for tooth reconstruction CAD/CAM systems”, periodontal treatment "Zenni Treatment Method".

Dr. S. Orlikowski specializes in the following treatments

Dr. Orlikowski specializes in both prosthodontic and cosmetic dental procedures (veneers) while also providing restorative dental care. For the last 8 years he has kept busy providing the highest quality prosthodontic treatment solutions by offering permanently fitted (ceramic crowns and bridges) and removable (acrylic dentures, flexible acetal and partial dentures). During the past 6 years he has offered his patients aesthetic medical treatment solutions such as the treatment of wrinkles with hyaluronic acid. For the last 3 years he has been providing PLATIN ceramic veneers – without the need for tooth preparation. Edentulous patients are given the option of being provided with American made micro implants by Intec, patients wishing to improve the shade of their teeth are given the option of being provided with ceramic veneers to compensate for any imperfections.

While at his practice Dr. Orlikowski also performs surgical procedures additionally providing restorative and preventative dental care. He offers tooth whitening with the use of a latest generation BEYOND POLUS tooth whitening lamp. He also provides the Dr. Zenni electro stimulation method used for treating periodontitis and can also be used to help patients with weakened or ailing organs for example in cases of thyroid disease.

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Conservative dentistry
Cavity fillings
Light-cured (photocured) composite fillings
w zależności od wielkości
from 32 to 50 £
Treatment without drilling
Oral surgery
Sinus floor augmentation
Guided bone regeneration GBR
from 393 to 589 £
Eighth tooth extraction
ze znieczuleniem
from 69 to 128 £
Laser exposure of impacted or unerupted tooth
z naklejeniem zamka
from 118 to 157 £
Unerupted tooth extraction
from 69 to 128 £
Resection in single-rooted tooth
from 79 to 99 £
Resection in multiradicular tooth
from 79 to 99 £
Resection of root apex
from 79 to 99 £
Single-rooted tooth extraction
ze znieczuleniem
from 30 to 40 £
Multiradicular tooth extraction
ze znieczuleniem
from 40 to 69 £
Teeth whitening
Teeth whitening by overlay method
wszystkie zęby
138 £
Hygiene and prophylaxis
Tartar removal with ultrasonic scaler
from 20 to 30 £
Scaling + sandblasting
44 £
Scaling + sandblasting + fluorization
220 zł - dla pacjentów ortodontycznych
270 zł - dla pozostałych pacjentów
44 £
30 £
20 £
licówka wykonywana ręcznie z materiału światłoutwardzalnego - 400 zł
from 50 to 89 £
Post and core restorations
Cast metal post and core
from 59 to 69 £
Fibreglass post and core
from 59 to 69 £
Removal of old dental post and core restoration
from 65 £
Complete acrylic dentures - tissue-borne (top or bottom)
from 118 £
Complete acrylic dentures - tissue-borne (top and bottom)
from 236 £

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