Lower limb varicose vein treatment in Poland

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Usuwanie żylaków nóg - information

Varicose veins - an ailment known since antiquity

Lower limb varicose veins are one of the most commonly occurring chronic ailments in humans. Reportedly, they have been with us always. They cause pain. Neglected, they can be the cause of many serious complications (embolisms, clots, and even death). They are a symptom of venous insufficiency and occur as red or blue "spider veins" changing gradually into varicose veins, that look like bruises on the skin.

If the patient's condition requires it, varicose veins are surgically removed under nerve block anaesthesia. For small varicose veins, they can be removed under local anaesthesia. Other treatments include: cryotherapy, which is freezing varicose veins with a device with a tip with a very low temperature; sclerotherapy, which consists of injections into the interior of the varicose vein with substances causing their closure and disappearance; more and more often laser is used, which is a painless and fast (approx. 15 min.) procedure, after which you can go home.

Pioneers of painless varicose vein treatment techniques

We are gradually moving away from painful varicose vein treatment methods. Patients opt for laser techniques, which are not so invasive and are not associated with tissue damage or a long recovery period. Therefore, clinics that offer methods other than painful stripping, which requires serious incisions and pulling out the vein practically by force, are popular among patients.

Ars Medica in Wroclaw offers patients laser therapy for varicose veins with the EVLT method. The clinic has an endoluminal laser with a wavelength of 980nm. The director of the facility is a general and vascular surgeon, Dr Zbigniew Rybak. He obtained his habilitation on the basis of his own methods for detecting disorders of the venous system. He is co-founder of the Polish Society of Phlebology, the Polish Society for Vascular Surgery, and the Polish Wound Management Association. He has received two awards from the Minister of Health and several awards of the rector. He perfected his skills at prestigious clinics in the US, Norway, and France. He works with angiologist Dr Wojciech Rybak, who has been interested in minimally invasive varicose vein treatments for a long time. He was the first in Wroclaw to introduce the EVLT and EVLO treatment methods.

Patients with severe cases of venous diseases can turn to another specialist, Dr Krzysztof Lubecki (Krzysztof Lubecki's Private Specialist Medical Practice, Racula near Zielona Gora), a graduate of the Poznan University of Medical Sciences. He also completed postgraduate studies in health care management at the Wroclaw University of Economics, and is a member of the Polish Hernia Club, the Polish Society of Phlebology, and the Polish Entomological Society.

Renowned clinics in large cities

If we find ourselves in Krakow, we have several great centres to choose from. One of them is Vipmed Medical Centre, where patients have access to a full range of services, including ultrasound, ECG, and X-ray. While specialized tests such as magnetic resonance imaging or computed tomography are done at partner facilities. Dr Jakub Zasada treats varicose veins using sclerotherapy. The surgeon is certified by the Polish Ultrasound Society.

Dr Joanna Bartlewicz-Wojcik (Vascular Surgery, Krakow) is a specialist in general surgery and also a certified ultrasound technician in vascular ultrasound (Doppler of arteries and veins). He eliminates lower limb varicose veins with a laser using the EVLT method, and he does spider microsclerotherapy using the Veinlite device (with a fibre optical ring).

Help can also be found in Lodz, where Fragmat-Med Surgical Centre is located. Here work Dr Pawel Mrozowski as well as Dr Adam Mikurenda, a surgeon, who performs ultrasound examinations of the veins and arteries. Another noteworthy clinic is MF Physiotherapy in Wroclaw, where Dr Robert Olewinski undertakes the treatment of varicose veins. The surgeon explains venous disease treatment methods on the portal Emedica.pl.

Another excellent professional works in Gdansk, Dr Ryszard Zajac-Babiana (Artvein&Babiana Ryszard Zajac). He treats various venous diseases, including lower limb varicose veins and aneurysms. The surgeon graduated from the Medical University of Gdansk. In the years 2003-2012, he worked at Swissmed Health Centre. He also sees patients in Gdynia and Slupsk. And since 2004, he has worked with the portal ZdroweMiasto.pl, where he gives advice to Internet users.

Quick procedure and then go for a walk

After the procedure, patients are under the impression as if they no longer feel gravity. They feel light, and since they can immediately leave the clinic (as long as it was not surgery), they take the opportunity to go for a stroll. Even more so if they came from another country and can get to know a new place. In Poland, many foreigners undergo treatment, and they have many positive things to say about our doctors. Danes, Americans, and Norwegians prefer to come to Poland because Polish prices are lower and the quality of treatments is as good as in their countries. And our beautiful cities – there are many to choose from and each has something to offer.