lek. spec. Justyna Badowska

eye specialist, opthalmologist - Warsaw

lek. spec. Justyna Badowska eye specialist, opthalmologist

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General Information - Dr J. Badowska

General information- Justyna Badowska MD graduated the Medical Academy in Warsaw in 1992. She is a second degree specialist in opthalmology since 2001. Her long time scientific work resulted in obtaining a degree of Philosophy Doctor. Justyna Badowska MD is a long term employee of Public Clinical Opthalmological Hospital of the Clinic of Opthalmology of  Warsaw Medical University. The professional and scientific work of doctor Badowska  MD, PhD is focused on the cataract, its diagnostics and treatment, also operative techniques.

The following are the treatments Dr J. Badowska specializes in

Doctor Justyna Badowska MD, PhD specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases, especially cataract. She is dealing with qualifying patients for the procedures as well as performing the surgical treatment of cataract including the implantation of artificial lens to replace the lens affected by the disease. Doctor Badowska implants all kinds of lenses: AcrySof, AcrySof natural, toric, restor and others.

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CMP Medical Centre


Ophthalmological consultation
28 £


Cataract surgery
Patient evaluation for cataract surgery
60 £
Cataract surgery with the use of the Phacoemulsification method and the implantation of a spherical lens with a blue light filter
AcrySof Natural,
632 £
Cataract phacoemulsification with aspheric blue light filter IOL implantation
AcrySof Natural IQ
750 £
Cataract phacoemulsification with toric IOL implantation
AcrySof Toric
1 056 £
Cataract phacoemulsification with pseudo-acommodative IOL implantation
1 362 £
Cataract phacoemulsification with toric pseudo-accomodative IOL implantation
AcrySof IQ ReSTOR Toric
1 559 £

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