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General information about the MediSpace medical clinic

Our main purpose at the Warsaw based MediSpace is the early detection, diagnosis and treatment of lifestyle diseases such as cardio vascular system diseases, kidney and digestive system diseases (with primary emphasis on cancer of the digestive system).

The clinic offers diagnostic packages which are custom tailored to ones gender, age and type of illness. The purpose of the packages is the ability to assess the patients’ health and the proper selection of treatment and preventative measures. The packages consist of laboratory and imaging tests, as well as consultations with a specialist, selected as conveniently as possible to meet the patient’s schedule.

Thanks to our ability to offer services from specialists who represent different branches of medicine in one facility, the patient can count on being provided with a quick diagnosis of their condition and receive an appropriate treatment plan.

Those with s busy schedule who would like to consult the details of their health are offered videoconferencing with a doctor who is able to provide a preliminary assessment of the patients’ needs and select an appropriate series of diagnostic tests – without the need to leave home. Video consultations allow us to determine if the patient requires a treatment procedure or testing at our facility while at the same time making it possible to check the patients’ health condition and comfort level after undergoing treatment.

The MediSpace medical clinic places primary emphasis on diagnostics and early detection of lifestyle diseases. The ultrasound tests performed at our clinic are safe, noninvasive and painless and are performed in a manner which allows for diagnosis and early detection of urinary tract diseases, abdominal disease and the ability to assess the condition of soft tissues and joints. When visiting the MediSpace medical clinic patients can count on being tested with the use of the latest Voluson S6 and LOGIQ F8 ultrasounds which allows our doctors to detect minimal abdominal, thyroid and breast lesions. After undergoing an ultrasound test the patient is immediately provided with diagnostic test information along with photographs which they can then show their doctor. Our clinic also offers gynecologic and obstetric, prenatal, vascular and cardiologic diagnostic tests. The specialist doctors at MediSpace have several years of practical experience and also have FMF certificates.

Our clinic is outfitted with a diagnostic – treatment room, which is used to offer ambulatory surgical treatments (eg. Excision of anal clots, anal fissures, marginal folds and botulin toxin sphincter injections) vascular surgical procedures, gynecology (both surgical and esthetic) as well as esthetic medicine.

Endoscopic testing is performed with the use of Olympus – Evis Exera III brand name equipment. The device allows for the observation of changes at a full HD resolution, biopsies for histopathological examination or optical biopsies – assessment of changes without the need to take samples. After performing an examination the patient is provided with a detailed description along with images of the colonoscopy or gastroscopy procedure.

The MediSpace medical clinic offers the ability to undergo combined gastroscopic and colonoscopy treatment procedures under general anesthesia – under the care of an anesthesiologist and a nurse anesthesiologist. Our anesthesiologists use a light amount of anesthetic during endoscopic and surgical treatment which is crucial in cases of patients suffering from renal failure or people who have undergone transplant surgery.

Our clinic also offers esophagus impedance tests, which are used for diagnostic testing of diseases of the upper gastrointestinal tract (eg.stomach reflux). With the help of a thin probe we are able to asses proper functioning of the esophagus muscles and determine reflux parameters (acidic or basic). The patient obtains a written interpretation of the results which are provided by a gastroenterologist.

Proctologists at the MediSpace medical clinic carry out proctoscopy’s and offer a non-surgical removal of rectal varicose veins with the use of a Barron method (with the help of rubber band litigation). Anoscopic examination is possible during a consultation – during the same day.

Thanks to our cooperation with the ALAB laboratory, patients can be offered a series of laboratory tests including HP breathing and lactose intolerance tests.

Blood tests can be performed from Monday to Friday between 7:00 to 10:00 AM and from 8:00 to 11:00 on Saturdays. During these business hours an EKG device remains at the patient’s disposal. Test results can be discussed during the nearest visit with a specialist. There is also the possibility to check the laboratory test results online.

The clinic offers hypertension and kidney diagnostics (analytical and imaging), our individually tailored testing packages allow for a systematic examination upon suspicion that the patients is suffering from disease while allowing us to monitor the patient’s condition in cases where a disease has been identified and treated. In cases of patients suffering from chronic renal failure we offer appropriate nephroprotective treatment , which is designed to reduce further disease development, along with consultations with nephrologists who provide dietary advice.

During a nephrology consultation and thanks to a urine analyzer as well as an albumin – creatine indicator the patient can obtain information concerning hypertension, coronary artery disease, kidney disease and diabetes directly. Which makes it possible to save patients time and speed up diagnosis and begin treatment while at the same time taking the necessary steps to eliminate potential risks. Patients suffering from hypertension can monitor their results thanks to a Holter monitor (results along with their interpretation are given to the patient after testing).

The MediSpace medical clinic offers patients computed tomography tests as well as magnetic resonance imaging under an agreement with the European Health Center in Otwock and other partnered facilities.

At MediSpace patients can take advantage of medical advice from doctors who represent many areas of specialization, including dialectologists, transplantologists, urologists and endocrinologists. Also available at our patient’s disposal are specialists in the field of dietics, dermatology and esthetic medicine. The clinic works alongside with general, vascular surgical specialists and offers consultations with internal medicine and rheumatology specialists. Dietary advice is suited to meet patient needs depending on the type of disease the patient is suffering from which includes digestive tract diseases, the patient is provided with comprehensive treatment.

We invite you to check out our facilities complete offer.

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The MediSpace medical clinic was founded in response to patients needs for the early detection and treatment of many types of lifestyle diseases. The clinic is outfitted with the latest diagnostic equipment such as amongst other:

  • Olympus Evis Excera III full HD endoscope – a device which allows for the ability to perform gastroscopic and colonoscopy examinations. The endoscope allows for the ability to perform exams with the use of a minimal amount of anesthetic ( which has significant importance to many of our patients ) and makes it possible to detect minimal changes thanks to high quality imaging in full HD, dual focus and NBI system ( Narrow Band Imaging) displaying a narrow imaging band.
  • Voluson S6 ultrasound – an imaging diagnostic device used for gynecology and obstetrics as well as prenatal diagnostics. The device has the ability to display 3 and 4D and has a special software version designed for dimensioning, analyzing and providing a description of genetic fetal exams.
  • LOGIQ F8 GE ultrasound – a platform for ultrasonic testing with high quality imaging. Allows for the detection of changes of the abdominal area, urinary tract, thyroid, lymph nodes, salivary glands, breasts, testicles, joints as well as the ability to offer Doppler vascular and artery ultrasounds and echocardiography.
  • Videoconferencing with a doctor – a consultation with a specialist doctor which does not require patient presence at our facility. During a conference the doctor is able to perform an initial assessment of an ill patients needs and select the necessary testing to help determine the patients’ health condition.
  • Testing packages – the clinic has personalized testing packages custom tailored to one’s age, gender and potential diseases the patient may be suffering from.
  • Location – the clinic is located close to downtown Warsaw (in the CH Arkadia area). Our clinic can be reached by taking trams and busses, the Dworzec Gdanski subway station is nearby. The parking areas surrounding the facility are free of parking meters.
  • Fast deadlines – easy access to specialists makes it easier to schedule visits, allowing the patient to perform several tests and even undergo treatment during the same day.

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