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Przychodnia CMP Medical Centre
Przychodnia CMP Medical Centre
Przychodnia CMP Medical Centre
Przychodnia CMP Medical Centre
Przychodnia CMP Medical Centre
Przychodnia CMP Medical Centre
Przychodnia CMP Medical Centre
Przychodnia CMP Medical Centre
Przychodnia CMP Medical Centre
Przychodnia CMP Medical Centre
Przychodnia CMP Medical Centre
Przychodnia CMP Medical Centre
Przychodnia CMP Medical Centre
Przychodnia CMP Medical Centre
Przychodnia CMP Medical Centre
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Opis placówki

CMP Medical Centre is a family company operating on the medical market since 2000. Currently CMP Medical Centre has divisions located in different districts of Warsaw (CMP Białołęka on 600m², CMP Wola on 200m,², CMP Ochota on 280m², CMP Ursynów on 220m²,  CMP Chmielna 240m ², CMP Mariańska on 400m²) and in Piaseczno (a headquarter which is located at 49 Puławska street in a building of 2000m² and a division at 7 Pawia street on 240m²). 

We provide medical care for institutional and individual patients on the highest level realised in a nice and friendly atmosphere respecting the patients and their rights.

The Advanced Opthalmology clinic for children and adults at CMP Medical Centre offers a vast diagnostics and treatment of ophthalmological diseases. We provide medical care also for patients with cataract which is a disease of the elderly impairing the sharpness of vision as a result of lens clouding.Untreated cataract may lead to the total loss of vision. Our clinic offers opthalmologist consultations during which a specilist dealing whith eye diseases will evaluate the advancement of cataract and will plan the therapy. In CMP Piaseczno there are performed operations to recover the full sharpness of vision. Such operations are performed by doctor Justyna Badowska who gained the experience in surgical treatment of cataract while working in the Division and the Clinic of Opthalmology of Warsaw Medical University.Our clinic has a specially adapted surgical- operating theatre and the advanced medical aparatus enabling the performance of such opthalmological operations (Alcon, Haag- Streit). The operations are performed along with the procedures of ESCRS (European Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgery) and PTO (Polish Opthalmology Association).

Before the operation the patient is subjected to the USGof eye and the examination to determine the kind of lens which is going to be implanted. The patient needs to attend an anesthesiologist visit. The operation is performed in the ambulatory conditions and does not require hospitalisation. During the operation the patient has implanted the highest quality AcrySof (Alcon) lenses. Postoperative care includes postoperative visits which are intended to control the eye healing and possibly the correction of eye drop treatment.

Equipment and modern apparatus

CMP Medical Centre is equipped in the highest class medical equipment used for the examination and the surgery. Cataract operations are performed with the use of the highest quality disposable materials and with the use of the most innovative aparatus by Alcon and Haag-Streit.

 The team of opthalmologists of CMP Medical Centre work with the use of the high class opthalmological equipment:

 A Spectral Opthical Computed Tomograph OCT Copernicus HR of the highest available definition 3µm Optopol. It is a highly precise device of wide diagnostic possibilities. It is successfully used in the detection of the early age related macular degeneration, in the disorders of sight being a complication of diabetes,  vessel clotsor macular membrane, serous retinopathy as well as the macular pucker.

IQ532 Laser by Iridex with a microimpulses function- retina „green“ laser enabling the treatment of retina  accopmpanied by the impairment of tissues prefusion (diabetic retinopathy, retina vessels clots)With the use of the laser an anoxic retina is separated from the healthy tissue and the places of the vessel leakage are closed.The laser is used in treatment of retina peripheral the consequence of which may be its decortication (patients with shortsightedness and after experiencing eye trauma)

A and B Ultrasonograph by Desmin- ultrasonographic examination enables a precise evaluation of the shape of the eyeball letting to detect morpfological disorders and pathological changes (e.g. tumour). The examination is especially useful in the states of cornea opacity in cataract and in the hemopthalmia. It is carried out in the cases of the appearance of flashes, tregs, retinoschisis and decortication of retina. It is aslo carried out before the cataract operation in order to calculate the power of the lens implanted during the operation of the shortsightedness.

Auto-ref-keratometer Tomey- the aparatus is used to a precise evaluation of refractive sight defects and the curvature of cornea of a patient. With the use of the aparatus we can diagnose shortsightedness, longsightedness and astigmatism. The examination is painless. If there is such a need it can be carried out with the use of medication in the state of mydriasis.

Auto-ref-keratometer HRK-8000A- the aparatus enabling a precise evaluation of refractive sight defects and the curvature of cornea of a patient. With the use of the aparatus we can diagnose shortsightedness, longsightedness and astigmatism. The examination is non contact and in mydriasis and miosis due to the use of special eye drops.

Slit lamp Tomey TSL- 5000 consists of a source of strong light, which can be directed on particular structures of eye ball in a difussed feature or through a narrow slit and a biomicroscope giving a person performing the examination a magnification ratio of 6-40x and a stereoscopic view. Additionally the lamp is equipped in high quality optics. It has a camera, tools for video adaptation, various filters, a manometer and a wide range of accessories. The lamp can be joined with the TIS-Z imaging system. A slit lamp is a basic tool for every opthalmologist to evaluate the morphology of eye structures.

Non- contact tonometer with a pachymeter TX -20P- the divice is used make an automatic and non-contact measurement of the central corneal thickness and to monitor intraocular pressure. The examinations are useful in glaucoma diagnosing. For the examination the eye is aesthetized with special eye drops.

 AP-300 Perymeter by Frey- the aparatus is used for the evaluation of the field of vision. The examination is carried out at patients with a suspition of optic nerve defect (glaucoma, drusen of the nerve), systematically in monitoring the progress of changes in glaucoma as well as in the evaluation of the quality of driver vision.

 Microparymeter MAYA II by Centervue- the device is used for the examination of the field of vision in combination with a digital photography of fundus. Eye- tracking system enables a precise observation of the eye in a real time. The device is used in the evaluation of the retina before and after the operation, in the course of TTT and PDT therapy, retina translocation and others as well as in the observation of progress in retinopathy and maculopathy.

 Non-contact optic biometer with a pachymeter by Haag- Streit- LENSTAR 900- the aparatus enabling carrying out a wide range of eye measurements along visual axis with  currently the highest possible precission. The examination is non- contact, painless and it is  intended to calculate the power of intraocular lens which will be implanted during the cataract operation.The device thanks to the large amount of data collected during a single examination of lens power calculation uses calculating formulas III and IV- the newest generation. The aparatus of this class makes it possible to precisely evaluate the power of basic lenses (AcrySof and AcrySof IQ) and Premium class lenses correcting astigmatism and eliminating the need of using corrective glasses.

 Funduscamera CX-1 by Canon the aparatus enabling taking photos in mydriatic and non- mydriatic modes. The device is equipped in five modes for taking prhotographies including colour photography, fluoroscein angiography and with the use of filters: redfree, blue filter and FAF type- early detection of AMD. Funduscamera is used in the diagnosis of vessseldegeneration and pigmentation changes including diagnosing melanoma.

Visits' and treatments' price list

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The presented prices of services and procedures carried out by CMP Medical Centre are complete, supplied by the provider and verified with the utmost care, but they may differ from the current price. The final price will be provided after consultation with your doctor.

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