Recepcja, poczekalnia Klinika dr A. Sankowski Sala operacyjna Klinika dr A. Sankowski Recepcja, poczekalnia Klinika dr A. Sankowski Recepcja, poczekalnia Klinika dr A. Sankowski Recepcja, poczekalnia Klinika dr A. Sankowski Sala operacyjna Klinika dr A. Sankowski dr Sankowski w sali operacyjnej Sala operacyjna Klinika dr A. Sankowski Wnętrza, wystrój Klinika dr A. Sankowski Pokój, sala dla pacjentów Klinika dr A. Sankowski Pokój, sala dla pacjentów Klinika dr A. Sankowski Recepcja, poczekalnia Klinika dr A. Sankowski Kadra Klinika dr A. Sankowski dr Andrzej Sankowski Recepcja, poczekalnia Klinika dr A. Sankowski logo Klinika Chirurgii Plastycznej dr Andrzej Sankowski

General Information on Klinika Chirurgii Plastycznej dr A. Sankowskiego

The Klinika Chirurgii Plastycznej dr. A. Sankowskiego (Plastic Surgery Clinic of Dr. A. Sankowski) is one of the most renowned facilities of the sort in Poland. It has for several years been attracting patients with our highest quality of service, excellent professionals and high-tech equipment in our offices. Our medical staff includes plastic surgeons with extensive professional experience as well as beauticians and a dietician. Owing to our excellently educated professionals specialized in various branches of medicine we can offer you a full range of plastic and aesthetic surgery treatments starting with breast augmentation with implants through skin rejuvenation with no-needle mesotherapy (NNM). We also deal with general surgery and breast oncology - we will assist you in post-mastectomy conditions. Our doctors will help you treat gynecomastia, alopecia and acne as well as rejuvenate your skin with hyaluronic acid fillers, Botox and mesotherapy. You can seek our help if you are coping with scars, mimic wrinkles and excessive adipose tissue.

We own high-tech medical apparatus such as Palomar laser, Radiage-Pelleve device for improving skin elasticity as well as Gelex system used for skin firming treatments. Our surgeons perform plastic surgeries on breasts, arms, eyelids and abdomen, they correct the shape of nose and ears and carry out hymenoplasty as well as labia reduction procedures. You can also undergo dermatology and beauty treatments at our clinic. We offer medical massages and all types of skin peelings. Our clinic employs a comprehensive system to fight and prevent pain - it is called the Pain Protection System. It was developed by Jacek Szwedo, ‎‎MSc., an experienced rehabilitator. The program includes several relaxing and antithrombotic exercises, which help to minimize the post-operative pain. Our patients' privacy as well as anonymity is the utmost priority for us.

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Equipment and modern apparatus

Klinika Chirurgii Plastycznej Dr. A. Sankowskiego is a modern facility equipped in high-tech medical apparatus. Our specialists can offer you safe and minimally invasive procedures. Some of the equipment we own includes:

  • Triwings - multifunctional laser used for the treatment of pain and inflammation conditions as well as stimulating the growth of hair roots. It is often used in combination with the Scar Repair product, which additionally improves hair growth. The LED laser light stimulates circulation of the skin on the head and thus facilitates hair growth.  It deeply penetrates the tissue, stimulating microcirculation and boosting metabolism.
  • Radiage-Pelleve - modern device emitting high-frequency radio waves.  We use it to improve your face contour, elasticity of skin on the neck, cheeks and under the eyes as well as in other body parts. The treatment is also combined with mesotherapy, laser therapy or skin peelings.
  • Palomar StarLux 500 - advanced laser manufactured by the American Palomar company .  Due to an advanced system of different treatments heads, it can be applied as a tool for epilation (LuxR™ head), skin photorejuvenation and treating skin lesions such as: broken capillaries, rosacea or dark spots removal (LuxG™ head).
  • Bio-stimulation laser - used for post-operative rehabilitaion.  As a result of laser light penetration into deeper tissue layers the nourishment and regeneration of cells is improved, which implies a reduction in inflammation and drainages. The bio-stimulating laser beams are characterized by painkilling as well as anti-inflammatory properties.
  • A microdermabrasion system - a device for mechanical skin-care that uses tiny rough grains to buff away the surface layer of skin.  This treatment is applied with patients who cannot undergo chemical skin peelings.  Microdermabrasion stimulates the production of collagen, corrects wrinkles and is also very effective in acne treatment.
  • Proslim Gold - an innovative system for muscle electrostimulation.  We use it for cellulite reduction, flabby skin treatments and it is also applied for elimination of excessive adipose tissue.  The microcurrent lifting we perform stimulates collagen, elastine and ATP production and thus provides oxygen to the tissues, improves lymph circulation and smooths wrinkles.
  • A cavitational skin peeling system - a device that uses ultrasound energy for purifying skin.  Ultrasound vibrations nourish the skin, oxygenate it and work as a micro massage for smoothing fine lines.
  • Vacuum massage system - a device using sub atmospheric pressure created as a result of electric pump activity.  We use it for the elimination of cellulite.
  • BTL - multifunction unit for electrotherapy and ultrasound therapy.  We use it for numerous beauty and physiotherapy treatments.  The system applies the use of low and medium frequency currents and two ultrasound frequencies (1 and 3 MHz).
  • NNM Lipo Kontur - a modern, high-tech system based on laser technology as well as electrical impulses, which stimulate physiological processes in tissues.  We apply this system to sculpt body parts with excessive adipose tissue.
  • Compression cryostimulation system - a device which uses cool water: 15 to 20 centigrade  to lower the temperature of the tissues and thus reduce pain, swelling as well as muscle tension.
  • Sollux lamp - used for the post-operative rehabilitation.  Therapy consists of heating the skin with a light bulb emitting infra-red and visible radiation penetrating the skin deeply.  The circulation system is stimulated and metabolism is boosted in the scope of the light's action.
  • Gelex - a system used for skin firming treatments with a vacuum massage.  The device works by ultrasounds that break the fat tissue up and eliminate cellulite, even in the most resistant parts of the body.

