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General information about Primadent

Our dental office is a modern family clinic that offers patients comprehensive dental treatment. We perform complex dental reconstruction procedures, including placement of ADIN implants. If the amount of bone tissue is insufficient for implantation, we perform preparatory procedures, i.e. guided bone regeneration using biomaterials. For this we use Bio-Oss and Bio-Gide bone-substitution materials. We carry out sinus lifts, autografts, and alveoloschisis surgery.

The scope of our medical services includes oral surgery. We extract badly damaged teeth, including doing surgical extractions of remaining roots and unerupted teeth. We do resections of the root apex, as well as save multiradicular teeth with hemisection and radectomy procedures. We also perform prosthodontics procedures. We offer permanent and removable dentures, as well as permanent fillings such as crown inlays, crown-root inlays, and prosthetic crowns. We place bridges, filling one or several missing teeth. We offer patients adhesive bridges, which enable filling gaps in teeth without the need to polish or damage adjacent teeth.

As part of conservative dentistry services, we offer patients high quality aesthetic fillings. We eliminate caries as well as carry out root canal treatment using a microscope, endometer, and innovative endodontic micromotor. We treat tooth and periodontal disease. We remove tartar, plaque and discolorations from the tooth surface with scaling and sandblasting. If necessary, we recommend curettage, which is a professional cleaning of dental pockets. We carry out preventive treatments such as coating and sealing of teeth. In addition, each patient receives detailed oral hygiene instructions. We also offer teeth whitening treatments using a special lamp or a system of strips worn at night We correct the appearance of tooth imperfections with porcelain veneers.


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Facilities and high-tech equipment

Our dental office has a wide range of equipment, which we are gradually expanding with high-tech equipment. We are aware that technologically advanced equipment significantly reduces the duration of treatments whilst minimizing pain. The medical equipment we use includes:

  • Microscope – the latest generation dental microscope from the German company Karl Kaps, one of the leading manufacturers of medical microscopes, which has been functioning on the market for over 50 years. With this unit, we can very accurately diagnose dental diseases and plan treatment accordingly.
  • Endo Master EMS – endodontic micromotor integrated with an endometer. We use it for mechanical root canal preparation with NiTi tools.
  • Piezon Master EMS – modern equipment that enables ultrasonic root canal preparation. The Endo and Re-endo system is also very effective for repeat root canal treatment.
  • Implantmed – an implant engine from W&H equipped with an internal drill cooling system using saline solution. Its advanced technology provides painless implant procedures and surgical extractions. It also guarantees to minimize the risk of complications in the healing process.
  • Digital radiography – through the use of digital radiography, we not only reduce the radiation dose to a minimum, but also we can freely change the resulting image (sharpen it, change the contrast, etc.), which significantly increases the precision when performing diagnostics.
  • Intraoral camera – a modern device that is used both in diagnostics and root canal treatment. The camera helps us detect defects on the surfaces of adjacent teeth. In addition, the patient can follow the work of the dentist throughout the duration of treatment.
  • EMS dental sandblaster – a device used for sandblasting, which is the removal of stains and deposits from the tooth surface. The teeth cleaning is done using a jet of dental sand, which acts on the tooth surface under high pressure.
  • Whitening Lamp – a device used for professional in-office teeth whitening. Its operation is based on cold light technology, which activates the bleaching agents contained in a special gel placed on the teeth.
  • Ultrasonic scaler – a dental instrument used to remove plaque from the tooth surface.
  • Dental loupe – a specialized loupe that allows dentists to magnify the working space and more precise work.
  • Athos Dental Unit – our units are comprehensively equipped, so that work with them is much faster and more efficient, while simultaneously much more pleasant for the patient.

For the safety and comfort of our patients

We make every effort to ensure that our patients' time in our clinic is positive. Our aim is to create a friendly atmosphere as well as a stress-free and painless treatment process. To ensure that patients visiting our facility feel safe and comfortable, we have prepared several amenities:

  • Modern treatment office – all treatments are carried out in a well-equipped, modern dental office, where patients are aware that they are under the care of professionals for whom work is a passion.
  • Cooperation with prosthetic laboratories – we have teamed up with renowned prosthetic laboratories, so we can offer patients the best quality of prosthetics using the best materials from renowned manufacturers.
  • Acclimation visit for children – our youngest patients have the possibility to get introduced to the clinic and medical team ahead of their appointment. During the acclimation visit, the child gets used to the dental devices and their operation, so that the office becomes a pleasant place associated with fun. During the first visit, our dentist can perform a simple procedure such as coating or sealing teeth.
  • Warranty – all procedures are performed using the best available materials on the market. Patients who undergo prosthetic treatment in our office receive a 5-year guarantee on the prosthetics (while keeping check-up visits every 6 months, including a check-up and - if necessary - scaling and sandblasting).
  • Payment plans for treatments – to ensure our patients comfort, we make it possible to pay for treatments carried out in our clinic in convenient instalments.
  • Parking – for patients with cars, we have parking spaces in front of the clinic.

Primadent's achievements and certificates

Our biggest asset is our superbly qualified medical team with years of experience in carrying out treatments in various fields of dentistry. Our good reputation and the trust our patients place in us are our motivation for continuous improvement. We have been helping them for several dozen years without ceasing to further our knowledge. We attend specialized courses and trainings, obtaining authorizations to use innovative treatment techniques. This not only keeps us up to date with the latest medical reports, but enables us to continuously expand our offer. Clear confirmation of our activities are our numerous diplomas and certificates as well as our high-tech equipment.