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Wygląd zewnętrzny InviMed Gdynia Recepcja, poczekalnia InviMed Gdynia Recepcja, poczekalnia InviMed Gdynia Recepcja, poczekalnia InviMed Gdynia Recepcja, poczekalnia InviMed Gdynia Recepcja, poczekalnia InviMed Gdynia Wygląd zewnętrzny InviMed Gdynia Wygląd zewnętrzny InviMed Gdynia Wygląd zewnętrzny InviMed Gdynia Wygląd zewnętrzny InviMed Gdynia Recepcja, poczekalnia InviMed Gdynia Recepcja, poczekalnia InviMed Gdynia Gabinet konsultacyjny InviMed Gdynia Gabinet konsultacyjny InviMed Gdynia Recepcja, poczekalnia InviMed Gdynia InviMed Gdynia - logo

General information about InviMed Gdynia 

InviMed clinic has operated on the Tricity medical market since July 2010 and since then not only has effectively helped couples in the fight against infertility, but also has cared for the health and intimate comfort of women. In our clinic, we offer treatments in aesthetic gynecology which are intended to eliminate embarrassing and bothersome intimate problems of patients, having negative impact on their daily lives. Our offer is addressed to women who are not satisfied with the appearance of their genitals and, therefore, they feel discomfort during intercourse. We also help women after childbirth who want to get back in shape quickly, and mature women who want to revitalize their intimate organs.

We implement some state-of-the-art, non-invasive technologies successfully used in gynecological clinics around the world. We use high quality equipment and materials which guarantee perfect results of treatment and safety.

Our staff consists of experienced doctors who were trained by Krzysztof Gojdź, PhD, M.D., the precursor of innovative methods of treatment and skin care and undisputed authority in this field. They are characterized by professional and empathetic approach to patients. There also is the Medical Coordinator for gynecological aesthetics at your disposal.

InviMed medical staff can speak English and Russian, which greatly facilitates contact with foreign patients who are more and more often choosing our clinic rather than other similar centres in Europe.

It is worth choosing our centre because we are in the top of the rankings of clinics involved in the treatment of infertility and problems in the field of aesthetic gynecology. Our credibility is confirmed by ESHRE - the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology.

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Modern equipment and tools 

We are aware of the fact how important equipment is in the case of treatments in aesthetic gynecology. Therefore, our clinic has got only high quality certified appliances which guarantee the safety and comfort during any procedure.

We use, among others, an innovative MonaLisa Touch laser based on the fractional technology. The laser is equipped with tips suitable for a particular procedure. Another advantage of the device it that it ensures minimal invasiveness and painlessness.

Apart from this, we have got a single-use and reusable equipment, disinfected in a modern autoclave.

For the safety and convenience patients 

Aesthetic gynecology is a unique area of medicine, which is why we want to make our patients feel comfortable and safe in our clinic. Therefore, we have prepared the following conveniences:

  • Intimate atmosphere – in our clinic, you are guaranteed confidentiality, and treatments are carried out by both men and women. The procedures in gynecology and obstetrics are always attended by a midwife.
  • Comfortable conditions – the high standard of finish and furnishings will make you feel comfortable in the clinic.
  • No architectural barriers – the building is fully accessible for persons with disabilities.
  • Multilingual staff – our employees can speak English and Russian, so that the patients from abroad visiting us can feel fully comfortable in the clinic.
  • Convenient payment methods – we offer on-site card payment.
  • Convenient timing of visits – we also work on Saturdays, and during the week until late evening (up to 8 p.m.)
  • Underground car park – our patients can use an extensive underground car park located within the property.

Achievements and certificates InviMed Gdynia

We are a reputable clinic at the forefront of centres for the treatment of infertility and treatments in aesthetic gynecology. We are ISO certified, which guarantees the highest quality of service. 

We are visited both by patients from the country and by foreigners. The good reputation and the trust of patients confirms our effectiveness. The staff of the clinic are experienced doctors who are members of international scientific societies and authors of works devoted to the fields of gynecology and obstetrics. Numerous certificates, which you can look into yourself, confirm their qualifications.

It is worth mentioning that we are monitored by the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology on an ongoing basis, which further confirms our credibility.

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