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Prima-Dent is a modern clinic that specializes in dental treatment using high-tech equipment. We rebuilding single teeth and more extensive gaps with implant systems. We offer patients implant supported bridges, dentures on 2 implants, and overlay prostheses on 4 to 6 titanium implants. We fill gaps using high-quality acrylic, metal frame, and nylon dentures. We have different bracket systems (claspless dentures) and crowns, ranging from classic ceramic through composite and galvanic to all-ceramic crowns such as Zirconia and Enpress. We also offer patients aesthetic all-ceramic bridges.

We also carry out implant surgery and oral surgery procedures. We do frenotomies and excise root cysts. We correct malocclusion and facial asymmetry with the help of innovative orthodontic braces. We also recommend to patients performing simple exercises as part of orthodontic treatment – myotherapy. We specialize in endodontics, clearing the root canals of diseased pulp.

As part of our cosmetic dentistry services, we carry out teeth whitening treatments. For this purpose we use a special lamp (in-office whitening) and a system of strips used at home. We make your smile more beautiful by correcting tooth size, shape and color with porcelain veneers.

What we treat

In our clinic, we provide professional help to people suffering from diseases of the teeth and gums. We treat patients with partially missing teeth or total toothlessness by filling gaps using the best quality materials. We provide professional treatment of caries. If necessary, we precede therapy by cleaning the teeth of tartar and removing plaque deposits from the tooth surface.

We offer endodontics treatments, saving damaged teeth from extraction. We comprehensively treat tooth and periodontal disease. We also offer orthodontic treatments for children and adults. We lighten unsightly, yellowed teeth, restoring their white colour.

Patients struggling with bruxism can order individually tailored mouthguards.

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