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General information about Dr. Michał Pusty, MD

Dr. Michał Pusty, MD is a graduate of the Medical University in Lodz, Faculty of Medicine. After graduating he completed his post graduate residency at the University Clinical Hospital number 1 in Lodz. In 2016 he obtained his specialization in general surgery under the guidance of prof. Adam Dziki and under the patronage of the Minister of Health with the Clinic of General and Colorectal Surgery UM in Lodz. He currently serves as a junior assistant with the facility.

Dr. Michał Pusty, MD participated in both domestic and international continuing education courses concerning surgical techniques ( 2014, Aesculap Academy), a course at the Academy for Minimally Invasive Surgery (2011) and a training course the Basics of Laparoscopic Surgery, which took place in 2011 in Germany. In 2015 he took part in a training course at the im. M. Skłodowskiej-Curie Oncology institute Center with the Program coordinator for early detection of colorectal cancer, under the guidance of prof. Jarosław Reguła, MD/PhD. Additionally he has taken part in workshops concerning the endoscopic dissection of submucosal colon tumors. He is a member of the Polish Surgeons Association. He is author of several scientific publications, including amongst other “Satisfaction with life after rectal prolapse surgery”.

He gained professional experience in the field of proctology at amongst other the Clinic for General and Colorectal surgery in Lodz, with the Proctology unit at the Szpital na Solcu Hospital in Warsaw, where he currently performs surgery, under the supervision of world renown proctologist Tracy Hull – from the USA based Cleveland Clinic, with whom he had the opportunity to co-operate and assist during surgical procedures. Dr. Michał Pusty, MD also gained experience in endoscopic techniques and methods. His areas of professional interests include endoscopic treatments of the lower gastrointestinal tract.

In addition to improving his professional qualifications and skills Dr. Michał Pusty, MD has kept busy organizing scientific conferences, including the 65th Association of Polish Surgeons Congress in 2011. During years 2012-2016 he was the organizer of the conference of: Surgery “Co nowego” and as of 2013 he is co-organizer of regularly held International Proctologic Symposiums, where specialists from around the world meet to share their knowledge and experiences.

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Treatment procedures in which Dr. Michał Pusty, MD specializes in

Dr. Michał Pusty, MD offers advice and consultations for cases concerning general surgery and proctology. During his daily practice he performs colonoscopy and proctoscopy procedures.

Dr. Michał Pusty, MD offers the placement of intestinal stents for patients suffering from colon tumors, he offers polypectomy treatments of the colon area and amongst other the stemming of bleeding from the lower gastrointestinal tract. He also performs mucosectomy procedures for flat polypoid lesions and intraoperative colonoscopy treatments.

Pictures of MD Michał Pusty

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General and vascular surgery

Treatment of rectal diseases
Haemorrhoid treatment
Treatment of haemorrhoids - Barron's rubber band ligation 
Other names:

haemorrhoid banding, haemorrhoid ligation

za jedną gumkę

za jedną gumkę
from 60 £
Treatment of anus
Anal fissure surgery
from 400 to 500 £
Botulinum toxin for anal fissure 
Other names:

botox for anal fissure

Surgical removal of perianal folds 
Other names:

excision of perianal folds, removal of marginal anal folds, removal of anal skin folds, cosmetic proctology removal of skin folds

160 £
Anorectal abscess opening
90 £
Anal thrombus incision 
Other names:

perianal hematoma treatment, perianal thrombosis surgery, anal vein thrombosis excision, external hemorroidal thrombosis surgery

80 £
Minor surgical procedures
Surgical removal of ingrown nail 
Other names:

ingrown nail surgery, unguis incarnatus treatment, onychocryptosis surgery

80 £
Surgical treatment of abscesses 
Other names:

surgical incision to the abscess, abscess incision and drainage, abscess incision and evacuation

70 £
Wound suturing 
Other names:

wound stiches, wound cleaning, wound debridement, deep wound suturing, superficial wound suturing, facial wound suturing

from 30 £
Removal of stiches 
Other names:

removal of post-surgical stiches, removal of stiches after surgery, post-surgical stich removal visit

from 32 £

Diagnostic procedures

Diagnostic colonoscopy 
Other names:

diagnostic coloscopy

Procedure description »
78 £
Colonoscopy with tissue specimen collection 
Other names:

colonoscopy with colon biopsy

Procedure description »
90 £
Interventional colonoscopy with polypectomy 
Other names:

therapeutic colonoscopy with polyp excision, therapeutic colonoscopy with polyp removal, colonoscopic polypectomy, colonoscopy with polypectomy

Procedure description »
116 £
Anesthesia for colonoscopy 
Other names:

colonoscopy with anesthesia, colonoscopy examination under anesthesia, anesthesia during colonoscopy

40 £
Other names:

anoscopic examination, diagnostic examination with the anal speculum, diagnostic examination with the anoscope

from 8 to 10 £
Diagnostic rectoscopy 
Other names:

diagnostic rectal endoscopy

44 £

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