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DDS Mariusz Bołzan dentist, periodontist

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General information - Dr. Mariusz Bołzan, DDS

Dr. Mariusz Bołzan, DDS is a graduate of the Medical University in Szczecin - he graduated with honors in 2008 and obtained his DDS qualification. In 2014 he successfully passed an exam and obtained a specialization in periodontology.

He frequently participates in continuing education workshops, courses and seminars to further his knowledge in maxillo-gingival surgery, he also systematically works toward expanding his knowledge in laser therapy and implantology. He completed an implantology training course in 2010 and in 2011 completed a specialized “Laser therapy” training course, organized by the Department of Periodontology at the Medical University in Szczecin. During the same year he completed training a training course relevant to “Prophylaxis master class complete”, he also participated in a medical course entitled.: “Clinical aspects of fixed dental restorations, crowns and bridges in particular”.

Dr. Mariusz Bołzan, DDS has for the last few years been an active participant in Polish and international scientific symposiums and congresses. His participation allows him to become familiar with the latest treatment techniques in dentistry which he later introduces to his daily practice. He is a specialist who understands the importance of frequent continuing education, which is why he actively participates in symposiums and congresses which allows him to exchange his experiences and knowledge with dentists from other countries. The numerous scientific conferences and symposiums which he participated in include amongst other a symposium “Professional and business challenges in contemporary dentistry. Practical solutions for everyday dental practice”. The symposium took place in 2009 in Szczecin, during his participation Dr. Mariusz Bołzan, DDS took part in workshops “the use of a GENTLEray diode laser in the dental practice”.

Treatment procedures in which Dr. M. Bołzan, DDS specializes in

Dr. Mariusz Bołzan, DDS specializes in periodontology based treatment procedures. He performs amongst other mucogingival surgery and a series of other comprehensive dental treatments. During treatment he uses the latest laser systems - he is qualified to perform dental treatments with the use of amongst other a diode laser. He is able to disinfect root canals and periodontal pockets, he also performs soft tissue dental surgery He offers his patients laser whitening treatments, he also performs medical radiology procedures which includes amongst other the use of (LST) bone density measuring devices. He helps restore his patients smile with the use of dental restorations - he provides patients with crowns and bridges.

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