Rhinoplasty in Poland

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Poznań, Polandul. Źródlana 31


  • Full rhinoplasty from 1 604 £
  • Nose cartilage surgery/ nasal tip surgery from 1 103 £
  • Nose reshaping surgery from 1 303 £
  • Nose sculpting surgery with septoplasty from 1 404 £
  • Consultation with plastic surgeon  31 £
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Korekta nosa - information

Rhinoplasty - a defect corrected by scalpel

The more regular your features are, the more beautiful a person is considered. However, if it is deformed by a crooked nose or a nasal hump there is no reason to panic - you can correct its shape with a surgical procedure.  A plastic surgery nose job (rhinoplasty) improves the patient's looks and sometimes also the ability to breathe freely (by correcting deviated septum). The procedure is performed in local or general anesthesia and lasts for one to two hours.

The surgeon performs cuts in the nasal vestibule so the post-operational scars are virtually invisible. Specialists use absorbable sutures for the surgery. Doctor removes a hump or straightens deviated septum, then inserts setons inside the nostrils and a special dressing on the outside. For the first few days you can see some swelling and bruising around the eyes, which disappear after approximately 3 days.

Polish clinics employ the best doctors

Dr Maciej Pastucha (Klinika Chirurgii Plastycznej dr Maciej Pastucha, Dobra Szczecińska) has been professionally active for over 22 years, passionate about plastic surgery for 18. He most frequently deals with nasal humps, overgrown nasal cartilage or deviated septum. Depending on the case, the surgeon performs a closed rhinoplasty inside the nose or an open one making an incision to the columella.

Dr Artur Zawisz (Ośrodek Chirurgii Plastycznej Artur Zawisz, Kraków) has gained his professional experience in Polanica Zdrój under the supervision of Prof. Kazimierz Kobus. His excellent skills are displayed in microscopic surgeries - he has developed his expertise by training in the USA, France, Spain, Rio de Janeiro and Vienna. Since the year 2003 he has been performing complex facial reconstruction surgeries at the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Clinic, a part of the Collegium Medicum at the Jagiellonian University.

Dr Maciej Kuczynski (The Center for Plastic Surgery Dr. Maciej Kuczynski, Lublin) is the vice chair of the Polish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, the president of the Polish branch of ISAPS, a member IPRAS and judicial expert in the field of plastic surgery for the Lubelskie voivodship. He perfected his professional skills in Denmark, France and Sweden. The doctor can deal with virtually any nose correction cases - including asymmetry and cleft noses.  Other doctors at the clinic include a plastic surgeon, Dr Jerzy Jankau, M. D., PhD, and Dr Katarzyna Kwiecińska, a general surgeon.

Excellent professional credentials of our plastic surgeons

We do not need to convince anybody that a good surgeon needs to establish a good relationship with the patient. There is a specialist in Poznań who displays excellent skills in this field.  We are talking about Dr Wiesława Ratajczak, an owner of the Medkorekta Clinic and a member of ESPRAS. She specialized in plastic surgery at the Polanica Zdrój clinic, under the supervision of Prof. Kazimierz Kobus. Her private practice is the first private facility of this kind in Poznań. During the first appointment she talks extensively about the possibilities of improving the patient's looks as well as about possible complications. At her clinic, the doctor removes nasal humps, performs osteotomy rhinoplasty and models the tip of the nose.

The Solumed clinic in Poznań offers their patients modern techniques of surgical nose correction, as well as a cordial atmosphere - the centre is a family business. It is headed by Dr Magdalena Karczewska, and the procedures are performed by Dr Tomasz Dydymski, M. D., PhD, a first and second degree specialist in general surgery. He can boast international professional experience as he worked at the Cleveland Clinic in the USA for a few years. There, Dr Dydymski trained his professional skills under the supervision of Prof. Maria Siemionov, M. D., PhD. Dr Maciej Lichaj is another surgeon working at the facility. He is a certified aesthetic medicine doctor as well as a member of the Union Internationale de Medicine Esthetique.

If you decide to select Kraków for your treatment, you have a great choice of good clinics and plastic surgeons. One of them is Dr Marta Raczkowska-Muraszko (Gabinet Chirurgii Plastycznej Marta Raczkowska-Muraszko), who has graduated at the local Medical School (Collegium Medicum). She is a first degree specialist in general surgery as well as plastic surgery and a member of The Polish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery She performsnose jobs eliminating nasal humps, reducing lobe sizes or modelling the tip.

Similar surgeries are also carried out by Dr Piotr Wójcicki ((Klinika Chirurgii Plastycznej prof. dr hab. Piotr Wójcicki, Polanica Zdrój) at the Polanica Zdrój Plastic Surgery Clinic.

Nose jobs in Poland

Rhinoplasty is one of those procedures that can change a person's life. After the procedure, the patients of plastic surgery clinics feel like they have turned over a new leaf.  They can finally forget about their insecurities. It is then not surprising that many people will travel the world to undergo this procedure. They will return home as totally new people, won't they? Nose corrections are much cheaper in Poland than in Great Britain, Norway or Sweden, so medical tourists are eager to take advantage of Polish clinics.  And if they decide to choose Warszawa, Kraków, Wrocław or Poznań as their destination, they will also immensely enjoy sightseeing historic monuments or strolling beautiful parks.