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MD Rafał Ulczok surgeon

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Treatment procedures in which Dr. R. Ulczok, MD/PhD specializes in

Dr. Raphael Ulczok, MD/PhD performs surgical treatments and offers consultations, which includes advice concerning oncology and reconstructive surgery and the diagnosis, treatment of skin, breast, thyroid and lymph node cancer.

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Oncological surgery consultation
30 £

General and vascular surgery

Hernia repair
Abdominal hernia repair
Classic abdominal hernia surgery
from 497 £
Inguinal hernia repair
Unilateral inguinal hernia repair
from 497 £
Femoral hernia repair
Unilateral femoral hernia repair
from 497 £
Umbilical hernia repair
Open umbilical hernia repair
from 497 £
Scrotal hernia repair
Unilateral scrotal hernia repair
from 497 £
Epigastric hernia repair
Open epigastric hernia repair
from 497 £
Classic cholecystectomy
from 695 £
Laparoscopic cholecystectomy
from 695 £
Thyroid surgery
Partial thyroidectomy 
Other names:

pierwotne operacje gruczołu tarczycy
from 1 291 £


Skin cancer treatment
Skin cancer excision 
Oncological surgery consultation - price 30 £
operacja usunięcia nowotworu skóry twarzy z użyciem technik lokalnych
993 £
Excision of a melanoma 
Oncological surgery consultation - price 30 £
leczenie operacyjne czerniaka skóry ( np. radykalizacja + SNB)
497 £
Breast cancer treatment
Surgical removal of breast cancer with breast conservation
Oncological surgery consultation - price 30 £
1 291 £
Oncological surgery consultation - price 30 £
6000 zł - amputacja radykalna piersi;
6500 zł - amputacja prosta piersi + SNB pachy,
1 192 £
Surgical removal of all armpit lymph nodes as a result of breast cancer 
Oncological surgery consultation - price 30 £
usunięcie układu chłonnego pachy
993 £

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Certyfikaty MD Rafał Ulczok

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