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The presented prices of services and procedures carried out by MediSpace – Przychodnia Lekarska are complete, supplied by the provider and verified with the utmost care, but they may differ from the current price. The final price will be provided after consultation with your doctor.

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We accept: credit card, cash, treatment in installments,

The MediSpace medical clinic offers patients diagnostics, diagnosis and treatment of digestive tract diseases (with particular emphasis on cancer), cardiovascular and kidney diseases. The clinic offers a series of diagnostic, ultrasound, analytical and endoscopic (gastroscopic, colonoscopy, esophagus impedance) tests. Our clinic offers the ability to perform diagnostic tests of the cardiovascular system (ECHO, EKG, Holter pressure monitor), as well as the ability to perform general surgery, vascular and proctology treatments, esthetic gynecology as well as a wide selection of esthetic medicine treatments.

The clinics offer includes special diagnostic testing packages which are individually selected to suit the patient’s age, gender and individual needs, which help in the diagnosis and assessment of a patient’s medical condition.

The complete offer at MediSpace can be found in the price list below: