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Tummy tuck in Poland - information

A tummy tuck is a plastic surgery procedure, which consists of removing skin and fat tissue, the so-called skinfolds, from your abdomen. The procedure is popular among women after pregnancy, which are not satisfied with the look of their abdomen -- the loose and saggy skin and excess fat tissue.  It is also widespread among patients who won the fight against obesity, but the saggy abdominal skinfolds left after losing so many pounds stop them from accepting their body.  Abdominoplasty is carried out in general anaesthesia.   After the procedure patients must follow the instructions of the surgeon. Convalescence can take up to a month.

Abdominoplasty in Polish clinics

The abdomen lifting surgery is available in Kraków and performed by Dr Marek Ciesiński, a plastic surgeon, and a participant of the International Symposium of Aesthetic Surgery in Polanica Zdrój.  The doctor carries out procedures at Estetika Nova, a private plastic surgery clinic.. He cooperates with another plastic surgeon, Dr Małgorzata Keller-Skomska, who performs mammoplasty and neck lift procedures at Estetika Nova. She belongs to the Polish Society of Micro-Surgery.

Abdominoplasty is also a popular procedure among men.   Gentlemen from Warsaw can benefit from the offer presented by the IQ Medica plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine clinic.  One of the doctors performing the procedures is Dr Piotr Osuch, MD, PhD, who was a guest on Polish national TV, speaking about the abdomen correction after pregnancy.  Other procedures offered by IQ Medica include Vibrolipo abdomen liposuction and the so-called NIL (Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture).

Surgeons from Poznań remove excess abdominal skin at the Promienista clinic.  Some patients also undergo therectus abdominis muscle plastic surgery. The Promienista clinic was in the first place of private hospitals ranking conducted by the Wprost Polish weekly. Dr Maciej Biczysko, MD, PhD is a surgeon working at the clinic and performing bariatric surgery treatments.  Tummy tuck is performed for patients who have been surgically treated for obesity.

The abdominal plastic surgery in Wrocław is available at the EuroMediCare specialist hospital carried out by Dr Wojciech Wacławowicz - the participant of the 1st International Congress of the European Academy of Surgical Sciences, in Gdańsk, Poland At the EMC plastic surgery department, Dr Wacławowicz carries out surgical body contouring and C-section scar removal.  Obese patients with excessive abdominal fat around the stomach must reduce their body weight (e.g. by BIB system) prior to abdominoplasty.

Patients from Szczecin can consult a plastic surgeon, Dr Beata Marszałek, who is a member of the Plastic Surgeons Association in Norway. Dr Marszałek works at the Szczecin Mediklinika plastic surgery clinic, and together with Dr Michał Piotrowiak she performs procedures such as small abdominoplasty and complete abdominoplasty with waistline liposuction. Other popular treatments include the reduction of abdomen fat tissue with the Sidney Coleman method or poly-L-lactic acid injections, the so-called Sculptra, to improve the firmness of this body part.

If you wish to have your tummy tucked in Łódź, you can make an appointment with Dr Dorota Żukowska, MD, PhD, who sees patients in her private practice office and at a specialist Dermed clinic.  During abdominoplasty, Dr Żukowska will also correct the look of your bellybutton She also deals with umbilical and linea alba hernia.

Tummy tuck in Poland and Great Britain

Patients from Great Britain, who would like a tummy tuck must deal with a very high cost of such procedure Therefore so many people choose to improve the looks of their abdomen in the Polish clinics. When comparing prices, the cost of full abdominoplasty in Bournemouth Hospital in Britain is £9040 (PLN 47 700), and the mini tummy tuck is £4890 (PLN 25 800). The prices of procedures offered by Polish plastic surgeons are very competitive in comparison.   Foreign patients can relax in Poland during their convalescence period.  Each Polish city offers amazing sights, such as the Wawel Castle and Cloth Hall in Kraków. You can also listen to the traditional bugle call at each hour.  Warsaw is known for its Royal Castle and Old Town district. Another city, Poznań presents beautiful streets with historical developments and the Palm House. In Wrocław you can take a stroll along Podwale Street.