It is only a part of the ample equipment that our office can offer the patients - and we use much more medical apparatus for the procedures.

For the safety and convenience of patients

Our clinic attracts patients not only by its reputation or the renowned staff.  Our utmost priority is for our guests to feel at ease and comfortable. Specifically for this purpose we have prepared several amenities.

  • A modern clinic - we perform the procedures in a modern building designed to serve our patients with comfort and sense of security.
  • A comfortable lounge - while waiting for the treatment or consultation our patients stay in a spacious, but cosy waiting room that has been tastefully arranged. Large, comfortable sofas, beige interiors pleasant to look at as well as the certificates hanging on our walls give patients a sense of comfort and security that they are cared for by professionals.
  • Stylish surgeries - our offices are also arranged with sophisticated taste and elegance. We have taken great care to let our patients feel entirely at ease.
  • Reliable consultations - our specialists spend a lot of time explaining any doubts that our patients may experience.  Prior to the procedure patients attends not one, but two consultations,  and one of them takes places immediately before the operation, when the patient can speak to the operating doctor and additionally consults an anaesthesiologist. During the consultation the patient is fully informed of the operation process and possible complications. At these meetings patients will be able to meet the operating surgeon and get familiar with the operative and post-operative circumstances.
  • Pain Protection System - an innovative program to eliminate postoperative pain, preventing the overload of joints and muscles resulting from the imposed uncomfortable positions assumed after operations, learning to breathe properly as well as how to perform relaxing exercises and self-massage.  The program is already implemented prior to the treatment and then the therapy is introduced 24 hours after the surgery. The program lets patients to use less painkillers, which considerably helps their body to stay healthier. The PPS, includes lymphatic drainage massage, manual therapy, Kinesio-Taping and kinesitherapy.

Achievements and Certificates of the Klinika Chirurgii Plastycznej Dr. A. Sankowskiego

Klinika Chirurgii Plastycznej Dr. A. Sankowskiego can present many achievements.  We represent a high level and quality of services confirmed by the numerous distinctions awarded to us as well as the ISO certificate, which is a proof of high quality standards observed in our clinic.  Our medical team includes distinguished specialists, renowned in Poland and abroad.  Dr. Andrzej Sankowski, who is the chief manager of the clinic  is a plastic surgeon with tremendous working experience gained in Polish as well as foreign medical facilities, including the International Red Cross mission to Cambodia, for which he was distinguished with a medal.  He was many times rewarded for his research as well as medical activity, just like Dr.  Wojciech Witkowski, who in 2010 was honoured with the Professor Wiesław Nasiłowski medal  for the accomplishments in the development of burns treatment research.  The team of plastic surgeons in our clinic are members of the PTChPRiE (The Polish Association of the Plastic Surgery, Reconstructive and Aesthetic) and other renowned medical associations.

Our specialists have been the pioneers in introducing many treatment techniques.  We were the first ones to introduce innovative methods and techniques into the medical market, including the CO2 laser, Aquamid as well as syringe-assisted liposuction.  We were also the first specialists in Poland to carry out the new crystal dermabrasion procedures. Our team of professionals has many times been rewarded and appreciated - not only by other plastic surgery specialists, but by our patients as well. We can thank our patients for the top positions of the clinic in "Wprost" and "Newsweek" rankings. Our innovative approach and professionalism was also appreciated by television, as Klinika Dr. Sankowskiego was selected to be a partner in the "Chce być piękna" (I want to be beautiful) program broadcast by the Polish TV - Polsat. 

Klinika Klinika dr A. Sankowski Klinika Klinika dr A. Sankowski Klinika Klinika dr A. Sankowski Klinika Klinika dr A. Sankowski Klinika Klinika dr A. Sankowski Klinika Klinika dr A. Sankowski Klinika Klinika dr A. Sankowski Klinika Klinika dr A. Sankowski Klinika Klinika dr A. Sankowski Klinika Klinika dr A. Sankowski Klinika Klinika dr A. Sankowski Klinika Klinika dr A. Sankowski Klinika Klinika dr A. Sankowski Klinika Klinika dr A. Sankowski