Laser therapy for hyperhidrosis in Poland

Laser therapy for hyperhidrosis in Poland - information

Laser therapy of excessive perspiration

Laser eliminates the problem of excess perspiration

People struggling with excessive perspiration are increasingly using laser treatments of hyperhidrosis.  The greatest advantage of the treatment is that laser can solve your problem once and for all: it can permanently eliminate up to 97% of subcutaneous sweat glands. The treatment takes about an hour and the results are visible after approximately six days. In most of cases it is not necessary to repeat the treatment.

Lasers in state-of-the-art Polish clinics

The excess perspiration laser treatments are also performed by Dr Kamila Stachura - a cosmetologist and specialist in aesthetic dermatology, seeing patients at the Szczecin facility of MediKlinika. It is one of the most modern Polish clinics, offering plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine treatments as well as consultations with specialists from a group of expertised doctors: general and plastic surgeons, dermatologists, gynaecologists, urologists or orthopaedist.  The facility includes the "Sleep Clinic" treating snoring and sleep apnoea.

Treating hiperhodrosis with laser in Poland

Laser treatment of excessive perspiration is included in the offer of the Bellazone Centre for Aesthetic Medicine and Laser Therapy in Czestochowa.  The laser therapy treatments are performed by Dr Jarosław Rządkowski. The clinic's patients can also be treated in general and vein surgery as well as aesthetic medicine such as varicose veins, scars and blemish laser removal.

Another facility treating the problem of hiperhidrosis is MedBeauty –Aesthetic Medicine, where Dr Andrzej Kępa is the specialist performing laser therapy procedures.  Dr Kępa is and experienced aesthetic medicine doctor, a member of numerous prestigious scientific societies, including the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, European College of Aesthetic Medicine and The Association of Aesthetic Medicine at the Polish Medical Association.

Patients suffering from excessive perspiration often visit Elite – Laser Therapy and Body Shaping Centre in Warsaw. The clinic uses the state-of-the art Palomar SmartLipo 3D laser for procedures.   Tadeusz Witwicki, M.D., P.hD. is one of the doctors working at the clinic. He is an experienced plastic surgeon, who gained his know-how and expertise in numerous trainings held in world-class plastic surgery centres in Beijing, Los Angeles and Glasgow.

Laser treatments of hyperhidrosis are also offered by the ArsEstetica - Aesthetic Medicine and Laser Therapy Clinic in Wrocław. The facility uses the latest technology medical devices, including the Mosaic laser, for performing minimally invasive procedures in aesthetic medicine and body shaping. The laser treatments at the clinic are performed by Dr Ewa Rybicka, Dr Ireneusz Siewiera,  M.D., P.hD.  and Dr Maria Rybak, M.D., P.hD. a certified aesthetic medicine specialist.

Patients with problematic hiperhidrosis can also visit the NZOZ Euroklinika Plastic Surgery Clinic in Katowice. This state-of-the art facility is equipped in the latest technology diagnostic and treatment equipment as well as comfortable rooms where patients can rest after procedures.  Plastic surgery treatments at the clinic are performed by its owner - dr Jerzy Wilgus, who has performed over 27 thousand operations in the course of his professional career.

Competitive Polish prices

Laser treatments of hiperhidrosis are relatively inexpensive at Polish clinics: the cost of laser therapy starts at circa PLN3500. Patients from Denmark, Great Britain, Ireland or Germany, must, in most cases, pay at least twice this cost in their countries, and are increasingly using the services offfered by Polish clinics.  Even including accommodation and other costs, the stay in Poland is still very cost-effective, especially if you combine it with your vacation in one of the beautiful cities in the country.