Laser vision correction in Poland

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Laser vision correction in Poland - information

Laser - quickly, efficiently, and pain free.

Contemporary laser treatments are applied in virtually every field of medicine. It is thus not a surprise that the new state-of-the-art lasers had been introduced into the eye-doctors' offices. They are used to treat glaucoma (by applying iridotomy, traubeculoplasty or Yag laser capsulotomy) as well as diabetes induced retina conditions. Laser therapy is an effective surgical method correcting astigmatism, shortsightedness and farsightedness.

Only a few minutes are needed to perform a laser correction procedure, prior to which the patient is treated with local anaesthesia administered in the form eye drops.  Should the surgery be more invasive the doctors use general anaesthesia. Depending on the individual case and type of anaesthesia administered, the patient can leave the clinic after a few hours or approximately three days. Full recuperation occurs after a few weeks.

Best eye care clinics, state-of-the-art equipment

We can find at least a few clinics in Poland specializing in laser eyesight correction. The "Wiess Klinik" Private hospital in Chorzów is one of the vision care facilities. Specialists performing procedures at the hospital use the MEL 80 excimer laser, which features small spot size and high ablatian precision.  The Head of the Ophthalmology Department and laser therapy expert, Dr Wojciech Myga, M.D., PhD,  performs eye care procedures with the assistance of lasers. He specializes in treating cataracts, glaucoma and carrying out vitrectomy procedures. Dr Marek Rzendkowski, M.D., PhD is another laser therapy specialist.

Centrum Medyczne MAVIT (MAVIT Medical Center) in Warsaw is a different eye care clinic offering state-of-the-art vision treatment. Doctors performing laser eye surgery treatments have been thoroughly trained at Prof. Fyodorov's Institute of the Eye Micro-surgery in Moscow as well as ophthalmology clinics in Frankfurt am Mann and Cologne. There are three specialists in the centre who carry out the operations:  Dr Marcin Świtała, Dr Magdalena Hys-Gawęda and Dr Wladyslaw Marcinkiewicz. Doctors treat diabetes and glaucoma and can assist patients with ocular manifestation of diabetes on the fundus oculi, thromboembolic vascular lesions as well as secondary cataracts (these cases require Yag laser posterior capsulotomy).

Another Center, which is worth to mention in this context, is the Laser Eye Microsurgery Center in Warsaw headed by Prof. Jerzy Szafik. Since February 2013 you can undergo the laser eye correction with the use of the EBK (Epi Bowman Keratectomy) procedure.  The clinic is a state-of-the-art centre employing highly qualified medical team of professionals.  They were the first in Poland to perform theEpi-Lasik procedure with the use of Moria microkeratome.  Currently the centre offers Lasek, SBK-Lasek (3 second for flap division), and Lasik procedures and techniques related to retina topography.  Treatments are carried out by the Centre's owner, Prof.  Jerzy Szaflik, M.D., PhD as well as a team of experienced doctors, including  Dr Iwona Grabska-Liberek, M.D., PhD and Dr Justyna Izdebska.

Laser Vision correction at the Polish ophthalmic clinics

One of the most modern centres for ophthalmic diagnosis and microsurgery in Poland is the Centrum Diagnostyki i Mikrochirurgii Oka LENS located in Olsztyn. The clinic is equipped in specialist medical apparatus designed exclusively for ophthalmic procedures (including  GDX Vcc confocal scanning laser ophthalmoscope and Zeiss Matrix perimeter). The centre's staff is represented by experienced doctors, who provide a full range of ophthalmic conditions diagnostic tests as well as surgery procedures of the highest quality. The founder of the facility, Dr Slawomir Zalewski, M.D., PhD is a clinical specialist with many years of experience. He performs glaucoma and cataract surgeries and also deals with vitroretinal surgery (diabetes complications, retinal detachment as well as macular diseases)

High-tech laser procedures are also offered by the EuroMedic clinic in Katowice. Its Ophthalmic ward can assist patients with glaucoma and ophthalmia as well as those suffering from strabismus. There is more to the clinic than only laser procedures. Clinic's specialists perform vitrectomies, scleral fixation of posterior chamber intraocular lens implants as well as amniotic membrane grafts. Dr Ewa Nita, M.D., PhD is the head of the ward and she supervises a team of qualified specialists including: Dr Krzysztof Ochalik, M.D., PhD and Dr Andrzej Wrobel, M.D., PhD.

A full plethora of ophthalmic procedures is also offered by the Centrum Św. Jerzego (St. George's Centre) in Poznań. The laser therapy studio is led by Dr Krzysztof Zawieja, cooperating with another clinic's doctor Krzysztof Załęcki, a specialist in the treatment of glaucoma and cataract. Centre's patients can undergo the procedure of iridotomy and Yag laser capsulotomy, panretinal lasertherapy as well as retinal photocoagulation in retinopathy.

Patients suffering from shortsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism can take advantage of the extensive offer presented by dr Jan Witkiewicz's Ophthalmic Clinic. The centre is located in Przemysl and apart from Lasik and Lasek eye surgeries it will also assist patients with implanting intraocular lenses into eyes with defects.  The lenses are manufactures by the Dutch Ophtec company.

Laser vision correction in Poland

The number of state-of-the-art clinics in Poland specializing in eye vision care is constantly growing. Doctors use technologically advanced apparatus with the assistance of which the surgeries can only last a few minutes and are totally pain free. The quality of ophthalmic medical services in Poland attract patients from Germany, Sweden, Scandinavia and other countries. Prices in Poland are much more affordable than in their home countries and they can additionally see some beautiful holiday destinations.