MD Marcin Jezierski

eye specialist, opthalmologist - Warsaw

MD Marcin Jezierski eye specialist, opthalmologist

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General information - Dr Marcin Jezierski

Dr Marcin Jezierski is a graduate of the Military Medical Academy in Lodz. He received his diploma and title of medical doctor in 1999. Immediately after graduation, he started working at the Military Institute of Aviation Medicine, where he gained valuable experience as a senior assistant. 

In 2006, he passed the state specialization examination in the field of ophthalmology. In addition to clinical work, he also undertakes scientific activities. He takes part in Military Institute of Aviation Medicine (WIML) research projects on aspects pertaining to ophthalmology in the air, including: analysis of refractive surgery applications, evaluation of different types of intraocular lenses used for cataracts among the crew, and the introduction of night vision systems in the Polish Air Force.

He is interested in the issue of the impact of acceleration on vision. It was the subject of his doctoral thesis conducted at WIML entitled: "Assessment of vision accommodation as a result of acceleration". He is also the author of several scientific papers.

He is constantly updating and improving his knowledge and skills by taking part in specialist trainings (including in the field of ophthalmic surgery). He has also participated in numerous conferences and scientific meetings organized in Poland and abroad. He is a member of the Polish Ophthalmological Society.

As an excellent professional, he acts as a specialization director, participating in the training of resident doctors in the field of ophthalmology.

Procedures in which Dr M. Jezierski specializes

Dr Marcin Jezierski specializes in diagnostics as well as conservative and surgical treatment of eye diseases. In his work, he uses modern and conventional diagnostic methods using devices such as an A+B ultrasound, corneal topographer, slit lamp, angiograph, and optical tomograph with GDX and HRT function.

He has extensive experience in the treatment of cataracts and glaucoma and various complex eye diseases. The many treatments in which he specializes include surgical treatment of cataracts, glaucoma, keratoconus using a surgical laser, intravitreal injections (with Lucentis and EYELEA preparations, for example) or minor surgery of chalazion, tubers of the eyelids or pterygium.

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Cataract surgery
Patient evaluation for cataract surgery
Pakiet okulistyczny kwalifikujący do operacji zaćmy (konsultacja okulistyczna+IOL Master+USG+konsultacja lekarza internisty)
97 £
Cataract phacoemulsification with standard spherical IOL implantation
693 £
Cataract surgery with the use of the Phacoemulsification method and the implantation of a spherical lens with a blue light filter
741 £
Cataract phacoemulsification with aspheric blue light filter IOL implantation
847 £
Cataract phacoemulsification with toric IOL implantation
1 011 £
Cataract phacoemulsification with pseudo-acommodative IOL implantation
1 386 £
Cataract phacoemulsification with toric pseudo-accomodative IOL implantation
1 540 £
Glaucoma sugery and treatment
Deep sclerectomy
Zabieg przeciwjaskrowy - sklerektomia nieperforująca z implantem przeciwjaskrowym
770 £
Lacrimal surgery
Patient evaluation for lacrimal drainage surgery
Lacrimal drainage surgery
Operacja udrożniennia kanalików łzowych z dostępu zewnętrznego z podglądem endoskopowym - we współpracy z lekarzem laryngologiem
886 £
Surgical clearing of tear ducts
Operacja udrożniennia kanalików łzowych z dostępu zewnętrznego z podglądem endoskopowym - we współpracy z lekarzem laryngologiem
886 £
Surgical correction of lacrimal point setting
from 482 to 674 £
Eyelid surgery
Blepharoplasty for entropion
Blepharoplasty for ectropion
Medial Diamond Excision Plus Horizontal Lid Shortening
Surgical eyelid reconstruction after injury
Eyelid reconstruction with skin graft
Conjunctival sac reconstruction with buccal mucosal graft
Ptosis surgery
Surgical reconstruction of improperly growing eyelashes
Pterygium excision
Other ophthalmic procedures
Chalazion excision
193 £

Diagnostic procedures

Ophthalmic procedures
Visual field testing
Testing of visual acuity
Testing of intraocular pressure
Eye and orbit ultrasound
Ocular ultrasound scan - 1 eye
24 £
Ocular ultrasound scan - 2 eyes

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