Laser vaginoplasty in Poland

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Laser vaginoplasty in Poland - information

Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome (VRS) is a condition that may arise due to several labours or labour or postpartum complications. Another cause is the decline in reproductive hormones during menopause that leads to dysfunction of the organ. Advanced technology can restore the vaginal tightness by laser treatment that prevents complications and long recovery that usually follow invasive surgical procedures.

Laser vaginoplasty – regain sexual satisfaction

Loss of vaginal tightness caused by several labours, menopause or changes in connective tissue are all indications for IntimaLase non-surgical vaginal tightening procedure, available at Gin Medic in Szczecin. The procedure based on Fotona Spectro Line Er-Yag laser is performed by Kazimierz Kowalski M.D. Ph.D., a specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology in the area of laser vaginal tightening and treatment of urinary incontinence. He is a member of the Polish Association of Gynaecology and a certified ultrasonographer of the Fetal Medicine Foundation and the Ultrasonography Section of the Polish Association of Gynaecology.

Opole-based Jola-Med NZOZ Private Gynaecology and Obstetrics Clinic (Przychodnia Ginekologiczno-Położnicza Jola- Med NZOZ) offers laser firming procedure for vagina after birth and at the time of menopause which is a parallel procedure to non-invasive treatment of urinary incontinence and a novelty in aesthetic gynaecology. The procedure strengthens the walls of the vagina and increases the tightness of tissues. It is performed by gynaecology and obstetrics specialists: Jolanta Wiśniewska M.D. and Krzysztof Wiśniewski M.D. Ph.D. Vaginal rejuvenation will be supported by advanced pessary treatment in cases of lowered vagina walls or pelvic organ prolapse.

At the corner of Poklasztorna and Krakowska Streets in Kielce there is Gemma - Intimate Medicine Centre (Gemma - Centrum Medycyny Intymnej) whose aesthetic gynaecology offer includes procedures for loose vagina. The clinic uses the MonaLisa Touch method developed by an Italian company, Deka. The clinic is the only place in Kielce that offers procedures aimed at improving the look of the organ and removing menopause vaginal dryness. The procedures are performed by Michał Jarosiński M.D., a gynaecologist and obstetrician, a holder of a certificate that attests his skills in laser MonaLisa Touch procedures.

Minimally-invasive procedures in vaginal tightening are offered by Aesthetic Gynaecology and Aesthetic Medicine Clinic (Gabinet Ginekologii Estetycznej i Medycyny Estetycznej) in Lubliniec, which employs the Fotona Spectro SP laser system. At minimum penetration of Er:YAG Fotona Dualis SP laser beam the procedure does not require hospitalisation, but ensures increased tightness and flexibility of vaginal tissues and improved sexual experience. The procedure is performed by Marek Kowalik M.D., a specialist in gynaecology and obstetrics, certified in gynaecological plastic surgery.

Recurring infections and loose tissues are an indication for vaginal rejuvenation available in Warsaw at Medifem Women’s Clinic (Klinika Kobiet Medifem). During the tightening procedure the vaginal tissues are subject to EdgeOne laser. The procedure is preceded by an appointment, patient interview and gynaecological examination. The short and pain-free procedures are performed by the founder of the clinic,. Andrzej Berwijuk M.D. Ph.D., a gynaecologist and plastic surgeon, the president of the Polish Association of Gynaecological Plastic Surgery (PTGP) under which the clinic provides training in gynaecological plastic surgery.

Minimally-invasive treatment for vaginal atrophy and other vagina problems that improves the sex life of women based on MonaLisa Touch laser therapy is offered at Victoria NZOZ Private Gynaecology and Obstetrics Centre (Prywatne Centrum Ginekologiczno–Położnicze Victoria NZOZ) in Bydgoszcz. A team of specialists at the clinic have a certificate in the use of MonaLisa Touch method issued by its founder, prof. Nicola Zerbinati. The clinic was founded in 1999 on the initiative of Jerzy Sarap M.D. Ph.D., a gynaecology and obstetrics specialist. The clinic specialises in obstetrics, gynaecology and oncology diagnostics.

Prices of vaginoplasty procedures in Poland and in the UK

A chain of British Courthouse clinics offers innovative Alma Lasers „FemiLift” procedure to improve the sexual function and treat the structural changes within the vagina and urethra at a price of GBP 1,800 (PLN 10,080).