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General information - Dr Joanna Skoczylas-Miroslaw, DDS

Dr Joanna Skoczylas-Miroslaw, DDS, is a qualified dental specialist. She is a member of the District Medical Chamber in Lublin.


Dr Joanna Skoczylas-Miroslaw, DDS, is a dentistry specialist, who is continuously increasing her medical knowledge. She underwent a series of development courses to obtain authorizations to do procedures using innovative techniques in periodontics, prosthodontics, and orthodontics.

Procedures in which Dr J. Skoczylas-Miroslaw, DDS, specializes

Dr Joanna Skoczylas-Miroslaw specializes in carrying out dentistry procedures. She does aesthetic restoration of teeth using high-quality materials. Using porcelain veneers, she repairs fractured, uneven, misshaped or discoloured teeth. As part of prosthodontics, she rebuilds missing teeth and corrects malocclusion using all-ceramic crowns (on an underlying zirconium or alumina structure). She applies the latest solutions that are individually tailored for each patient.

In the field of periodontics, she performs conservative and surgical treatments, such as gum or tissue grafts in cases of gingival recession.

She helps patients suffering from pain associated with diseases of the dental pulp – she does root canal treatment. She does endodontic treatments, clearing the chamber and infected canals of diseased pulp. During treatment, she frequently uses a biostimulation laser, which accelerates the process of tissue healing and reduces pain. She also treats periodontal diseases. She does scaling and sandblasting to remove tartar, discolourations and plaque deposits. She performs professional curettage and gum plastic surgery.

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