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Dr. Andrzej Berman, MD completed his studies at the Warsaw Medical Academy in 2007. After completing his residency he began working towards obtaining his specialization in general surgery, which he obtained in 2015. He has taken part in domestic and international internship programs which took place in Milan, Palermo and Warsaw. He took part in performing the world’s first pancreas islet transplant in Poland and is co-founder of the Aktywni z Cukrzycą Association.

Doctor Berman is a promoter in the use of minimally invasive treatment techniques in the field of gastrology, endoscopy, general surgery and proctology. He has participated in training courses and seminars concerning gastrology, proctology and minimally invasive surgery. He is author of the following scientific publications: Allogenic transplantation of islet cells in clinical practice, Mysterious knowledge – Qualification of Pancreata Suitable for Transplantation: review.

In 2008 he received a first degree Scientific award from the WUM Warsaw Medical University chancellor for his contribution to the implementation of a program for auto and allogenic transplantation of isolated pancreatic islets. Additionally in 2011 he received an award for a publication concerning video surgery and endoscopy at a video surgery congress with the Polish Surgeons Association and in 2012 he received an honorary Didactic teamwork award from the WUM Warsaw University chancellor for co-authoring a textbook entitled .: “ Medycyna katastrof – compendium edukacyjno szkoleniowe”.

Presently doctor Berman remains professionally active at the Faculty and at the General and Transplant Surgery Clinic at the WUM Warsaw Medical University. While away from work he enjoys fishing, archeology and sports (skiing, sailing and shooting).

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General and vascular surgery

Treatment of rectal diseases
Haemorrhoid treatment
Laser treatment of haemorrhoids
from 412 £
Treatment of haemorrhoids - Barron's rubber band ligation 
Other names:

za jedną gumkę

za jedną gumkę
from 62 £
Treatment of anus
Anal fissure surgery 
2000 zł - Wycięcie szczeliny odbytu (+znieczulenie);
2500 zł - Wycięcie szczeliny odbytu wraz z ostrzykiwaniem zwieracza toksyną botulinową (znieczulenie ogólne+miejscowe)
from 412 £
Laser surgery for anal fissure
from 802 £
Laser anal fistula treatment
from 802 £
Laser ablation procedure on rectal folds
from 412 £
Surgical removal of perianal folds 
Wycięcie fałdu brzeżnego
from 206 £
Anorectal abscess opening
from 165 £
Anal thrombus incision 
Nacięcie zakrzepu przyodbytowego w znieczuleniu miejscowym+wizyta kontrolna po zabiegu
from 83 £
Laser removal of anal genital warts
from 412 £
Minor surgical procedures
Surgical removal of ingrown nail
from 134 £
Surgical treatment of abscesses
from 72 £
Wound suturing 
do 3 szwów
from 35 £
Removal of stiches 
w ramach konsultacji
from 33 £


Sebaceous cystectomy 
Other names:

+ badanie histopatologiczne
from 72 £
Lipoma excision
from 72 £
Fibroma surgery 
+ badanie histopatologiczne
from 72 £

Diagnostic procedures

62 £
Colonoscopy with tissue specimen collection 
Other names:

dodatkowo płatne badania histopatologiczne
from 93 £
Interventional colonoscopy with polypectomy 
Other names:

dodatkowo płatne badania histopatologiczne
from 120 £
Anesthesia for colonoscopy 
300 zł - Znieczulenie do kolonoskopii i gastroskopii przy łączonym zabiegu
52 £
koszt anoskopii + koszt wizyty proktologicznej
from 9 £
24 hour esophageal impedance pH monitoring
165 £
EGD with tissue specimen collection 
każdy kolejny wycinek - 90 zł
72 £
EGD with H. pylori test 
• Suchy test płytkowy jest w cenie
• Od 200 zł - posiew materiału w kierunku Helicobacter pylori z antybiogramem
from 41 £
Anesthesia for gastroscopy 
300 zł - Znieczulenie do kolonoskopii i gastroskopii przy łączonym zabiegu
42 £

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