Penis enlargement with hyaluronic acid in Poland

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Penis enlargement with hyaluronic acid in Poland - information

Hyaluronic acid penal augmentation is becoming increasingly popular

Many men treat penis as the most important part of their body and the size of this organ impacts their well-being as well as self-confidence. Contemporary medical science has developed methods of non-surgical penis enlargement with the assistance of Macrolane hyaluronic acid injections. Augmenting the size of penis with this natural, biodegradable substance is a minimally invasive procedure and the results last for one to two years.  The procedure takes approximately 20-40 minutes and is carried out under local anaesthesia. The doctor injects a proper amount of hyaluronic acid under the penile skin. 10-20 ml of hyaluronic acid provides the extra four to five centimetres of penal length and two to three centimetres of increased width.

The best clinics, experienced doctors

Men, who wish to augment the size of their penis with hyaluronic acid can do so in some of the best Polish clinics. One of the facilities to visit is the Klinika Chirurgii Plastycznej, Medycyny Estetycznej i Flebologii Solumed (The Solumed Plastic Surgery, Aesthetic Medicine and Phlebology Clinic) where patients can undergo penis hyaluronic acid augmentation performed by doctors with many years of professional experience.  Some of the specialists worth to be mentioned is Dr Tomasz Dydymski, M. D., PhD or Dr Maciej Lichaj. Plastic surgeries and aesthetic medicine treatments are also performed by Dr Joanna Kurmanow.

Hyaluronic acid penal augmentation is also offered by the reputable Centrum Medyczne Bieńkowski (Bieńskowski Medical Centre) in Bydgoszcz, where Dr Wiesław Bieńkowski carries out the procedure of injecting hyaluronic acid products in order to increase the size of patient's genitals. This specialist and winner of many professional awards, focuses on general, plastic and reconstructive surgery, and his qualifications are endorsed by the many diplomas and certificates of participation in courses, trainings and conferences (including Paris, London, Yokohama, Buenos Aires, Berlin and Rome). Doctor Andrzej Świątkiewicz is another specialist performing hyaluronic acid injections at the Bieńkowski MC. Moreover, the clinic offers other various innovative plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine treatments such as volumetric lifting, Silhouette thread lift of the middle section of the face as well as breast augmentation, reduction or lifting. 

Macrolane penal augmentation in Poland

There are more and more plastic surgery clinics which welcome men in Poland. Nowadays, men became increasingly interested in beauty treatments including the hyaluronic acid penal augmentation.  This procedure is offered by Dr Zbigniew Plewa at the  Instytut Medycyny Estetycznej i Kosmetologii Dermedik (The Dermedik Institute of Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetology) in Kraków. Moreover, the centre hosts a variety of trainings focusing on cosmetology and aesthetic medicine (wrinkle smoothing, Cosmelan whitening product application, as well as dealing with post-operational aesthetic medicine complications).

The AGKlinik in Warsaw also offers hyaluronic acid penal enlargement. Macrolane procedures at the clinic are performed by Dr Adam Gumkowski - a member of The International Board of Cosmetic Surgery and The European Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. AGKlinik also proposes services in aesthetic dermatology and gynaecology, surgical oncology, medical treatment of overweight as well as vascular surgeries. During procedures doctors use state-of-the-art apparatus and highest-quality products (Infini Platform, AccuSculpt, Revitalash brand cosmetics).

Macrolane gel is also used by Dr Jerzy Chęciński for performing augmenting procedures on male private parts (Gabinet Chirurgii Plastycznej Chęciński [Chęciński Plastic Surgery Office] in Warsaw). It is worth to mention the fact that Dr Chęciński is one of the few specialists in Poland who can boast being certified Master Class level in the use of Macrolane products.

Another recommendable facility offering hyaluronic acid gel penal augmentation is Easteuroda - Mecycyna Eastetyczna (Aesthetic Medicine) in Jaworzno. The procedures are performed by Dr Artur Sandelewski. Additionally, the clinic specialists carry out general surgery as well as proctology treatments, hair transplantations and laser hair removal.

Men, who wish to increase the size of their genitals with the use of non-operational methods can also do it at the Klinika Medycyny Estetycznej i Laseroterapii ArsEstetica (Aesthetic Medicine and Laser Therapy Clinic) in Wrocław. The facility operates as a standalone part of the Ars Medica health centre and the Macrolane procedures are performed by Dr Wojciech Rybak, M. D., PhD as well as other specialists. One of the significant facts is that two ArsEstetika doctors, Dr Wojciech Rybak, M. D., PhD and Dr Maria Rybak, M. D., PhD obtained certificates issued by the Polish Program for Aesthetic Medicine Doctors guaranteeing their expertise and excellent skills in performing aesthetic medicine treatments.

Want your masculinity enhanced? Come to Poland!

Penis augmentation procedures become more and more popular among men, and clinics record a considerable growth of interest in lengthening masculinity under an eye of a specialist.  Men from outside of Poland will also appreciate the professionalism of Polish aesthetic medicine doctors, and will be attracted by the low prices our country offers for treatment. Polish clinics host guest from Great Britain, Germany, Denmark as well as Ireland, who come to enhance the size of their masculinity.  After the treatment they eagerly go sightseeing the most interesting monuments of Warsaw, Kraków or Poznań.