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General information about La Este

The La Este Clinic is a modern and fully equipped facility with a set goal to unleash ones natural inner beauty with the help of dental treatment procedures (including cosmetic dentistry), esthetic medicine and medical cosmetology. We have a vast amount of experience in restoring ones radiant appearance and continue to broaden our skills by taking part in specialized training courses.

 We diagnose and provide dental, gum and periodontal care. We perform dental surgery. We carry out routine professional oral hygiene procedures, including tartar removal, sandblasting and tooth polishing. We also provide the youngest dental patients with a special offer

Our facility provides veneers, full ceramic crowns and inlays including acrylic (temporary restorations). We design complete and partial acrylic dentures as well as cast partials. We use nanocomposite fillings.

We offer tooth whitening procedures with the use of different techniques: with a light activator (Brite Smile), with the use of a concentrated gel and a whitening tray. We also offer tooth whitening for dead teeth.

Our offer includes a wide selection of rejuvenating treatment procedures, including needle mesotherapy, wrinkle smoothing and filling. We perform volumetric facial contouring, which not only reduces the appearance of wrinkles but also shapes facial contours. We also perform the so called vampire lifting procedure, a lifting procedure involving platelet-rich plasma injection. It is a very safe and effective method which eliminates the possibility of an allergic reaction. Additionally we perform lip enlargement and moisturizing treatments with the use of hyaluronic acid based formulations.

We provide medical scrubs as well as permanent makeup application.

Our patients are given the option of paying by instalments.

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High tech equipment

Our facility is equipped with the latest dental equipment. The equipment we use has all the necessary approvals and safety certificates.

Our office is equipped with a digital x-ray diagnostic system. Thanks to our equipment we can provide on-site x-rays with an almost instant ability to analyze the image, which significantly speeds up diagnosis and treatment. We perform single point, occlusal and bite-wing x-rays with a wireless radiovisiograph. Our modern equipment allows us to significantly reduce the amount of radiation exposure a patient is exposed to during an x-ray.

We also have an endodontic apex locater, a modern electronic device used to check the depth of a root canal. It helps locate the tooth’s canal, determine its shape and length, making it easier to clean and fill. Thanks to the use of an endodontic apex locater, we significantly reduce exposing the patient to x-rays while taking radiographic images intended for endodontic treatment.

Brite Smile is a modern tooth whitening system which incorporates a whitening gel with a bluish in color LED lamp. The procedure involves the application of a gel to the tooth’s surface and activating it with light emitted from an LED lamp. The result is teeth up to 8 shades lighter, the whitening effect lasts up to 2-3 years.

We also have equipment used for tartar removal (scaler), sandblasting (sandblaster) and dental polishing as well as equipment used for varnish and sealant application

Amenities for patients

Our facility offers patients competent service and a friendly atmosphere. Our trained staff will provide you with comprehensive information regarding your treatment and help in booking your appointment to suit your schedule.

Our interiors have a modern and spacious design. Patients can relax in our comfortable waiting area and read a newspaper while waiting to be treated. Our offices are fully equipped with modern diagnostic and dental equipment.

We offer on-site x-rays and can analyze the images almost immediately which effectively reduces the duration of treatment. Our youngest patients are offered background music and having their favorite cartoon shown during treatment.

We offer our patients payment by instalments, debit and bank transfer payment.

Patients arriving by car are provided with parking near our facility.