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Our clinic specializes in aesthetic gynaecology, also known as cosmetic gynecology. We have the ability to improve the functionality and aesthetics of patient's genital organs. The most popular cosmetic gynecology procedures performed at our clinic are vaginoplasty, i.e. the vaginal plastic surgery. Women, who underwent multiple deliveries and suffer from vaginal discomfort and reduced vaginal flexibility are often treated with this procedure. In many cases we combine vaginoplasty and perineoplasty. Patients also report to us for pubic area and labia liposuction, as well as G spot augmentation (G-shot) and clitoris enlargement (clitoroplasty) - treatments, which are intended to increase pleasure in sexual function. In turn, labioplasty, which is performed to reshape and resize labia serves to eliminate pain and complexes of patients. This way it also performs a therapeutic role.

The treatments of hymenotomy or hymenoplasty (removal or restoration of hymen) are becoming increasingly popular among our patients. Our patients can also undergo plastic surgery treatments. We perform breast plastic surgeries (lift, augmentation and mastopexy), as well as reshape ears, chin and nose. Our clinic also offers face and forehead lifting as well as liposuction.

We treat the following pathological conditions

Medifem clinic offers general outpatient surgery treatments. These, among other things, include varicose veins surgeries, appendectomy and the removal of gallbladder lithiasis (cholecystectomy). We heal postoperative, umbilical, inguinal, and femoral hernia, and remove nipple tumors. Our professionals help couples cope with infertility - we perform the hysterosalpingography (HSG), examine semen and carry out procedures in artificial insemination.

Our clinic will also deal with any endocrinological disorder. We heal ovarian and adrenal androgenesis, growth shortages, premature and delayed sexual maturation. Our doctors offer assistance to children with thyroid diseases and obesity. We treat bunions, carpal tunnel syndrome and subacromial impingement, as well as finger contracture  caused by palmar fascia fibrosis.

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