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Our clinic offers patient a comprehensive treatment of diseases of the teeth and periodontitis. We conduct detailed oral hygiene instruction and deal with professional teeth cleaning from the sediment, tartar and stains . As part of the services in the field of periodontics, we also offer curettage, splinting teeth and lobal treatment. We conduct controlled regeneration of periodontal tissues and bones. We cover the treatment of gingival recession and surgical procedures on frenulum.

 Thanks to modern treatment disease we are able to perform all surgical procedures that do not require hospital treatment. Surgically remove teeth, we also PRE- surgery. We make radectomy and hemisection, the scope of our services also includes surgical periodontal surgery. We remove inflammatory changes and carry out resection of the root apex.

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Patients with partial edentulous are with us subjected to treatments involving the use of prosthetic crowns and bridges and conventional adhesives. You can also contact our Medidens Dental Centre with any problem to help the dentist from caries lesions, and ending with the complete edentulous that we level with the innovative system Biomet 3i .

As part of the deal with endodontic treatment biological pulp. We provide medical assistance to patients with apical inflammation, necrosis and gangrene of the pulp. We also injuries to the teethe disturbances in the de

In our office we offer modern orthodontic treatment of children and adults. The youngest patients use soft and flexible mobile devices, so – called. Miotrainers help eliminate disturbances in the development of the jaw bone and significantly shorten the duration of treatment with fixed appliances. Also treat malocclusion using the Clear Aligner cameras and fixed cameras occurring in the metal version or aesthetic.

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