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General information for M. Dent - Dental

Located in Olsztyn, the M.Dent dental clinic offers professional care to patients who seek to maintain a beautiful and healthy smile, obtain a dental checkup and receive orthodontic, prosthodontic and endodontic treatments as well as restorative and esthetic dental care. The clinic is managed by Agnieszka and Łukasz Michalak - who are both dentists with several years of professional experience and a vast amount of experience in performing dental based procedures.

Their clinic caters to those who seek to regain a beautiful and healthy looking smile. It is of considerable importance to maintain proper prevention and develop proper oral hygiene habits during a patients youngest years, the same concerns the early diagnosis of malocclusions - consultations and properly selected early orthodontic treatments. Early diagnosis allows for quicker treatment and less risk of running into future complications. Our clinic offers removable (Schwartz and Twin Block with advancement screw appliances) and fixed orthodontic appliances, including traditional metal wire appliances and more esthetic appliances with porcelain and sapphire orthodontic brackets. The orthodontic treatment process requires steady supervision from a specialist dentist and proper patient conduct (proper cleaning of the appliance and oral hygiene).

The M.Dent clinic offers patients restorative treatments with the use of brand name materials as well as root canal treatments. Properly performed root canal treatments which involve the removal of the pulp, nerve and vascular tissues. After the removal and cleansing of the canals, additional materials are applied and a fiberglass post is introduced to strengthen the tooth eg.fibreglass. A properly treated tooth serves as a support for the remaining teeth and ensures their proper positioning. The tooth may also be fitted with a crown or used as a support for a bridge restoration.

We offer a wide selection of prosthodontic services and exceed the patient’s expectations when dealing with cases of missing teeth. In order to reinforce eg.root canal treated teeth we recommend a porcelain fused to metal crown ( including noble alloys) or a full ceramic crown restoration, with a highly esthetic appearance and ability to mimic the appearance of a natural tooth. If one wishes to improve the esthetic appearance of their front teeth we can offer ceramic veneers, allowing them to feel confident and once again satisfied with a beautiful snow white smile.

Patients suffering from the loss of single teeth are offered standard bridge restorations or custom removable partial dentures. Removable partial dentures consist of a metal framework and an acrylic base and teeth. A properly made and fitted denture can be worn for several years by the patient and help prevent bone and gum atrophy thanks to being supported by not only the mucous membrane and gums but also the teeth.

We value the importance of proper hygiene and preventative treatments which is why our clinic offers patients professional tartar removal treatments with the help of an ultrasonic scaler as well as the removal of various other dental deposits with the use of a sand blaster. We offer tooth polishing and fluoride application, we also offer diet advice and proper instruction on maintaining oral hygiene.

Our professional dental treatments are also aimed at the youngest patients, we take into consideration their health, safety, anxiety and fear of their first visit to a specialist.

We invite you to check out our clinics complete offer.

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High tech equipment

The M.Dent dental clinic aims its offer toward patients who are interested in maintaining a healthy and esthetically pleasing smile. In order to offer the latest methods of treatment, we have outfitted our clinic with the latest medical equipment. Our equipment makes it possible for us to perform a series of dental treatment procedures according to the latest treatment trends.

Amenities for patients

The M.Dent dental clinic combines a professional staff with the latest medical equipment and an individual approach to each patient. In order to help our patients feel even more at ease and comfortable, we have set up the following amenities:

  • Spacious treatment rooms - our clinic is spacious and practically set up.
  • Helpful staff - our dentists and dental hygienists will gladly answer all questions and help dispel any doubts which can arise during treatment.
  • Convenient methods of payment - our facility accepts debit card payments.
  • Parking - patients can park their car in a free of charge designated parking area in front of our clinic.

Accomplishments and certificates for M.Dent - Dental

The dental clinic managed by Agnieszka and Łukasz Michalak and meets international ISO 9001 standards concerning dental services. The clinic is staffed with specialists who continually work on expanding their skills and knowledge by participating in specialized courses and training sessions organized around the world, as confirmed by the numerous amount of certificates they hold.