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General information about Swedent 

Swedent is a dental clinic, where we make use of knowledge and achievements of Swedish stomatology, which, according to experts, is one of the best in the world. During his years of work in Scandinavia, doctor Marcin Mincer learnt local diagnostic and treatment methods. He transferred the most valuable experiences to the Polish market. As a result, we treat patients in the most modern and at the same time comfortable way.

The complex treatment starts with a detailed oral health examination, supplemented by at least four X-ray images. This is the only way to conduct a scrupulous and reliable treatment. In Poland, the value of X-ray images for a traditional examination is underestimated. Nevertheless, a majority of cavities are overlooked during traditional dental visits, what leads to complications. Having a full picture of the dentition, we present the patient a treatment plan. Our patients’ satisfaction is of utmost importance to us and that is why we provide the patients with the details of treatment. If it is possible, we present several alternative solutions.

We are experts in implantology. For prosthetic abutments we use implants (titanium bolts), which after some time integrate with the patient’s bone. In case of bone shrinkage or defect, we use biomaterials, which enable implantation when the conditions qualifying for the treatment are nonexistent.  We conduct implantological treatment using MIS system.

As part of the protective dentistry, we treat carious lesions – single- and multilayered. We offer aesthetic and solid fillings. In case of extensive carious lesions, we offer Inlay and Onlay cosmetic fillings.

We provide oral surgery. Using regional anaesthesia, we do extractions, uncovering of impacted teeth in the arch and cutting teeth. We treat each tooth removal as a potential implantation. That is why, we offer our patients the use of biomaterials in order to preserve alveoral bone and to conduct the implatological treatment in future.

We conduct endodontics and re-endodontics (repeated endodonthic therapy). Our extensive offer also includes prosthodontics. We specialize in porcelain crowns and bridges. We conduct dental restoration using implants. For patients who suffer edentulism we suggest immediate and temporary dentures.

We are totally aware of the role of regular hygiene for a healthy and beautiful smile. Apart from traditional methods of tooth care (brushing, using dental floss), it is important to conduct specialist treatments from time to time. As part of dental hygenization we offer scaling, sandblasting and teeth-strengthening fluorization.

We also provide services related to pediatric dentistry. For the youngest patients we prepared colourful fillings. We also provide adaptation visit, which helps to familiarize the child with the clinic and the dentist.

We kindly invite you to learn more about the offer of our clinic.

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For the safety and convenience of patients

To ensure the highest quality of our service, our clinic offers:

  • Guarantee for dental treatment. We are convinced about the effectiveness of our treatment; that is why, we offer 1-year guarantee for our service in the field of preventive dentistry (fillings) and prosthetics (restoration).
  • Scrupulous and detailed dental checkup. Proper checkup is the fundament for successful treatment; that is why, we put special emphasis on diagnosing all carious changes and losses.
  • Treatment plan. Prior to the treatment, we thoroughly discuss all options with the patient and prepare an individual treatment plan. Every client is informed about all treatment costs.
  • Contact with the patient. One year after the treatment we contact every patient to remind about the checkup.
  • Checkup for regular patients and free consultation. Persons who regularly visit our clinic can count on free annual consultation. Consultations in the field of preventive stomatology are free of charge.

Swedent's achievements and certificates

In the Swedent clinic we focus on professional self-improvement and gaining new qualifications. Dr.  Marcin Mincer, who conducts treatments, systematically takes part in congresses and symposia. He actively took part in numerous conferences and trainings, for example in New York and Bogota (Columbia). He is a member of Polish Society of Dental Implantology and European Association of Dental Implantologists. He possesses a number of certificates that confirm his participation in courses organized in Poland as well as abroad.

Swedent is a dental surgery presenting European standard. Treatment methods used in our clinic were prepared by Swedish dentists and are successfully practiced by dr. Marcin Mincer.

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