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MD Roman Sosnowski surgeon, urologist

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General information - Dr. Roman Sosnowski, MD, PhD

Dr. Roman Sosnowski, MD, PhD completed his medical studies in 1996, obtaining his MD qualification. In 2009 he completed his doctoral dissertation obtaining a doctorate in medicine. The next big step in his professional career was obtaining a specialization in general surgery which he received in 2000. In 2006 he obtained a specialization in urology from the Polish and European Fellow of European Board of Urology.

He gained professional experience while working at medical care facilities in Poland and overseas where he completed a number of internships and workshops. He obtained a scholarship and took part in the Academic Exchange Program, which allowed him to get affiliated with surgical procedures performed in leading urology clinics in Canada. He received training at the New York based Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Urology Clinic, he also interned in Aarhus at the (Skejby University, obtaining a scholarship from the Danish government).

Doctor Sosnowski has actively participated in many domestic and international scientific symposiums and conferences He is author and co-author of numerous scientific articles (he has published over 40 articles). He is open to sharing his knowledge with other medical professionals (providing assistance to individuals and associations), he is a co-founder of numerous educational programs. Amongst some the programs he has participated in was an EU funded program aimed at the prevention of uro - oncology related diseases (

Procedures in which Dr. R.Sosnowski, MD, PhD specializes in

Dr. Roman Sosnowski, MD, PhD specializes in urology. He provides treatment procedures and urological, uro - oncology related consultations. His professional interests include diagnostics and urinary tract cancer treatment. His patients include those who suffer from problems related to cancer of the bladder, kidney, testis and prostate (prostatic hypertrophy). He treats cases of urolithiasis and benign prostatic hyperplasia. He offers treatment for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction.

While at his practice he devotes much of his attention to cancer awareness and prevention.

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