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General Information - Dr Katarzyna Ratynska-Afek, DDS

Dr Katarzyna Ratynska-Afek, DDS, is a graduate of the Medical University of Bialystok. She graduated in 2005 receiving the title of doctor of dentistry.

An important step in her career was a clinical internship at the orthodontics department of Palacký University in Olomouc, Czech Republic. Dr Ratynska-Afek teamed up with a professor from the aforementioned department and worked under his guidance gaining experience in the treatment of malocclusion for the next 5 years.

Orthodontics is a field to which she has devoted all her attention. She is gradually expanding her medical knowledge, undergoing courses in innovative orthodontic techniques. She is a member of the District Medical Chamber in Warsaw.


Dr Katarzyna Ratynska-Afek, DDS, is a qualified professional. She has extensive knowledge of techniques for correcting malocclusion, which she is continually furthering during workshops and courses devoted to modern orthodontics. She systematically participates in numerous workshops and lectures given by Polish and foreign lecturers, organized during Polish Orthodontic Society congresses, among others. Her abilities are confirmed by her many certificates and diplomas. By staying up to date on the latest medical reports, she can hone her skills and broaden the range of carried out treatments.

During 7 years of work, she successfully treated several hundred satisfied patients. In her practice, she applies the latest treatments, which prevent tooth extraction in 99% of cases.

Her expert opinions can be found on the pages of widely read websites – for example, on the portal, she explained how to use teeth whitening strips. During her daily work with patients, she follows the motto "relentless pursuit of perfection".

Procedures in which Dr K. Ratynska-Afek, DDS, specializes

Dr Ratynska-Afek specialises in orthodontic treatment. She treats patients with malocclusion, correcting defects using innovative and diverse types of orthodontic braces. Depending on the particular case, she offers patients permanent or removable braces, and self-ligating systems such as Damon,T1, aesthetic or metal variant. She pays particular attention to early diagnosis and treatment for malocclusion in children and adolescents. Among the types of permanent braces, she uses both standard mental as well as aesthetic, almost invisible crystal. She uses modern treatment techniques to prevent tooth extraction and to reduce the time of treatment, including self-ligating braces such as Damon and invisible removable braces such as Clear Aligner.

Treatment is preceded by a precise, reliable diagnosis of malocclusion and upper and lower jaw impressions. Then she presents the patient with a treatment plan and begins to carry out the procedures.

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Orthodontic treatment plan
41 £
Single impression 
Other names:

diagnostic model

Double impression 
Other names:

diagnostic model

Fixed orthodontic appliances 
Other names:

orthodontic appliances, braces

Fixed metal orthodontic appliance (1 arch) 
Other names:

metal orthodontic appliance, metal braces

282 £
Fixed metal orthodontic appliance (2 arches) 
Other names:

metal orthodontic appliance, metal braces

563 £
Fixed crystal orthodontic appliance (1 arch) 
Other names:

aesthetic orthodontic appliance, aesthetic braces

523 £
Fixed crystal orthodontic appliance (2 arches) 
Other names:

aesthetic orthodontic appliance, aesthetic braces

905 £
Self-ligating braces (1 arch) 
Other names:

self-ligating system

from 483 to 905 £
Self-ligating braces (2 arches) 
Other names:

self-ligating system

from 965 to 1 809 £
Damon Clear orthodontic appliance (1 arch) 
Other names:

clear Damon Clear orthodontic appliance 1 arch, placement of a Damon Clear orthodontic appliance – 1 arch

704 £
Damon Clear orthodontic appliance (2 arches) 
Other names:

Damon Clear orthodontic appliance, placement of a Damon Clear orthodontic appliance – 2 arches

1 507 £
Fixed orthodontic appliance check-up
from 31 to 51 £
Removal of fixed orthodontic appliance
from 71 £
Retention plate
71 £
Clear orthodontic apparatuses
Clear Aligner System 
Other names:

Clear Aligner clear orthodontic braces

Clear Aligner - consultation
Clear Aligner - diagnostics with establishing an individualized treatment plan 
Other names:

start-up visit

71 £
Clear Aligner - impressions
Clear Aligner - one treatment phase (1 arch, 3 splints)
161 £
Clear Aligner - one treatment phase (2 arches, 6 splints)
322 £
Removable functional and active orthodontic appliances 
Other names:

removable orthodontic appliances, removable functional orthodontic appliances, removable active orthodontic appliances

Removable orthodontic appliance repair 
Other names:

braces repair

Follow up visit with removable orthodontic appliance 
Other names:

follow up visit with braces

21 £

The presented prices of services and procedures are complete, supplied by the provider and verified with the utmost care, but they may differ from the current price. The final price will be provided after consultation with your doctor.

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