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General information for the Phlebology Clinic

The Phlebology Clinic is a modern medical facility which employs innovative and proven treatment methods. Our staff is composed of some of the best specialists in the country who have several years of professional experience in diagnosing and treating all forms of venous system related diseases including varicocele veins. Our facility is one of a few in Poland to offer comprehensive treatments for venous insufficiency of the pelvis. Our doctors were the first in Poland to introduce the technique of varicose vein bonding of the lower limb areas. Our clinic uses two main commercially available methods of varicose vein bonding known as VenaSeal and VariClose.

We take an individual approach to each patient. The foundation of a successful treatment begins with a proper diagnosis, which is why we use the latest technological solutions to offer advanced vascular diagnostics. We work alongside with the Center for Sports Medicine, a magnetic resonance laboratory located in Warsaw and the Warsaw based Medicover hospital where our specialists perform a series of vascular diagnostic tests which include amongst other (IVUS) intravascular ultrasounds and venography tests. Our clinic has the highest grade ultrasound equipment with the ultrasound Doppler function.

Our facility is one of a few in Poland to offer varicose vein bonding with the use of an intravascular adhesive. Our specialists began using this method after competing certified training under supervision of doctor Jens Alma from Hamburg. Currently the bonding of varicose veins Is performed according two available techniques the VenaSeal and VariClose techniques which we offer at our clinic.

We use high grade medical equipment which is used to offer varicose vein laser treatments. The Phlebology Clinic uses a dual fiber ELVeS 1470 nm laser – a first of a kind system used for treating varicose vein. It is presently the most popular and most commonly chosen non-invasive varicose vein treatment method chosen by patients. The treatment is carried out under tumescent local anesthesia, always under the control of an ultrasound. The high precision of the laser allows for circulation exclusion of only the treated vessels, making it possible to carry our treatment without the risk of damaging the neighboring tissue and blood vessels.

We combine laser varicose vein treatments with other techniques to offer so called hybrid treatments (combined). The use of a combination of methods simultaneously allows us to achieve highly desirable health and esthetic effects and completely cure the problem of venous insufficiency. During treatment we most commonly use 2-3 combined minimally invasive intravascular treatments. We combine laser therapy with amongst other compressive sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy is the most popular minimally invasive treatment method for treating venous insufficiency. Our clinic uses all variants of sclerotherapy, including the use of intravascular systems.

Sclerotherapy has gained popularity in our clinic with the use of the Flebogrif system. The method involves mechanical-chemical obliteration and differs from traditional sclerotherapy, involving the use of two mechanisms which lead to the exclusion of the occluded vein from circulation allowing for it to close. The system uses a transdermal method of vein catherization and the use of a sclerotherapy solution. This technique makes it possible to mechanically damage the vascular endothelia of the vein causing it to contract and fuse under the influence of the administered sclerotherapy agent.

We specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of varicose veins surrounding ones intimate areas. Varicose veins surrounding the intimate areas are a problem which effect up to 10% of woman giving birth. Their prevalence is largely dependent on such factors as pregnancy and child birth. Based on our experiences it is clear that the problem affects mainly woman who have experienced a second, third or more child births. Varicose veins appear in the crotch, vulva and buttocks areas and are usually the result of chronic venous insufficiency of the pelvis. We offer a comprehensive diagnosis of venous insufficiency of the pelvic area, we perform Doppler ultrasounds. After providing an accurate diagnosis we proceed to perform minimally invasive treatment, which is performed without the need of making incision. Varicose veins surrounding intimate areas are treated by means of venous embolization, which is the process of closing expanded veins with the use of chemicals ( for example sclerotherapy agents or adhesives) or other materials such as a spiral, sponge or balloon. Venous embolization is an effective method of treatment for men suffering from varicose veins.

We treat venous problems in pregnant woman. Other than venous embolization we offer patients a proper selection of compressive therapy from top brands such as Juzo, Medi and Sigvaris. We offer complete diagnosis of the venous system for pregnant woman which includes a performance assessment of the venous system surrounding the pelvis, lower limbs and abdomen areas.

We offer minimally invasive ambulatory varicose vein treatments, also referred to as a miniflebotomy or vein crocheting. The idea behind the treatment is the removal of varicose veins with the help of specialized awls or surgical hooks. A miniflebotomy is performed through a small 2mm incision or puncture in the skin, stiches are not required after treatment.

In case of venous thrombosis we use vein stenting method. The implantation of venous stents is an effective technique in treating such conditions as deep vein thrombosis and thrombotic syndrome in the ilio – femoral region. The therapy takes immediate effect in improving both the quality and comfort level of the patient’s life.

Our offer also includes surgical methods for the removal of large varicose veins: saphenectomy which involves the removal of the saphenous vein and parvectomy, which involves the removal of the small saphenous vein. Our highly qualified and experienced doctors perform treatments with guaranteed success.

We offer comprehensive imaging diagnostics. Our doctors meet with patients at our clinic and provide specialist consultations.

Our offer also includes urology based treatments such as the surgical treatment of phimosis and penile frenuloplasty. Our specialists perform penis enlargement treatments with the use of hyaluronic acid and also off vasectomies with the possibility of reversal.

We also offer esthetic medical treatments, including the removal of mimic lines with the help of botulin toxin as well as the smoothing of folds and facial wrinkles with hyaluronic acid. We recommend treatments with the use of platelet rich plasma as well as a large selection of medical scrubs.

We invite you to check out our offer.

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High tech equipment

Our clinic offers advanced medical equipment. Our facility is one of a few well equipped phlebology clinics in Poland. We have amongst other:

  • ELVeS 1470 nm laser – the latest generation diode laser which uses dual tip fibers, allowing for increased effectiveness and safety of treatments, manufactures by the German based Biolitec company, the device allows for reliable and accurate treatment.
  • Flebogrif system – a catheter sclerotherapy system. The advantage of treatments performed with this system includes the lack of need to administer an esthetic during treatment, minimal risk of complications and the immediate ability to return to normal activity.
  • Ultrasound – Our clinic is equipped with high end diagnostic equipment manufactured by Toshiba. The equipment allows us to perform an ultrasound analysis with the use of the Doppler function in order to obtain an accurate assessment of vein performance not only in the lower limbs but also the pelvic and abdomen areas. We offer a full range of vascular tests and diagnose venous and arterial systems.

Amenities for patients

After gaining several years’ experience in treating patients we have not only got to acquaint ourselves with a broad range of treatment techniques but also the needs of our patients. We have put together a facility which treats patient’s expectations with priority.

  • Pioneering treatment methods – our clinic uses the latest, safest and the most minimally invasive treatment techniques to treat chronic venous insufficiency. We use copyright treatment methods.
  • Cooperation with the Medicover Center for Diagnostic Imaging Hospital and the Center for Sports Medicine – cooperation with our partners gives us the ability to perform advanced diagnostic imaging and the ability to perform treatments under hospital conditions.
  • Pleasant atmosphere – we allow patients the ability to make a recovery in a friendly and cardinal atmosphere.
  • Convenient location – Our clinic is located in the center of Warsaw, in close proximity to nearby tourist attractions (Mokotow field). A taxi ride from the airport takes between 10 – 15 minutes to reach us.

Accomplishments and certificates for the Phlebology Clinic

Our clinic is changing the face of Polish phlebology. We meet the highest safety standards and provide the highest quality specialized medical services. We are pioneers in introducing several modern and minimally invasive methods of treatments to the Polish market, Our specialists were the first in Poland to offer the bonding of varicose veins of the lower limbs with the use of the VenaSeal and VeriClose systems. The experience we share with others was obtained while participating in prestigious international courses.