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Veneers in Poland - information

Beautiful teeth are like a trademark for a person, therefore it is so important be keep them in excellent shape.  Stained, unshapely teeth can became the source of many complexes. The most effective way to improve the look of your teeth is to use veneers made of porcelain or composite.  They change the shape and colour of your teeth. This is a much cheaper solution than prosthetic crowns, and some veneers can be fitted without the need of natural tooth abrasion.  After the treatment at the dental office, you must follow your dentist's instructions.

Veneers in Polish dental clinics

The Anident dental clinic from Warsaw offers porcelain veneers without abrading teeth, which is the least invasive method for making your smile beautiful, as the enamel under the material remains unaffected,  Dr Mirosław Porczyk, a dentist, is in charge of dental prosthetics at the clinic.  The doctor also applies partial veneers for the restoration of broken edges of teeth.  Another dentist working for Anident, Anna Jaśkowska, appeared in the Polish morning TV, where she was speaking on the use of electric toothbrushes.

Dentists from the Kraków Artdent clinic offer  porcelain veneers that they fit into natural teeth with veneer glue. Composite inserts are an alternative to veneers.  At Artdent you can make an appointment with Dr Hanna Osuch or Dr Ewa Pieczyńska. Before fitting veneers it is worth to consider whitening your teeth with whitening trays to improve the overall effect of aesthetic restoration. If you had had a prior root canal treatment, it would be a good solution to enquire about the whitening of a necrotic tooth .

If you wish to visit Poznań, you can get your veneers fitted at Dorota and Przemysław Stankowscy Private Dental Practice. Dr Dorota Stankowska is a dentist who is a member of the Polish Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry.  The doctor usesveneers to close a diastema or excessively exposed gap between the upper central incisors. It is worth to know that dentists from the clinic use dental dam for all the dental treatments at the facility, and in case of fillings they also use the microscope.

Impladent from Gdańsk offers porcelain veneers, but with severely damaged teeth they recommend all-ceramic crown restorations.  Sometimes, patients do not only need an aesthetic restoration, but also a reconstruction of a missing tooth.  Impladent offers a comprehensive reconstruction of your teeth with implants or bridges as well as fitting veneers into the remaining teeth to improve their appearance and functionality.  One of the doctors working at Impladent is Dr Adam Ziemlewski, who was on scholarship at the Dental School in London.

You can also get veneers in Częstochowa, at the Stomed Dental-Medical Centre, where the patients are seen by two dentists: Dr Anna Kapustecka and Dr Anna Kaczmarska.  Prior to aesthetic reconstruction it is important to treat all the cavities in your teeth. Stomed uses light-cured fillings. When the cavities are of considerable size it is most recommended to use ceramic inlays and onlays.

The Denta specialized dental offices are popular in Wrocław. You can get ceramic or composite veneers adapted to correct the length of your teeth. Dr Michał Karolewski is the centre's specialist in teeth aesthetics. He was a part of the practical workshops: "Producing direct-indirect resin composite inlays/onlays" and participated in the course "Crown restorations. Dental prosthetic treatment with the use of fixed dentures". Denta clinic also offers gummy smile therapy, which is treating excessively exposed gums during smiling.

Improve your smile with veneers in Poland and Great Britain

Dental and especially prosthetic services are much cheaper in Poland than in Great Britain.  Therefore many medical tourists come to Polish dental offices to treat their teeth extensively, as well as to correct the aesthetic part of their smile with veneers and crowns.  Fitting a porcelain veneer at the English No 9 Dental Practice costs over PLN 2500. The Smile Studios offer the treatment for even PLN 3000. Polish dental offices offer veneers at half or even a third of the British cost, therefore it is very cost-effective to come to Poland for a few days and have your veneers fitted.  It is also a good time to visit some Polish attractions such as the Royal Castle in Warsaw, Palm House in Poznań or the Cloth Hall in Kraków. If you wish to stay longer, you can spend more time in the Tatra mountains or by the Baltic Sea.