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Dr I. Tomaszewska - General information

Iwona Tomaszewska, D.D.S. graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the Jagiellonian University in 2008. Having completed her internship at the Miejski Wydział Centrum Stomatologii Nowa Huta she has begun working at the IWOdent Stomatologia clinic. She has also been an employee at the Jagiellonian University Dental Clinic in Krakow. Her professional as well as linguistic experience was gained at international internships – in Great Britain (London, Tonbridge and Peterborough) as well as Spain (Malaga, Costa del Sol). She is a member of the Regional Medical Chamber in Kraków as well as an academic lecturer. Dr Tomaszewska has been working as the faculty member at the Jagiellonian University’s Department of Dental Prosthetics since 2010. She is intensely involved in the work on her doctoral dissertation and plans to defend her doctoral thesis soon. She additionally works as a translator and translates specialized dentistry texts from English into Polish.

Dr Tomaszewska’s credentials

While still a university student, Dr Iwona Tomaszewska, D.D.S. has started expanding her professional knowledge by participating in numerous courses, trainings and symposiums from various areas of dentistry, mainly conservative, prosthetics and implantology. Iwona Tomaszewska, D.D.S. has participated in over fifty events of this sort, earning many diplomas and certificates, including the diploma for taking part in a medical course called: “Composite onlay/inlay – indirect reconstruction of lateral teeth,” as well as a participation certificate for completing a postgradual course on direct reconstructing technique. Dr Iwona Tomaszewska had also taken part in a medical course: “One instrument endodontics”, and a “Periodontical and prosthetic team treatment of the periodontical diseases” – a course devoted to the prosthetic treatment with the use of fixed prosthesis as well as participated in an interactive session of the Sixth Symposium of the Central European Dental Implantology Centre CEIA.
To cater to the needs and comfort of the patient Iwona Tomaszewska, D.D.S. has also completed the three stage training in professional communication and service of the patient at a dental office, a course of radiological protection of the patient as well as a course “Information technology systems supporting the implementation of medical services.” The doctor has also completed a course in emergency medicine as well as “Medical law. Main issues”.

The treatments dr Tomaszewska specializes in

Dr Iwona Tomaszewska, D.D.S. performs treatments in the following areas: conservative and aesthetic dentistry, endodontics, oral surgery and prosthetics. She offers root canal treatments and she also performs tooth and root extraction. The doctor treats caries with the assistance of traditional drilling methods as well as by using an abrasive sanding device. When she treats junior patients she uses colorful fillings as well as anesthetic gels of various flavors. If patients suffer from missing teeth they can be supplemented with bridges, crowns and porcelain veneers as well as crowns supported on implants and all types of dentures, e.g.: framework, acrylic or soft, flexible prostheses. She also performs other treatments such as: sealing, sanding and teeth fluorization as well as scaling and bleaching. Dr Tomaszewska also carries out procedures involving the use of botulin toxin – by erasing the lines and rejuvenating patients’ faces.
Effects of doctor's work - the before and after photos {zdjęcia przed i po}
Patients’ satisfaction is the utmost priority for us. We want all our patients to have a full picture of the doctor who will be treating their health. Below the article we present the before and after pictures regarding the treatments performed by Dr Iwona Tomaszewska, D.D.S..

Pictures of MD Iwona Tomaszewska

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