Laser treatment of haemorrhoids in Poland

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Laser treatment of haemorrhoids in Poland - information

Laser hemorrhoidoplasty – LHP

Lasers were introduced into piles' treatment in 1989 - the year of the first   CO2 laser hemorrhoidectomy. At present there are two types of equipment used to treat the haemorrhoidal disease:  the neodymium - yag (Nd:YAG) and CO2 lasers.  By using the Nd:YAG laser, also called the vascular laser, the surgeon performs photocoagulation at the base of the haemorrhoids, thus resulting in its necrosis.  However, the CO2 laser works by vaporizing the external haemorrhoid part (extra anal). Laser procedures are a cutting-edge method of haemorrhoid treatment. They provide a more and more frequently used alternative to surgery. They are performed as an outpatient procedure in local anaesthesia - the patient leaves the clinic the same day.

Laser hemorrhoidoplasty, LHP is used for piles of third and fourth degree.  Laser's energy obliterates (closes) the nodules from the inside, without damaging the sphincter or mucous membrane.  There are no incisions during the procedure, so there is no need for sutures. If there is a need to reduce swollen anus veins, laser seems to be a more effective solution than traditional surgery. The pain after treatment is much less intense and the recuperation time shorter.

Laser treatment of haemorrhoids in Polish clinics

Patients suffering from the haemorrhoid disease want to get rid of the ailment as soon as possible.  If they can select from several treatment methods, they will surely choose the one that is the fastest and at the same time needs shorter after-care.  More and more often they decide on a laser treatment, and they go to the clinic, which can offer the procedure.  One of the facilities that can help them is the Kriocentrum clinic in Otwock. At the centre, Dr Marek Batijewski is a specialist responsible for laser operations of haemorrhoids. He performs  the so-called HemoLT. During the procedure he treats the swollen cushions with laser light at the spot where it is entered by blood vessels. They are treated with the Nd:YAG laser, in effect the vessels become coagulated and the vascular tissue undergoes fibrosis.  Another surgeon, who also performs laser surgeries at the centre, is Dr Tomasz Kłos.

At the Wrocław Ars Estetica clinic, the haemorrhoid disease is treated with the Barron - rubber band litigation technique, assisted by laser obliteration.  The procedures are performed by Dr Jerzy Pawełczyk, a doctor with 25-year experience in general surgery, a member of  European Association for Endoscopic Surgery and Polish-German Society of Vascular Surgeons.  He trained in Nd:YAG laser use in phlebology, and completed a number of courses in vascular surgery in Avelana Vein Center (Slovenia).

Another specialist, Dr Marek Chlamtacz is an urologist and surgeon from the Uro-Medic Centre of Laser Urology in Zielona Góra. He trained at the Urology Clinic of the University Charite Hospital in Berlin, in Frankfurt (Oder). He also gained his expertise at the Provincial Hospital in Zielona Góra and in 105 Military Hospital in Żary. Patients suffering from first and second degree haemorrhoids undergo the HeLP procedure, which consists of closing the arteries (without the need for sutures or clips) and does not involve tissue removal.  However the third and fourth degree haemorrhoids are removed by the LFP technique, treating the haemorrhoid lumps with laser light.  As a result of this procedure, the haemorrhoid becomes smaller and closes. These type of procedures are also carried out by the specialists at the Centrum Laseroterapii Elite in Warsaw.

Non-invasive procedures in treating the haemorrhoid disease

The specialist Ośrodek Leczenia Żylaków Venavita (Varicose Veins Treating Centre) in Poznań offers patients a package of minimally invasive procedures, such as sclerotherapy, Barron's method and laser haemorrhoid treatment. The centre is managed by Dr Krzysztof Błachowiak, a surgeon and phlebologist with many years of professional experience. Another facility in Poznań offering haemorrhoid treatment is the Medic Laserplus Surgical Office. The centre offers a whole plethora of proctology and general surgery procedures, and the doctors perform laser and traditional operations.

Another professional worth recommending is Dr Stanisław Płonka, MD, PhD, a surgery specialist from the St Lazarus Treatment Centre in Racibórz. He carries out two types of procedures with the use of lasers: in case of early haemorrhoids he applies non-invasive closing of rectal arteries (HeLP), while with more mature condition (III and IV degree) he performs submucosal laser therapy. The treatment is performed in a local and short intervenous anesthesia (sedation).

Equally advanced treatment techniques can be found at the Mekmed clinic in Katowice. Dr Henryk Mekle, MD, PhD, uses both: the vascular and CO2 lasers.  After the procedure of vaporizing the external rectal varicose veins, the patient receives a recommendation to frequently clean affected places with the use of anti-septic products and hard soap. Laser treatment of haemorrhoid disease is also the specialty of Dr Dariusz Duda, MD, PhD, working at the Katowice Centrum Estetyki Ciała (Centre for Body Aesthetics) - a facility managed by Dr Mekle.

Lasers and medical tourism

Treating haemorrhoids with laser is much cheaper in Poland than abroad, in the USA or Great Britain, for example. Kriocentrum clinic offers one procedure for PLN 400, and  combining laser therapy with radio diathermy (with an assisting anaesthesiologist) will cost PLN 1700. In comparison - the cost of the treatment in the USA is about $1290 (PLN 4088), which makes the Polish offer very competitive.  The British Isles also offer expensive procedures, hence the medical tourist migration to countries, including Poland, which offer cheaper procedures. For the price of a treatment in their country, they can not only undergo the procedure to rid their symptoms, but spend a pleasant holiday in one of the beautiful cities in Poland.