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DDS Katarzyna Łukasik-Fąferko dentist

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General Information - Dr K. Lukasik-Faferko, DDS

Dr Katarzyna Lukasik-Faferko, DDS, developed an interest in orthodontics while at university, from which she graduated in 2003. She did her residency at the Department of Orthodontics of the Medical University of Silesia. Since then, she has been continuously attending numerous courses, such as: a course on the latest anaesthesia techniques, a practical course on using endodontic instruments ("Practical endodontics"), "Orthodontics for dentists participating in Rondeau seminars", "Contemporary achievements in dental materials", and "Inlays, onlays, and bridgework". These trainings helped her gain knowledge that is so necessary to find solutions for even the most difficult dental cases.

Dr Katarzyna Lukasik-Faferko is a member of the prestigious International Association for Orthodontics (IAO). She is also a member of the Silesian Regional Medical Council in Katowice. She owns Dentim Clinic and directs Dentim Body Care – Aesthetic Medicine Clinic, where patients can fight skin problems and the signs of aging using lasers, botulinum toxin, mesotherapy, or peels.


Like her husband, Dr Lukasik-Faferko attaches great importance to public awareness. She frequently gives interviews explaining complex medical terms and detailing the course of aesthetic medicine procedures. She is an expert for sites such as,,,, and For, she explained to young mothers how to return to their pre-pregnancy figure. She taught users how to eliminate skin problems associated with menopause, and on explained the risks associated with fungal infections of the nails. She tries to reach as many readers or listeners, so she does not limit herself to only interviews. In 2012, she organized a meeting for popular fashion bloggers at Dentim Body Care. The bloggers had the opportunity to learn about such systems as MesoTherm, CoaxMed, and X-Lase, to test the devices, and learn how to deal with problems of excess weight and hyperpigmentation.

Procedures in which Dr K. Lukasik-Faferko, DDS, specializes

Dr Lukasik-Faferko mainly performs orthodontics procedures, helping adults and children with the problem of crooked teeth. Before starting treatment, she does a thorough diagnosis; she examines the condition of the patients' teeth and bones using X-ray images. During treatment, she uses the latest system of cosmetic brackets, thanks to which the braces are almost invisible. She also uses self-ligating brackets, which enable faster and shorter treatment. Minimal check-ups and treatments without removing teeth are some of the advantages that attract patients from abroad to her clinic.

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Dentim Clinic Centrum Implantologii i Ortodoncji


Orthodontic consultation
+ rentgen panoramiczny
44 £


Fixed orthodontic appliances
Fixed metal orthodontic appliance (2 arches)
Other names:
Orthodontic consultation - price 44 £

Orthodontic consultation - price 44 £
4000 zł - aparat tradycyjny,
5000 zł - aparat Insignia
from 788 to 985 £
Clear orthodontic apparatuses
Invisalign braces
Invisalign - materials, follow-up visits, treatment
Other names:
Orthodontic consultation - price 44 £

Orthodontic consultation - price 44 £
from 1 576 £

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