Liposuction surgery in Poland

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Katowice, Polandul. Kościuszki 229

Lipoline Clinic

  • Liposuction surgeryzadzwoń
  • Laser-assisted liposuction (LAL) from 1 506 £
  • Laser-assisted liposuction (LAL) - abdomen from 1 506 £
  • Power-assisted laser liposuction (PAL) - waist 1 105 £
  • Consultation with plastic surgeon zadzwoń
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  • Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture (NIL) - abdomen from 603 £
  • Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture (NIL) - butts from 603 £
  • Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture (NIL) - outer thighs from 603 £
  • Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture (NIL) - inner thighs from 603 £
  • Consultation with plastic surgeon  41 £
Kielce, Polandul. Warszawska 21

Plus Med

  • Liposuction of the abdomen from 1 004 £
  • Liposuction of the waist from 1 004 £
  • Buttocks liposuction from 1 004 £
  • Liposuction of the outer and inner thighs from 1 004 £
  • Consultation with plastic surgeon  41 £
Szczecin, Polandul. Wojciechowskiego 7


  • Liposuction surgeryzadzwoń
  • Power-assisted liposuction (PAL) from 803 £
  • Power-assisted liposuction (PAL) - abdomen from 1 205 £
  • Power-assisted vibration liposuction (PAL) - waist from 1 205 £
  • Consultation with plastic surgeon  61 £
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Liposuction surgery in Poland - information

Poles are part of a nation which has not been affected by obesity to the same extent- as those living in the USA - however the number of people affected by obesity is gradually increasing. As we live in a fast paced environment, little time remains to consider healthy eating which is replaced with foods containing empty calories. This begins to take a toll and is why liposuction, the surgical removal of excessive body fat remains popular.

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia. Liposuction involves making small incisions in the aspirated area, the introduction of a liquid which dissolves the fat tissue and finally sucking it out with the use of a so called cannula. After the procedure the patient remains in the clinic for a minimum of one day. During the first 6 weeks the patient must wear special compressive clothing.

Body slimming specialists

Polish plastic surgery clinics are continually developing - the doctors working in these clinics actively participate in continuing education courses and obtain new certificates, the operatorys are fitted with high end medical equipment. The facilities must remain competitive, since plastic surgery is becoming increasingly popular amongst poles and new facilities continue to emerge.

The staff at the MediConsult clinic in Szczecin has all the necessary certificates and is comprised of experienced surgeons. Amongst them is Dr. Jarosław Tribull-Potapczuk, MD/PhD. He completed his doctorate at the Cologne University and worked as a specialist surgeon in Germany. He has been running his own clinics in Berlin since the mid 90’s. His staff members include Dr. Ryszard Nawrocki, a plastic surgeon and Dr. Beata Marszałek who specializes in liposuction as well as calf, thigh and arm plastic surgery.

Patients may also visit another well known specialist Dr. Zdzisław Kowalski, MD, PhD (Eco-Lab Dermatology Institute), author of 40 publications concerning plastic surgery. He is a member of the Polish society of Reconstructive and Esthetic Plastic Surgery In order to tone a patient’s physique he uses an Aqualyx solution which permanently removes fat cells. He frequently uses the solution to remove fat from the hip, thigh and chin areas. He works alongside with Dr. Artur Hartwich, MD, PhD, a surgeon , as well as Dr. Patrycja Hartwich, MD, specialist of esthetic medicine.

Dr.Albert Górnicki, MD, PhD (Omorphia Institute, Bydgoszcz) is a research fellow at the Collegium Medium Nicolaus Copernicus University. He is also member of The World Anti-Ageing Academy of Medicine. He helps patients rid of excess fat, he uses different methods, including the use of a method know as ultrasonic hidrolipoclasia (combination of lipolysis injections with ultrasonic cavitation). The procedure is far less invasive when compared to traditional liposuction - performed without surgery.

Polish beauty studios and plastic surgery clinics

The Beauty Tower esthetic medicine and beauty studio (Kraków Salwator) offers patients ultrasonic liposuction. The use of this technique allows specialists to target and remove fat tissue from specific areas of the body (abdomen, hips, knee area, thighs, and so on.). This method of liposuction works best on patients with localized obesity.

Patients can visit the Natura Med Health and Beauty Academy (Nowy Sącz) founded by Dr. Mirosław Rodak, MD and choose to undergo a so called mini laser liposuction. After administering tumenescent anesthesia a specialist inserts a cannula with fiberoptics which break up fat tissue. The benefit of this method is the ability to immediately close up the blood vessels, which reduces bleeding. Another benefit is the ability to perform a lifting procedure after the liposuction treatment.

Patients can also choose to see Piotr Wójcicki Prof., MD,PhD in Polanica Zdroj (Piotr Wójcicki Prof., MD, PhD plastic Surgery Clinic) who uses liposuction to tone his patient’s physique. He removes fat tissue most commonly from the stomach, buttocks, thighs and sometimes arms. For this purposes he uses an attachment which generates ultrasounds which vibrate and break break up fat tissue.

If however one choses to visit Warsaw for treatment then they can take advantage of Dr. Jerzy Chęcińskis offer (Dr. Jerzy M. Chęciński Plastic Surgery Clinic). During treatment he uses the Micro Aire (vibration method). After prior application of a Klein solution to the treatment area he performs a small incision in the skin and removes the fat tissue. Dr Chęciński works alongside with Dr. Wojciech Jaski, a plastic surgeon.

Another recommended facility is the Szczecin based Medimel. Staff members include Dr. Katarzyna Ostrowska-Clark, a surgeon with 13 - years of experience as a, esthetics surgeon. She specializes in liposuction and during treatment is aided by Dr. Tomasz Nikodemski, MD, PhD, an anesthesiologist.

Slimming in Poland

Not only Poles more frequently visit plastic surgery clinics. Our facilities also attract foreigners, who seek to take advantage of professional treatment at a lower cost. They can visit a town which not only offers outstanding clinics but also tourist attractions - which there are plenty of in Poland. This is why there is an increase in patients arriving from Germany, USA, UK and other nations and their numbers will continue to increase.